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Is there any strategy that I should follow to get better players in the academy? And also for the scouting reports on them to be more accurate. I mean i havent got bad players, some of them are 4 star player and even sometimes 4.5 players but its not really that common and I dont know if there is some already proven strategy that would make me get 5 star players or if its only down to luck (obviously my youth academy facilities has 5 stars).

As of rn the manager of the youth academy is a motivational manager and the boss development is myself (i am an offensive type of manager) 

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The main thing that determines how good the players are, is how good your facilities are. 

Coaches affect what sort of player comes through. You want more attacking players? Load up on attacking coaches. Defensive players? Defensive coaches. 

Fitness coaches are good as they make your youngsters have better physical stats which is key. 

There is an article about this somewhere on the site. 

The star ratings for your players are just relative to your team. So if you have a rubbish gk and a good gk comes through, he could be rated 4 stars. Whereas if you have a world class keeper and a good gk comes through he might only be rated 2 stars relative to him. Promote them all and make your own mind up. 

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Yeah you're right. I remember promoting a 2 star rated youth and he later turned out decent for the team. Sometimes the rating doesn't fully matter. Just check the positive and negative when promoting 

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