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Help How can I score more?

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So I’ve finally got back into FM and I’ve chosen Real Sociedad as my first team to manage. I would never claim to be the best player but I’ve never been bad, with time I can make most teams and tactics work. This time however 3 seasons in I can’t get my team to score more that 1 in a consistent basis. I changed roles players tactics amd more but my old ideas are just not working at all.


my midfield is flexible but with my recruitment I’m kinda stuck with at least 1 b2b and 1 bwm. This is my tactic.


these are my results so far.IMG_8422.thumb.png.e0c968e03d91a555f4418f3ee12f01b1.pngIMG_8421.thumb.png.6c2cd9abaf7fff44e4429b7023dffda6.pngIMG_8420.thumb.png.9669888a3004a6ee719077769cdd59a0.png


any help would be appreciated.

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First of all if you are a possession based player then you will never win a game 5-1 or 5-0 or 6-0 

So all you need to do is if you have good CB and GK Then turn your CD to BPD and switch mentality to attacking or overload with that mentality more players will go into the box or close like you are using one BBM So you need attacking or overloading mentality

And look you are using a winger on right then you have that the winger has crossing between 17-20 and pace and dribbling also have to be 16-20 or 17-20 and I suggest to use a wonderkid for that position because wonderkids can become next global superstar and I see you are In 2026 so look for regens of retired players

You are looking for more goals so you have to switch tempo to normal or fast and I suggest to switch creative freedom to expressive if your squad is creative enough you can check that in team report if your team Is creative

And in final third instructions you have to keep testing them and find which combo is suitable for you but I would like to suggest to play run at defence

You are using an Advanced Forward up front but I like TF or CF Forward this year alot they can give you like 50+ or 60+ goals a season if you train necessary stats like aerial, movement,pace,shooting and don't forget stamina. I like all the stats green and suggest to have 16+ but if you have a good backup striker then your strikers stamina can be between 14-20

I also suggest you to tweak your formation after every season and after 1 or 2 good seasons opponent teams will play more defensive against you so I would like to recommend to throw another striker there

These are the things I know and if you can't get results with this then I recommend to follow @Scratch he is brilliant tactician

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Posted (edited)

The main thing I’d say is play your IF in the forward line. They play better there as goals scorers. 
Your midfield all sits pretty deep too you could change your DLP to a RP so he moves forward. Or have BWM deep, and B2B and AP in CM positions. That works well for me. You want a creative player pushing up with your B2B. 
Oh and I find shoot on sight works pretty well this year. Try that and see if it helps. 

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Thanks for the advice I will move the BWM back and make the DLP and AP. I will change to attacking to start with and see how that goes. 

it seems I also need to update my winger as they are very basic. My strikers right now don’t have great areal but I can change that.


thanks again

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