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Hey @teodoro! Great question. As an inside midfielder, your role is super important in the team. Whether you're playing as a central midfielder (CM) or a box-to-box midfielder (BBM), your main job is to control the middle of the park and be a key link between defense and attack.

As a CM, you'll focus more on dictating the tempo of the game, distributing passes, and helping with ball retention. You'll be the engine room, keeping things ticking and making those killer through balls when the opportunity arises.

On the other hand, if you're playing as a BBM, you'll need to be a real workhorse! You'll be involved in both attacking and defensive duties. Your energy and dynamism will be crucial in supporting the team's attacks, making those lung-bursting runs forward, and tracking back to help out in defense.

Ultimately, both roles have their own unique qualities, and it depends on your personal strengths and the team's tactics. So, which one do you feel more comfortable with?  Good luck out there!

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, teodoro said:

What is the role of an inside midfielder? CM or BBM

It's virtually the backbone of every tactic I've created. It's exactly where you should pay attention the most, because they're like the glue that holds attacks and defenses together in one piece.

I'd really love to use BBM. But I quite don't like it in this mobile version, because I feel it ventures too far ahead too quick in transitions so it doesn't help much in building the play from the back. Therefore, I have to pick CM, as he allows himself to be a bridge by not venturing forward too quick, and many times even gives me option to use him on the inside flank, acts like ML/MR without me having to stationed him in the exact ML/MR slot. But I must admit, that I hope there's way to make CM a bit more offensive than it is in this version (a bit like CM on attack duty in PC version).

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