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Help Is it possible to switch stats between regen players?


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My new regen players (Ronaldo and Son) look fugly and I would like to copy their stats and attributes to other random regen players who have better looking pictures. Does this mean the new random regen players will become my Ronaldo and Son regens? Thanks in advance!

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19 hours ago, rseven said:

The easy way is turn off the regen face option in setting. 

The regen face actually helps me to spot if they are regen players or real players. That's one of the ways for me to quickly identify regen players that I want to buy. I'm able to spot and buy regens for Messi, Ronaldo, Neuer, Neymar, KdB, Lewa, Suarez, Salah, Bale, VVD, Marcelo, Modric, Boteng, Alaba and Ramos (so far).

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