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Tactics A 4213 story ... potential 1K goal challenge

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Alright chat ... I havent been on here for couple of years now but recently come back to footy manager.

Anyway been playing with this tactic, I havent bothered looking through the tactics page so if it's been done already pls feel free to tag or or mention. Been pretty successful with this, just something about that I cant quite figure out when conceding a few annoying goals!! Also as in title depending on the league etc might have potential for a 1K goal challenge!?! Only tried it in la liga, anyway ....

Screenshot_20240527-184224_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240527-184229_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240527-184239_FM24 Mobile.jpg

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On 28/05/2024 at 01:56, thedank7 said:

just something about that I cant quite figure out when conceding a few annoying goals!!

Good luck with this. Should be a good tactic.

One suggestion to conceded fewer goals. Try changing that CM to either a BWM or an Anchor. Why? Because when you’re dude are defending, that player will drop deeper + centrally into the DMC position to cover an opposition AMC 😉 it doesn’t always work, as sometimes your BWM / Anchor is overloaded by opposition attacking midfielders, but it often really helps 👍 

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15 hours ago, edison96 said:

No fixture result ?

I'm in a different save atm so dont really use this one anymore but seen as the OP was with Madrid I came back to it for 10 games ... have to say, it looks as though the tactic has been "found out" especially away from home ... I'm losing games that have previously and should be winning. I dont know whether I've not replaced Oblak (36) for instance well enough but something has definitely changed, I changed my BPD back to CB to stop them making mistake but nothing seems to work ... I still think there's something there with this tactic as it still scores goals and obvs won the league consistent beforehand. I might try it with a different league and team see how it plays out.

Screenshot_20240529-183357_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240529-183419_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240529-102618_FM24 Mobile.jpg

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