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Help Why players don't grow

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I'm working on a 1k challenge at Celtic and my Striker is Omorodion. But the stats aren't growing at all. There's only one or two growth in a season. Train as Targetman and focus on aerial ball. But it doesn't rise at all. Why?

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It depends on various things.

Like are you using mentor for him who can increase his aerial stats and hidden attributes. Like Giroud Or Carillo.

Is your Training facilities are 5 star or not. Training facilities matter alot in this.

Which coaches are you using? For example you want to up his aerial stats and that comes under fitness so you will need atleast 2 fitness coaches to improve him quickly.

Are you giving him enough game time? Or overplaying him?

For example if you are in 1st season and You made him play like 85% Of matches then he will not improve. You have to manage him very well like in 1st season only play him when he is 100% Fit.

This is all I know. And if you want more then I suggest you to check @Scratch's Ongoing thread.

That will help you alot.

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