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Help How to develop my wonderkid even further?

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My 20 year old wonderkid(he's 18 when I bought him), went a plateu-ish route where he's not developing hugely(very much 3-4% when after playing with 8-9s). When I used the scout app, his CA is 160 ish and pa is 182. What should I do?

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You should check his determination as well as consistency in the scout app. Determination plays a huge role in reaching his potential

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I'm pretty new to FM Mobile, but I make sure they are getting mentored by the best option at the club in the same position. Also you could maybe up training intensity and focus training on an attribute you want to improve. Also I give them as much game time as possible, I have found the best gains from giving them as much first team football as possible.

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I have a suggestion if you are doing any challenge at team like Cletic. Then you have to give them proper match time.

But if you are at club like Madrid, Munich,City or Barca. Then you have a proper squad. Then what to do?

Then the best option is loan them to your afiliate club. And before sending them on loan, select your preferred role you want to train and the preferred attribute.

For example. If you have a striker and you are willing to make him a aerially strong so you have to select TF role and his attribute to aerial so in his loan spell he will improve his aerial.

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