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Help Attacking Movement

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I want to create a tactic where my number 10 makes attacking runs between the wingbacks and central defenders like in the attached video to create space for either winger to cut inside. At the same time the striker should stay central to receive throug balls or as a "wall"-player.

I already tried all player roles for the amc position and none of them really seem to work. An AM or an AP don't make the runs behind the defence. A Treq. makes me loose too much pressure without the ball and doesn't make those runs consistantly. A SS stays central instead of moving to the wing and also makes the striker move wide instead. I also tried every striker role - none of them makes them stay in the middle.

For tactical instructions i use Control, Wide, Slow, Normal with Short passing set to both wings and Work Into Box.

I play with a 4-2-3-1 with Central Defenders and Wingbacks, Ball-Winning and Central Midfielder, Wingers and Shadow Striker and Poacher.

Regarding the Wingers: I want them to hug the touchline to maximise the space for them to dribble into. Inverted Wingers anf Inside Forwards don't stay wide enough which only leaves me with wingers. But they work pretty good and actually cut inside too - just not always.

I'm thankful for any help i can get!

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I don’t know of any AMC role which does that.

Theoretically - maybe an SS who is offset into the AMLC (or AMRC) position, with the team instruction of ‘wide’ width may be possible, but I’ve never checked.

Test 1 - Offset SS on normal width
have checked all of that with ‘normal’ width - SS offset to the side - and the SS both moved relatively central.

You can see those screenshots / gifs on my Feb 11th post <here>


Test 2 - AF with old FMM22 IFs
Advanced Forwards used to run fairly wide, inbetween the opposition DC + FB (back in FMM22). I assume this still happens, but with IFs being nerfed / changed in FMM23/24, I haven’t seen that AF / IF combo work in the same way anymore.

You can see the write up / screenshots on the ‘pattern 3’ section <here>


Overall - my best guess is to either:

  • Try an offset SS on ‘wide’ width.
  • Or try an AF on ‘normal’ / ‘wide’ width.

If neither of them work, then I don’t know.

Any other suggestions? 🙂 

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So it seems like that the striker - regardles which role and different mentalities and widths - always drifts wide to one side and the SS to the opposite side, making it a 4-4-2, as long as the wingers are set to 'Winger'. Any role that cuts inside makes the striker stay in his position and the SS actually does make the exact runs i want.

It's a little bid sad that it only works with IF or IW because they don't fully stretch the pitch which is not optimal and also not satisfying to watch in thr game highlights 😄

@DanEnglish do you know any trick to make the IF or IW stay wider? I remember they used to after the release of FMM23 but they sadly changed it in some patch and now the game doesn't grt updates anymore.

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to keep the wings wide:

1) large width.

2) wing role

3) you shouldn't play with offensive full-backs (if the full-back advances he forces the winger to move towards the centre, otherwise you'll step on toes.

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But with wingers my striker doesn't stay in the middle and instead moves wide. For my tactic to work he needs to stay in the middle.

I tried your tip with Inverted Wingers but they don't seem to stay wider with defensive wingbacks or even without wide defenders.

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On 28/02/2024 at 02:13, Adelrahn said:

So it seems like that the striker - regardles which role and different mentalities and widths - always drifts wide to one side and the SS to the opposite side.

Is it something like "the grass is always greener on the other side", because that's exactly what I want from my strikers (in FC slots) to do, that they've never did 🤣.

Meant to play like Real Madrid in rl, where both Vini & Rodrygo always try to spread the center defense to both wings, so they can open space in the center for Bellingham (if the CDs follow), or for them (if the CDs decide to stay) to exploit.

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