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Career The Making of Plymouth

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Posted (edited)

Plymouth is a big city in England without a club to play in the English Premier League or the former English Division. 

Well I decided to take them to the EPL and I have done pretty well with them



This was after 9 Games was experimenting with a new tactics. 


After 16 games it was very tight here too many contenders in the championship save to say the last minutes FK 😭


29 games played and the team is starting to blend into my tactical instructions


37 games and we are almost there 

Championship is really brutal



Won the EFL Championship in our first season 😎😎

Got Knocked out of the CARABAO early on 

While in the FA CUP we had a relatively easy run until we met Manchester United in the FA CUP Semi-FINAL. 


Extremely Lucky here need something special from on loan Barco who Liverpool bought for 8mil. 

Onto the final and we have Newcastle


Was pretty easy Newcastle where out of form and I got my europa league ticket which was one the next season easily. 

Also had a quick stints with Scotland national team. 


Lost to Portugal in the Euros semi final decided to resign. 

The next season with Plymouth in the prem we finished third could have clinched the PL on GD but I had to play Liverpool which ended in a draw


Champions League place Secured 

Had to face bayern in the super Cup 


4-2 😂😂

Bulks of my player have been loan deals

But the player leading our charge is Nelson Weiper proper Baller


Outscored Haaland in our first Premier league season.

Third season now maybe we can push for the PL title

Updating Soon.......... 

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