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Tactics Control Possession Tactics 4231

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Well this is my first time posting topic on FMMVibes and I decided post mine since everyone does theirs.

I started using this tactic on season 4 in a N.Ireland build a nation save with Moyola Park. I'm currently leading the league with two games in hand due to playing in Europa League. I haven't used it with a top club but let me know whether it works for you.Screenshot_20240301-203423.thumb.png.4e0da24821397dc54e0f99562873b4b4.pngScreenshot_20240301-203639.thumb.png.e34ab5792827218a1947ff78e7c4207c.pngScreenshot_20240301-203822.thumb.png.edf614ca19fb931e5364eb2c3f297c3a.pngScreenshot_20240301-204050.thumb.png.26111c60649ceaf19544d92f3f13dedb.pngScreenshot_20240301-204709.thumb.png.5a56e8d149c7f06a182b2e4a80b5876f.png

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22 hours ago, Màrtinovic said:

Wow, i can confirm that this tactic works, thanks

You're welcome which team did you use btw

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