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Chat A guide how to install FMM24's graphics add-ons on Android

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Hey. Here's short guide how to make FMM24's graphics add-ons like facepacks, kits and logopacks work on Android. Let's go:

0. Turn on USB debugging in your phone settings.

1. Remove FMM24 if you have it installed.
2. Connect your smartfone with your PC.
2. Create a folder tree on your PC desktop, it should look like this:

com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile/files/application_support/sports interactive/Football manager 2024 mobile/graphics

4. Paste downloaded faces.fmf, kits.fmf and logos.fmf into "graphics" folder. (You can find it in Google. Not sure if any other add-ons than fmf will work.)

5. Now paste "com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile" folder of your desktop into Android/Data folder.

6. Disconnect your phone of PC.

7. Now install FMM24, run the game, do NOT download any faces when you're asked, open game settings, go to interface settings and reload the skin. It might take a long time for skin to reload.


You will have to reload skin every time you run the game.

This is how I made all my graphics addons work with my FMM24 on Android 13. It makes FMM24 so much better.

If it works for you as well, share this method with others, sending link to this post at best.

Have a nice day.


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