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Challenges It’s a REALLY long way to the top - league edition

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Figured I should make this an official challenge in case anyone else fancies taking it on. 
A twist on ‘it’s a long way to the top’ the aim is to take the lowest positioned league in Europe (rank 49 out of 54) and see how high you can drag the league up in the coefficient ranking. 


It’s probably not just about you doing well here, you’ll have to get creative and help other teams in the league do well in Europe. Do you sell star players to your domestic rivals? Do you buy their deadwood for silly money and hope they reinvest. You’ll also need to do well in the CL yourself of course. 


- You must start with unknown reputation, no coaching badge, no title and no unlockables unless you get them yourself during the save  

- You must start with Wales, N Ireland, Ireland, Scotland and England leagues loaded.

- You must start with any team in the JD Cymru North or South leagues. 

I think that covers everything but if I’ve missed anything, basically no perks from the start and no cheating/reloading. 

Let’s see what’s possible. 

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