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Question for all the gurus out there.


Has player development been nerfed since the recent update?

Or any update infact.

I am currently trying to develop a player aerial, he's 15 at the moment, has been training aerial and mentoring focused on aerial from a player with 18 stats.

Haven't seen any development at all so far and he's been training and starting games for the last 4 months due to injuries.

I've got 3 fitness and 1 attacking coaches but nothing seems to be happening.


Thoughts on this or is he just struggling to develop?

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No changes that I've seen.

I haven't tried Aerial mentoring for a while, but you used to be guaranteed +2 if you mentored all the way through. But the mentor had to say that he could improve Aerial and not teamwork or leadership etc. And if the youngster's Aerial is too high he might not get any improvement. 

Wait, when you "he's 15 at the moment" do you mean Aerial or age? And is it just Aerial he's stuck on or everything? 

If it' everything then maybe he maxed out already? Or maybe he is overwhelmed by the league level? I've had both of those at various points meaning that he had no bump in the bar after games. 

But if you mean just Aerial isn't increasing, yeah I've had that too. My theory is that short players are less likely to get Aerial improvement than tall players are, but I am only guessing, I can't prove that. Is he a real life player that you can check height? Or is he a regen? 

For comparison, I've gotten Weiper from 14 at the start to 19 by February with no mentoring (and didn't even use Aerial as target attribute). He is 192cm if my theory is correct. Or maybe his shape (TF and high starting Aerial) helps. I really don't know. But I have other players refuse to improve and from memory they were less tall and/or not shaped like a TF.

Not sure if that helps...

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