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Help How do I sell players? I manage ManCity.

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Posted (edited)

How do I sell players? I play with ManCity and whenever I want to sell any player I am always told the player received no interest from any clubs. I tried to sell Kalvin Phillips almost 5+ times, even some young players from the academy but still no buyer

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Make sure you’re in a valid transfer window:

  1. ‘offer out’ player - do it every few days for reduced amounts, until a club makes a bid.
  2. ‘transfer list’ player - then repeat step 1
  3. ’loan lost’ player - then repeat step 1

There is a transfer center in FMM24, but I don’t know how to use it.

What have I missed?

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Posted (edited)

Transfer listing them will kill their morale but there is another way to sell them without doing that.......... offer them for loan and set their transfer status to 'listed for loan'. When you get an offer, firstly save the game as you might need to reload. It's kind of cheating so if you don't want to do that, skip saving and move onto the next step........ when an offer comes in, change the transfer type from loan to transfer and set the fee to what you'd be happy to sell for. After this, the buying club will probably barter so you just have to keep reducing the price in increments until they accept. Only thing is, after a few offers, they'll just walk away from negotiations, hence why it's a good idea to save/reload and carry on from the lowest price they refused. Small clubs that want expensive players on loan are unlikely to offer much but bigger clubs will. If the price that they're prepared to buy at is too low, just refuse and wait for a bigger club to come in.

I got Nico Williams on a free transfer and sold him to Inter after one season for £62m using the above method. I always sell players like this as it won't affect their morale whilst they're still at the club plus more clubs will put offers in.

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