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Chat Antonio Conte

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13 hours ago, Sogno_Azzurro said:

Hi, anybody here know the tactic of Antonio Conte and how to adapt it onto Mobile


Very diverse in his tactics.A 352 or 532, depending on how good his back 3 is- either control or counter for mentality. DLP in the midfield, and  either wing backs or wingers. At Juventus, he used Bonucci as almost a Libero, but not a necessity for his tactics. Usually direct passing and a combination of short and long passes.


hope this helps!

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Posted (edited)

His strongest tactic would be a high-intensity, aggressive pressing system designed to dominate possession and create goal-scoring opportunities through quick transitions and organized attacks.

1) Formation: 3-5-2

2) Squad Position & Roles:

- Goalkeeper: Sweeper Keeper (Defend)

- Center Backs: Ball Playing Defender (Defend)

- Wing Backs: Wing Back (Support)

- Central Midfielders: Box-to-Box Midfielder (Support)

- Attacking Midfielder: Second striker(Attack)

- Strikers: Deep-Lying Forward (Support) and Advanced Forward (Attack)

3) Team Mentality: Control

4) Tempo: Fast

5) Width: Balanced

6) Creative Freedom: Balanced

7) Defensive Line: High

😎 Opposition Closing Down: All Over

9) Tackling: Committed

10) Offside Trap: Yes

11) Time Wasting: No

12) Final Third Attack: Look for Overlap

13) Passing Style: Short

14) Passing Focus: Both Flanks

15) Goalkeeper Distribution: Short

This setup allows for a fluid and dynamic style of play, emphasizing quick transitions, aggressive pressing, and creative attacking movements. The team aims to control possession, create overloads in midfield and wide areas, and exploit spaces behind the opposition defense through quick passing and movement. The high defensive line and aggressive pressing aim to suffocate the opposition and win the ball back quickly to launch attacks.


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