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Help Annoying Hick Ups

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I'm playing a Career with Marbella.

Going into my third season now and playing in Second League (promoted two times in a row after play offs - so 1 more promotion to go for La Liga).

But several things start to really annoy me :

- My club reputation still sits at 2*, same level as in Forth Division. This means it's almost impossible to sign any decent players that are worth buying for Second Division.
When I search with filter on 'only interested', I get really noboby who is good enough to even warm my bench...
- European youths are still to expensive for my team. Had to build from 400k budget and I am now at around 10m. Not bad, but not enough to get European youngsters that are worth buying (probably they would not come also because of point 1). 
When I try to buy cheaper Non-European youngsters they are all denied a working permit. 

These 2 reasons left me with hours of work to just be able to buy 1 player I liked. Around 40-50 refused to talk about wages or were blocked because of the working permit.

Is there anyway to work around this?
Editor is not switched on, so no easy way to get my reputation higher.
Really gutted that I did not put it on now as it messes my game up.

Is this going to improve?
If not, I don't see why I should proceed with this career, as it is just to frustrating to not be able to get any decent player in. With the team I have now I will be fighting against relegation and that will not help my reputation, so do not really see a way out of this sh*t.

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