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    Score One Take One, Extreme Edition.

    August West Ham (a) - Premier League The perfect start! I am owed 3 players, but 4 share their match rating. No AvR for first game so random generator it is... Manchester United (h) - Premier League Brought back down to earth with a bump. Shame about missing 2 clear cut chances, Lukaku/Sanchez could've done wonders. Who are off to the red side of Manchester? Chelsea (a) - Premier League Oh I do love playing away! Another 3-0 scoreline, where hopefully we can pick up some good replacements for those we lost in the Manchester United game Everton (h) - Premier League Still without a home win after Niasse's late equaliser. Simple swap this time, the two goalscorers exchanging teams after the game. Oldham (a) - Carabao Cup Simple and emphatic win. However, with my rules in place, I will have 4x League Two players in my starting XI for my next Premier League game... 😬 Thanks for reading and I'll upload September tomorrow!
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    I was going to bud...on hold for time being though.
  3. 1 point
    That's a cracking start. This is nailed on already
  4. 1 point
    Darn it!! You beat me too it! Good luck though mate, great start too.
  5. 1 point
    Shame I was interested to see if you could stake a claim and push for Europe
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    FMM FirePower Challenge

    Leaderboard updated! Well done, @danovic78
  7. 0 points
    Like this am gonna do after I’ve finnished the Juve challenge
  8. 0 points
    Nice work mate...cool challenge.
  9. 0 points

    Brexit means Brexit. Unless....

    Fire away anyway Sammy boy.
  10. 0 points

    Brexit means Brexit. Unless....

    Now now pal. When you’ve flirted with a girl/boy to get their attention have you never been overly nice? 😉
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