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Fun/Games FMM24 Road To Glory

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Welcome to yet another FMM interactive game, the Road To Glory!

As the name suggest, this game will be all about leading your avatar from a big club wonderkid/lower league unknown to world beaters. 


How does the game work?

You start by creating your own football player. This will be a striker, you will also need to pick a strength and a trait, and probably the most important aspect - the starting club. You can choose to have him starting at a non-league club and slowly climb through the ranks to become one of the world's best just like Jamie Vardy, or start as a wonderkid in a big club with a lot of hype surrounding him like Phil Foden, or any other clubs you prefer, i.e starting at Newcastle trying to be the new Santiago Muñez.

After creating your player, I will then start the simulation, and provide an update every half season. During each transfer period, you can hand in a transfer request stating which type of club your prefer to join, either on a loan or permanent deal. I will then provide you with some selections.

How to sign-up?

Simply join the discord link below, and get ready for an amazing journey. Note that I will be loading England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, so it's better for you to choose your starting club from these nations. All players will start as a 17 years old, 3 stars CA and 5 stars PA.

Goal of the game

Simple: Have your player have the most goal contributions by the end of the event

The signup will be open for a week or so, feel free to ask any questions, and have fun!



Discord link: https://discord.gg/y5e9ZhV2

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We are at 13 signups, out of a max 15 spots, so now ONLY 2 spots available.

You can signup through the discord link in Titjes’ opening post.

Just as an example - here’s the guy Titjes created for me! 15 aggression + 1 tackling - a young Paul Scholes?! 😂 


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