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Help My striker rarely score goal for me

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Recently I struggled to get Holland goals and he's been inconsistent scoring only 19 goals in 46 appearance 







pls help i want him to score atleast 30 goals in a season🙏😭

Screenshot_20240513_184407_FM24 Mobile.jpg

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Got it! So, your instructions are to change the role of your winger to inverted winger or inside forward, as Hojlund is not very good at headers. Also, avoid using the "look for overlap" command, as players who overlap tend to cross, which is again less effective for Hojlund.

Tips for tactic: dont use to many playmaker and change mainoo role into defensive role like dm or deep lying playmaker.


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The tactics and the players don't really seem set up for the ST to score. All 3 of your midfielders will look to shoot with those roles, and your wingers aren't wingers (Rashford's will look to cut inside and shoot rather than cross).

You've also got "Look for overlap" on, and you don't have anyone overlapping from the looks of things.

As @Yuyuuuu says too, Hojlund isn't that strong in the air either.


I'd suggest:

- Change Hojlund to Poacher, and focus training on aerial

- Early Crosses on

- Fbs to Wbs and BPD to CD

- If you want to keep wingers, then players with strong crossing needed (right footed on the right, left on the left)

- If you want to keep Rashford and Garnacho, then change the Wingers to Inside Forwards (they will shoot more, but will be more effective in your team)

- Attacking to Balanced/Control so that your midfielders are taking less shots and more from your Striker


Won't be perfect, and definitely better striker-scoring tactics in the forum here but hopefully a start for you!

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Posted (edited)

A couple of insights here:

(1) you can see a guide on ‘how to evolve your tactic to score more goals’ <here

(2) you can switch to a more attacking tactic (black hawk 4123, updated + great again Welcome to Wrexham 442) - both were getting low-aerial Rashford 18-20 goals per half-season in FMM23.

(3) for set pieces, please make sure you have Hojlund taking penalties, central free kicks (with a ‘shoot’ instruction), and in the box for corners.

(3) you can share more info with us about HOW you want your ST to score - e.g. from crosses, or from through balls, or from long shots, etc. then we can help you tweak your tactic 🙂 

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