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Help Achievements Error/Bug??

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 Hi, this my first time posting here cus i ran into some random bug/problem yesterday. (I played on emulator cus my phone is old & laggy)


This started after i unlock the "Abolish Work Permit" Achievement which take a reallly loooooong time for me to unlock, over 20 season with 3 different club with more 50+ foreign player sign whilst i manage a club in Spain, Italy and England.

Anyway i was really happy when i got the Achievement so save my game, made backup and all then continue playing for couple more minutes before i close the game to take a shower. After that i started playing again and i got "Just One More Turn" achievement and i thought that was weird?! cus this is one of the earliest and easiest Achivement to unlock.

So i check the Achievement tab and all my Achievement resets and it got locked again minus the one i just got i don't know why, so i close the game and re-launch it and this time it reset to 0 out of 55 Unlockable Achievement, i check the Setting>Unlockables and there's only two left (Abolish Work Permit & Transfer Window) with everything else gone.

I close the game cleared the game cache, start the game again same thing happened. I play couple more game got couple more achievement like "Im The Boss" or "Hat-Trick Hero" but as soon as i close the game and re-launch it all the Achievement resets back to 0/55.

I know the important thing is my Unlockables are still there cus that work permit thing is so annoying to unlock, I don't even know how many reload and appeal i have to do to just to sign some random kid from middle east, but yeah it's annoying that all the Achievement resets everytime i close the game.










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