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Help Understanding what each role does.

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Possibly a question with a straightforward answer. How do people who create tactics know what each role does and how to use them correctly. I've always played with semi-decent teams so after a few seasons I'm capable of making good teams that despite tactics seem to be successful. Sometimes I use tactics off here as well if my team suits them. 

Honsetly normally I'm just lucky changing random roles without understanding what I changed and still can perform decently. I'd love to know more about how the game works so that I can exploit it as much as possible.

Basically any tips on how to analyse the player roles and really learn about them would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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It’s a great question.

I think it’s a combo of two things. Firstly, people ‘play around’ with different roles and see what happens. Secondly it’s watching the game on ‘extended highlights’ (at least while your testing + tweaking your tactic? so you see what’s happening.

As some notes about what the roles do:

  • Tactics screen - each players’ position shows where they will be when defending / out-of-possession. The players’ roles (plus team instructions) show where they will move to when attacking / in-possession. 
  • Team instructions - how players move when attacking / in possession depends varies a lot depending on your teams mentality + width for example. A WB on ‘contain’ barely forward, while on ‘overload’ moves forward almost all the time (like a slider? 😉). A winger on ‘narrow’ team width moves inside like a ST, but on ‘normal’ or ‘wide’ the winter acts like a more traditional winger staying wide. 
  • I learnt this from playing with different roles (inc. copying other tactics) + watching them in extended highlights!

If you’d like two guides to learn more - @Scratch has an excellent guide about tweaking your tactic + player roles, while I have guide specifically about what some player roles actually do.

Dies this help? 🙂 




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Thanks Dan for the reply and I'll definetly check out the two threads you shared.

I feel the only role I really understand is the INF and I normally find myself with a 3 man midfield with a BWM or BBM so I wanted to learn a little more about some of the other roles.

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