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    Opinion: What Is The Point of FMM?

    It all started for me with CM97/98 and to this day it is without question my favourite game on any platform ever. I would play with a mate of mine for at least 24 hours a session. I remember one of the longest sessions lasted for 3 nights and 2 days straight. Back then the game was nowhere near as detailed as it is now. That is why i like the mobile version of the game as it is the closest I'll get to the CM version. Working full time and having kids I don't have anywhere near enough time to play the full game and to be honest i wouldn't want to with the amount of detail in the game these days. For me it is a game and only a game. I don't want it to be realistic. I don't want to keep rotating my squad, i don't want stupid last minute goals against me every game when I've battered the opponent from minute 1 to minute 90. My biggest gripe in recent years is this - I'm using a tactic (that i usually find in this forum) that destoys my opponents and I'm doing fantastic, then SI bring out an update that kills the tactic and for the rest of the year everyone is back on the tactics forum looking for another tactic that will achieve the same results. (Billys Mega Tactic for example) For the love of god why would SI crush tactics like that?? If i thought the game was too easy or unrealistic i would simply not use an awesome tactic like that. But to take that decision away from me a few months after i have bought the game is discusting. My advice to the developers would be - Keep it simple and eliminate all the bugs. Stop adding new things into the game when the old things still have bugs. Even after updates there's still bugs then the next year a new version comes out with added extras with more bugs. Rinse and repeat... Like most adults with children, wives, jobs and responsibilities etc - I have enough real life stress. When i get a few minutes/hours I want to escape into a game i love and have fun. I don't want additional stress playing a bloody game.
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    I would honestly love that. If I win the euro millions rollover, I'm buying SI 😉
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    Opinion: What Is The Point of FMM?

    Stop stating opinion as fact and then trying to reinforce it by stating it again. As a means of debate it fails miserably and makes you look dictatorial. Read some of the other people in this thread for examples of well-balanced and reasoned debate.
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    Absolutely superb mate well done 👏
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    Sorry to see this career finish as it has been a great read, I'm also looking forward to your new career.
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    The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge THE NUMBER 10 SHIRT IS SACRED IN FOOTBALL. It’s a number that carries much pressure and weight given its tradition and the players who have worn it in the past. That is no truer than at Juventus, a club with over a century of history. The legendary Italian side, winners of 33 Scudetti titles and a two-time European champion, has featured some of the world’s best players who have donned that legendary shirt. No less than three Balon d’Or winners have worn it in addition to a host of Italian and international stars. When attacking midfielder Paulo Dybala was given that number last summer ahead of the start of the Serie A season, the Argentine wrote on Instagram that he knew how important it is to the club and its fans. “When they asked me to change numbers, I stopped and thought about whether it was a good idea to leave number 21 that has been for me – as it will still be for the national team – a number that I care for very much and that has helped me win lots of trophies and was also worn by top players such as Zidane and Pirlo,” he wrote. “But the number 10 is a special shirt and an honour to wear it, brings with it lots of responsibility and a great link to a club like Juventus Football Club and its history. It has been on the shoulders of so many champions: Omar Sivorí, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Carlos Tevez, Paul Pogba. For me, wearing the 10 shirt isn’t just a dream since I was a child, but something that will allow me to want to win every game, in every competition and for every trophy.” https://thesefootballtimes.co/2018/01/09/from-savory-to-dybala-juventus-and-the-fabled-number-10-shirt/ RULES Load up Italy and any other countries you like. Become manager of Juventus. You must first buy in an Irish Attacking Midfielder to start the challenge, the new "Brady" and first Number 10. You have one season with each nominated Number 10 before they are demoted or Sold, never to play first team football again. You must follow the list below to sign a new Number 10 each season from country of birth , these players must be bought in at the start of each season. Liam Brady - IRELAND Michel Platini - FRANCE Roberto Baggio - ITALY Alessandro Del Piero - ITALY Carlos Tevez - ARGENTINA Paul Pogba - FRANCE Paulo Dybala - ARGENTINA Each season your Number 10's goals and assists will become your total. In total, 7 seasons with 7 players to post the highest combined total of goals and assists. Usual other rules apply. No Regens allowed LEADERBOARD 1. @Rob - 494 - Career 2. @mulama - 484 points - Career 3. @1759 - 452 points - Career 4. @danovic78 - 225 points
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    English football

    Such a shame that FA Trophy winners from a few years ago North Ferriby were wound up the other day. For an unpaid tax bill of just 8K! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6814011/Former-FA-Trophy-winners-North-Ferriby-United-wound-court-hearing-unpaid-debts.html
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    I think I’m going to need these air miles for a holiday by the time this has finished! So now I have you and @Rob wanting me to lose 😂
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    English football

    Karma is a bitch hey @samhardy
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    English football

    Fuck off Bati.
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