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Help Great players?

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Hi guys , I’m looking for some tips on great players that you would recommend signing for Sunderland. I have 5-10 million.Thanks!!

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Buy players that suit your preferred style of play. The player search can help you figure out the best players. Look for players with relevant attributes and traits. And make sure you load multiple countries, which will give you a bigger scouting pool to recruit from. 

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Buy as many wonderkids as you can get and play them.

If not wonderkids, then get youngsters whose scout report shows a reasonable difference between Current and Potential Ability. The actual amount of Potential Ability doesn't matter so much (the staff are often very wrong), just that there is room for them to grow. Play them.

I normally sell most of my squad and buy a team full of wonderkids. We struggle for the first half a season while they level up, skirting with the sack, and then make a late run for promotion. If we don't get promoted we absolutely dominate the second year. If we do get promoted, we normally end up pretty high anyway as the youngsters continue to develop.

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17 hours ago, Justaman said:

Are you in the first season?

Yes , I’m looking for some players that are a bargain that might not be well known. Thanks.

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