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You know everyone here finds his way to keep this game alive. My own one is to randomise the starting nations, the tactic to use and then select a random team too. 

Sometimes this brings to very tough situations and to be sacked in some cases, because some roosters suit not to a specific tactic and you have no money to change that. But on contrary it is nice to study and improve tactics that are not popular.

Starting nation: Holland 🇳🇱

Other playable nations: Italy🇮🇹, Germany🇩🇪, France🇨🇵, USA 🇺🇸

Tactic: 4-4-1-1

Random team: PSV Eindhoven

It is a lucky choice but to stay on a 4-4-1-1 with this rooster will be the challenge. 

As the tactic won't work at once and the club expectations are high I choose continental reputation. 

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The rooster 

Here are the rooster and the initial tactical proposal you will find at the club 


This is not the best rooster for a 4-4-1-1...but the work ahead is the real fun. 

Reserves team

PSV has a lot of young talents but I suggest EVER to look at reserves before thinking about the market, sometimes you can find what you need here, especially if you have to change tactic. 


In this case I have left most of the youngs here as they have the possibility to play a real competition. 

On contrary I need a defender (Ramalho is too slow) and a full back on the left (Boscagli is not so solid) , so I canceled the loans of Baumgartl and Max at once and in a second time also the one of Vertessen. 

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Tactical transition to 4-4-1-1

Defence: it is the sector where less changes are needed. It remains 4 men based. In the centre I bet on Brantwaite and Baumgartl with Ramalho and Seelt good replacements that can sustain Eredivisie level. Teze, Obispo are full backs in my mind but I cannot refuse 20M (!!) for the first and a good offer for the second that is not so convincing. Part of the money were reinvested in Vojvoda (RB). 

Midfield: the defensive midfielder is changed with an attacking one, the 2 players in the middle remain. Sangare probably is the best player at the club, you would say he can do any role... But this is not. I tried to use him first as a CD (he doesn't want to retrain at) then as a BWM but his performances are not convincing, forcing me to bet on Khedira. As the more creative of the 2 midfielders, Veerman is my first choice with Simons as a replacement (he need some more experience in big matches). Hazard is perfect in the advanced position with Till as a sub. The wingers must be taken on the midfield line. A lot of them have the possibility to play there and also good secondary attributes like teamwork for example. After some experiments Mauro Junior (left) and El Ghazi (right) are considered as starters. 

Attack: the only attacker is very important and De Jong despite the attributes is unconvincing, Van Duiven is the future but not the present. Silva can do something but is not enough. So I invested my budget on Borja Iglesias (and modestly it seems the right choice). 


The tactical dashboard

This is the standard 4-4-1-1in the game... 


... for sure you can see by playing games that it doesn't work! 

After some debacle with stronger and weaker teams due to tactic tests and to the players tested in different positions/roles, things have stabilized even with room for improvement. Below the instructions. 


And this is one of the last starting XI (Borja injured):


And my road for now :



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Posted (edited)

Mid season update

Tactical adjustment: I have changed the roles in midfield, my general configuration to protect the defence even with attacking mentality is the one below (but I make further modifications for single matches even based on the player attributes) 



Trapped in the market: I decided to buy another CD as Branthwaite is on loan (6 league goals for now!). With the money at disposal, I took Verissimo. 


Even if I am very happy of Borja Iglesias, I received a late offer from Lazio and I accepted it... I sealed the deal with Benfica for Araujo but he rejected the contract the last day of the market...Try to get Belotti as an emergency but the time was out! Poor me... Screenshot_2024-03-04-15-25-27-856_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.bb4a68dccbf39aae3ce80ea17a6de7a1.jpg

My January market chased profiles:



My road: after a bad period, I made corrections to midfield and things has got better. 

Still in cup Quarter finals, UEL playoff, and in the battle for league title. Screenshot_2024-03-04-15-48-03-054_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.e2a1b3217aacf9146937d9af9eb44d14.jpg

The last defeat with Feyenoord is the first game without Iglesias... It seems a bad news for the future. 



Edited by Migraz
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Season Results

Not being able to replace the main attacker in the winter market was a plus to the difficulty of the campaign. 

I did not make the last step with some regrets in every competition... 



I lost on penalties the chance to play the Dutch cup final and the chance to play the UEL semi final. 

A defeat in Utrecht and a draw with Go Ahead Eagles costs me the possibility to even win the Eredivisie


I don't consider the direct matches where you can leave points, but sometimes we weren't lucky, i. e.  last game in Alkmaar... Screenshot_2024-03-24-22-41-20-889_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.20b322d78da7cf308a0998e97a1389ec.jpg

Tactic last configuration 

This my choice (some adjustments) in the last part of the season 



Some remarks, Xavi Simons is my preferred in the end (also as style and interpretation as I saw all the extended matches). 

Best debut / young: Comenencia as a right FB from the second team. Branthwaite (loan) as a central defender with 10 goals in the season. 

Best purchase: Iglesias. 

Most effective player in this (forced) tactic:Thorgan Hazard, as a Shadow Striker he was very good. 

Worst player: DeJong (but good mentor) 



With this forced tactic I set up a good team, maybe I should have done slightly better (maybe without the striker problem). But at the moment I don't know if it is worth to continue...

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Posted (edited)

That's not a bad season buddy, I love managing in Holland (always find good cheap players) Jong PSV have 2/3 quality players! Think 2 fwds and a cm 

With that tactic I personally would have 1 AP and 1 CM or 3 CMS (2 either side CM, 1 in the middle AP) And the ATT as either a AP or SS

Edited by leedsunited87
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