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Chat Man City and Haaland are OP

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Does anyone know or can anyone explain how Manchester city are able to create more chances and more shots while playing the whole game on Defensive mentality? Whatever mentality or other settings I use, they always outscored me.

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It’s a good question.

Firstly, I think mentalities doesn’t do what the in-game explanation says. I think it’s a risk/reward slider like the old CMs. Therefore defensive mentality means the Man City team will play low risk passes and keep possession. Though this is a theory and not proved.

Secondly, AI managers actively change mentalities during a match against you, especially in the 2nd half. So they may only play half a match on defensive, then 45-70 mins on balanced, then 70-90 mins on attacking if they are chasing a goal.

Lastly, you’ll only see Man City’s mentality in a match against your club. Therefore it’s a pretty low amount of data points to judge AND (crucially) it probably is more to do with your tactic than their mentality. If you posted your tactic I could give you more specific feedback - but my guess is that you don’t have a defensive midfielder (either any DMC, or an MC with a BWM/Anchor role).

Lastly yes Man City have great players 😂 

Does this help?

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