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Chat Player development - how to get it right?

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Hey! I've read a lot of information here and there on different threads, but there are a lot of details that I am missing.

I see people improving players stupidly rapidly, but I have no idea how to do it myself.

I hear people talk about several rounds of mentoring, half rounds of mentoring etc. So I would appreciate a guide on mentoring, how to decide which mentors, whether to do it several times.... I'm not a new player, don't need all the basic stuff, but I still don't get how the OP players do it. 

I also gathered I should mainly focus on fitness coaches, probably have 3 fitness coaches, 1 attacking, and 1 youth.

As for training, I don't know which stats to prioritize, which intensity to choose and so on. Would appreciate help.

Any comments or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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