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Chat Access FM24

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This is to get to your "Android data file" As Android have now blocked all access to our data drive, even if you currently have any 3rd party running (xplore for me, or any you run) simply won't work. I will tell you how to get  around this mess. Once you have done this, you should be OK to use this method for FM 25 as well.


Step 1

1st of all you need to go settings on your android phone. Go all the way to the bottom to you get to "about phone" mine is S20, but every android has it


click on "about phone" then click on software in formation. Screenshot_20240326_184751_Settings.thumb.jpg.89d8819067840b7198006fe34f1d25c4.jpg

From there click the build number minimum 3/4 times, (can be more) then you should get a message at the bottom of the phone. It's called developer mode. You will get it once you have pressed the build number a couple of times. It's very important you have the developer mode on. Could be called developer options on your newer android. 


here is mine, navigate down to you see this


might need to switch on what I have on. 

Next you might need to switch on disable permission monitoring (I don't have that option, but new android versions do) 

Step 2

Download this, it's a must


Step 3

Open shizuku up

Press "Pairing" then developer options (make sure usb wireless debugging is ON) 

Should now either get a message saying debugging mode (if not go back and go to pairing) now you should see a new page

Step 4

Pair device with code (you will get a code once you click on pair device. Remember this code (copy it) it will ask you for the Pairing code, put what you had (6 digits) 

You should now see its been paired


Go off everything and back to home screen. Then go back on shizuku (press Start) 


Make sure whatever app you use (I use xplore) is authorised (as you can see above) if it isn't click authorised application and click the app your using ON

For Zarchiver you need to go to the top right (the 3 dots and then press settings) press ROOT and then shizuku (make sure everything is clicked on as well) 

If need go back once you done all of the above and go back to shizuku and just press Start (will need to do this everything you need to transfer files etc) 


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