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Chat Player behavior

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I've always been curious to know how players behave in certain areas of the pitch and under what circumstances or pairing would make them stand out as such.


If anyone has one or a couple lemme know, I'm very curious.


For example I don't understand APs in the wide area , what they are and how to use em.



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Answer #1
I’ve add this thread about some specific player roles in the game - with screenshots of how they work + how they pair-up with other roles. Might help?



Answer #2
Specifically about wide APs, they kinda drift inside inbetween their current position + the AMLC (or AMRC) positions.

  • You’d want to use them on their inverted foot - so they can come inside onto their stronger foot
  • It would be fine to have an attacking WB / FB behind them, as the AP should move inside a little, it should create space for a WB / FB to overlap (if you want that)


  • I wouldn’t have a B2B on that side of the pitch, and maybe not even a DLF / Treq - as they *may* try to take the same space - but I haven’t tested this.


On more attacking mentalities, wide APs should play a lot of high risk / high reward passes like through balls.

On more defensive mentalities, wide APs are surprisingly good for finding space to receive the ball, then keeping / recycling possession in a low-risk way!

Thoughts? 🙂

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Not very sure, but based on my memory,:

1. Compare for the position for wide roles (AMR/L) (at balance mentality & normal width)

Flank -> W -> IF -> IW -> AP -> Center 

2. Compare for the frequency of Move toward to box 

More -> IF -> W -> AP -> IW -> Less

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