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Chat Master football manager and man management episode 2


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Ok Welcome to another daily episode on "master football manager and man management " and we are going to continue to be discussing managerial philosophy. I chose to begin with this because it is one of the most important things to consider as a football manager.. Remember, what makes the game more fun is that you're imagining yourself as a real football manager and a real team manager. So let's get down to today's episode..

As earlier stated in the previous episode, it is important to have a soccer philosophy which encompasses what, how and why you want your team to play football. Having this mindset and a particular answer to this question enables you to even be invested in the training schedules, the kind of coaches you hire, the kind of mentality of players you want in your team, even your assistant coach.They all matter. 

Having a philosophy can also be beneficial in enjoying the game and also understanding people in reality. When you have a philosophy or a personal principle you're convicted by, you're cautious of even the people you keep around you as friends and what you want to achieve.

How to Apply Philosophy in Football Manager 

It's not just about to know what a philosophy is, it's also about how to apply it. I'm only going to discuss 1 of them today and we can call it a day

1. In team selection: 

I Get it, you are a football fan so you have your favourite club and all so you'll most likely coach the team as soon as you lay your hands on FM especially as a beginner (I did it a lot with Manchester united too cause I'm a big fan) BUT selecting a team here is the second stage after creating your philosophy within you. Remember, this is about APPLYING what you've chosen already.  So, how do you apply your philosophy in selection of teams?. Well, the answer to this is simple; Research. When i mean research i mean,

Look at the players of the team you want to coach and ask yourself these questions:

- Do these players match my inner philosophy of how i believe the sport should be played? : Let me explain to make it clearer. To make it more easier for you, if your philosophy is high pressing and counter attack with acute decision making in your players for example, then you need to go to a team that has some of these qualities or similar or still yet, go for a team that has the potential to match up with that philosophy...for instance, a team like Liverpool, Manchester ( any of them), etc. In short, go for a team with more fit players or a team that has the potential and freedom to help you imbibe that philosophy in your players..it will be harder to implement in a team like barca except your signings are more closer to the pressing philosophy above

Ok i think this will be the end of today's episode. Tomorrow we will accurately break down how it's applied in team signings and team selection. Thank you


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