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  1. 3 points
    I never download extra graphics but I agree those Footbe ones look good to me. The whole thing seems very petty to me by whichever party is taking this action especially when you consider how long these downloadable packs have been around for FM and there has never been a problem until now 🤔
  2. 2 points

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    2013, had it on both PSP and iOS and both offered something different despite *officially* being the same game. You could play it for hours on end without wanting to put it down which is something I haven't had from the game for years. And most importantly playable straight from launch. Gameplay itself would probably look incredibly basic now but I'd happily have it back over the current version which shows how much the series has regressed. 2014 was ok but all downhill from there.
  3. 1 point
    Round 11 ended with @Kanchelskis1878 scoring the highest point, his #5 Nathan Ake scored a hat trick giving him 9 points, while @Ian got himselves 6 points from his #5 brace, both me and @BatiGoal got 3 points from our defender. Leaderboard 1. @Ian 133 pts 2. @Kanchelskis1878 118 pts 3. @BatiGoal 108 pts 4. @Kun Aguero 108 pts 5. @Lord Danish 58 pts 6. @Seth Anacondas 27 pts Still tie in points between me and @BatiGoal, points difference between @Kanchelskis1878 and @Ian reduced to 15 points, a possible comeback win for @Kanchelskis1878 maybe? We have reach #4 with only 4 numbers left, which means that FMM20 is very close to it's release now. My #4 regen scoring twice from the spot.
  4. 1 point

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    2013 for the reasons Sam mentioned, it was a tad easy and breakable on IOS at least but it was fun, especially also having the PSP version so when I was bored of one I could play the other. 2014 was the start of the downfall imo and every year since I've lost more and more interest. 2020 is out in a few days and I just don't care at all, it sucks. The EME was the complete game changer though as it just does little for me.
  5. 1 point
    Thanks Rob & Dan. I really enjoyed this and felt good to achieve this.
  6. 1 point
    That would be great!😄👍Pedersen acctually stil plays, for his birth club Tromsø. And Riise has startet his manager job in Norway third divisjon. And if we consentrate on Norway, u have maby more who could been regens. Berg- Blackburn/Man U A good defender who always was playing with his hart. Iversen- Tottenham A super header, and a good striker. Carew- Valencia/ Aston Villa A beast in front. Johnsen- Aston Villa/ Man U A ball playing defender, with super pace and one of the best defender all time in Man U Thorstveth- Tottenham A good goalie for Tottenham, Won the FA cup with them. Bohinen- Blackburn A technical playmaker who in his prime was a super player in PL. Leonhartsen- Liverpool/ Wimbledon Like a Matuidi like. Best without the ball. Always running and doing the dirty job.
  7. 1 point
    Ole would only stand out in finishing attribute wise but there should be super sub specialists in the game I think. There’s none of that in the game currently, it’s difficult to work out who is really a super sub. As for Riise and Pedersen, yep they scored some lovely free kicks back in the day
  8. 1 point
    Goals goals goals
  9. 0 points
    What next , not being allowed to use real players names !!!!
  10. 0 points
    A brute of a regen with ⚽x5 including a lucky 20th min goal.. at last some bonus pts. 👍
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