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Help 1k striker management questions

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My 1k striker keeps wanting new challenges. Won 4 seasons at Celtic and is doing well in the Champions League but wants to keep leaving the team. Despite having a good mentor
He also wants a ridiculous price for renewing a new contract. help

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Ha. I’m having the same issue and heading into the last year of his contract. The options are pay what he wants or keep talking to him asking him to stay and when he’s happy, try and sneak a new contract under his nose. 

sometimes in the last year he’ll randomly come to you and ask for a new deal. 

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I find the key to this is to start him on an 8 year deal where possible and keep giving him a new contract every new season....and obviously where you can to keep putting all of your funds into your wage bill to keep it up as high as possible to be able to entice him with a big salary 😁

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The issue arises when you sign them under 18 and therefore can only offer 3 years contract and if you give them too much money too young, their professionalism drops.

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