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Career Road to Glory - South Shields

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I started playing FM in 2012 with my old PSP, and a few days ago I decided to play it again but in mobile. I have always wanted to become a legend of a club so I started a Road to Glory being the manager of the South Shields in the Vanarama National League North.


Why these team? It was the best team out of the newly promoted to the league. There is not a history behind the decision, but I will try my best to win Premier League and Champions League with South Shields, also known as “The Mariners”. South Shields F.C. was refunded in 1974 and has never played in the professional leagues of England. So the club only has some minor trophies.


Season 1: 2023/2024

Pre-Season Transfers: We needed to improve a few positions so we decided to sign 7 players being Callum Hulme the best out of them. Also we loaned 3 young players.


Tactics and Squad: Our idea was to play an offensive game, based on pressing throughout the pitch and attacking similar to Real Madrid, having the ball to make fast attacks, with long distance shoots, a lot of crosses and trying to dribble some opponents to gain advantage.


Pre-Season Matches: We played 4 matches, and the tactics looked fine, we lost against 2 difficult teams and we win against a L1 team and a VNS team, so I decided to start the season without changing anything.


Season: The start was awesome we won our first 3 games, but then everything went wrong and by the 11 league day, we were eliminated of the FA CUP and 4/3/5 with only 1 win in our last 9 matches.


That was the turning point and I decided to make some serious changes. I simplified my tactics and move a few players and roles to adjust the tactic better to the players I had. Also in January, we received an offer of 20m to buy our GK so I accepted it and searched for a new starting GK.


After that the team started to play much more better and we achieved a streak of 14 games without losing with 11 wins and 3 draws. The rest of the season was more normal, due to some injuries, but we still managed to finish in 2º place and reach the playoffs.


Playoffs: We played the semifinal against Alfreton. It was a hard game but we finally scored a goal in the 90´from a penalty shoot. The final was an easier match against because we were winning 2-0 at halftime.


So finally we promoted to Vanarama National League.


Team Details:

- Paul Blackett scored 25 goals in 33 appearances.

- Paul Blackett was the Player of the Month in February

- Callum Hulme and Max Haygarth played really well and 19 and 18 goals, between goals and assists, respectively.

- We get a Manager of the Month award in February

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Posted (edited)

Looks good this! I will keep an eye on how you progress, was South shields a few games back, did alright. Some okish players, budget ovs isn't the best, look at freebies and loans for 2/3 years, and you will be reet 

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Season 2: 2024/2025

Pre-Season Transfers: We sign only 4 players for our first team. Pollock a nice BWM that can also play as a defender. Kandola that became our best CD. Balagizi because we need a good W to improve our attack. Radcliffe to help from the bench because he can play in 3 different positions. Also we loan all our young promises.


Pre-Season Matches: We played 4 matches, and the team worked well, so we started the season thinking about not suffereing and dreaming of moving up to professional leagues.


Season: The start was hard with 0 wins in our first 4 matches, but then the team started working out and we began to climb positions easily, fighting for play-off spots. Also we were eliminated of all cups in the first rounds.


January started with our team moving between 7th and 9th position, so I decided not to bring new players, but 2 really good offers for 2 of our main players, made me to go to the transfer market to look for a new W.


I thought that the team would continue to perform well, but we took a small dip in level also caused by several important injuries. Even so we reached our main objective, which was not to suffer.


We were using the same tactics as last season, and only with a few different players.


Our main scorer Paul Blackett was injuried all the season and played 7 matches at the start with 2 goals and 2 assists. We finished in 13th place.


So we stay in Vanarama National League.


Team Details:

- Josh Hinds was our main scorer with 20 goals in 49 matches.

- Callum Hulme improve from last year and make 21 goal participations (goals/assists).

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