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Chat Players in first team

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How many players do you have in your first team?

I have like 25 now, and feel like I rotate to much. 

Playing in La Liga and battling for Champions League wins and (Super)Cup wins. So get around 55 matches a season.


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It depends on what scheme/formation you play with, two or three defenders, one or two forwards - your lineup depends on that : 11 First Team + 7 Subs + (3 backups/youngsters) + 2nd GK optional.

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A team 11 (League matches and later rounds of tournaments) 

B team 11 (earlier rounds in cup competitions. Usually play all group matches in Europe and the occasional home fixture in league against weaker teams)

2 players in every position. 

Subs made up from opposite teams.

2/3 promising youth players out on loan that can be recalled if long term injuries. 

22 players ( 2/3 that can be called upon)



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Usually, regular starting eleven plus one of each position as cover. And an additional keeper.

I call up reserves for "next match" as and when needed. Injured players go into reserves untill match fit.

At international level, twenty three players: as per above.

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