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    Final Season So this was our final season before two of the three boys retired. All were rapidly decreasing and I just wanted the end of this career. We were also 35 goals away from the boys registering 2kc between them. Transfers: No one came in, but we flogged a few unhappy squad players. Manager: Not the best of seasons, but losing in the French Cup meant we had more time between games towards the season’s end, which was useful. Players: Erkan Eyibil has mostly been my main player. He entered the season on 936 goals. After a miserly 50-something last season I wasn’t expecting much, but then he started the season really well, including this: By the end of November we had smashed the 2kc and I was chuffed to bits. Then Erkhan would keep plodding on, grabbing a brace then not scoring. He grabbed a four goal haul which made me start to think a 1kc was actually possible: And we were left with four goals needed in our final four games to get to bang on 1kc. The first game he didn’t score... ...and the second game he didn’t score... ...but then in the penultimate game this happened: One game: the European Cup Final; One goal needed. And by heck he did it: Smack on 1,000 goals! I have never been so delighted to lose a game. I, rather sadly, let out a little yelp and punched the air. It feels a bit like an accidental 1kc if there ever was one. Here are the final season photos and attributes of our boys that cost us a whopping £1.8m nineteen seasons ago: (the totals at the bottom aren’t right as the first season has now disappeared from the screen) (and I forgot Duku’s screenshot) And here are the final stats: @Foxy please can you add me to the assists and 1kc board, plus the TT and DT if Strikerless is allowed on there? A massive part of Vibe is the interaction between people and supporting each other, so thanks to those to have done so, whether on this thread or in private, and please continue to support everyone else’s careers too as it really does help people. Thanks for reading!
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    Gunners Rishi

    Hi I’m Rishi

    Hi Vibe, i remember @1759 doing this a while back and it being amazing and I’ve planned to do this for a while but just kept on postponing it as I had to do stuff but at least now I have time 😀. Ok, so I’m Rishi, obviously I don’t have a lot of stuff to say so I might as well say what I’m like off the site. According to all my mates, I’m a lot funnier than I am on Vibe, and I always manage to make someone laugh so that’s good to know. I’m known for being funny and for loving football. I support Arsenal, as most of you should know by now and i am known for always either playing football or talking about it. I mean what can I say, I’m sure all of you guys know what I mean when football is just something else. It’s the beautiful game... then I bought FMM for the first time last year... i know there’s ppl here that’ve played it since it’s CM days and then when they split into cm and fm and are the historians of the game, but I just bought FMM 2018, liked it and went from there 😝. I say this every so and so, but Vibe really is incredible. Honestly, I’ve never and probably never will see you guys In person but you are funny and good people (which is weird considering most web forums are full of virgins or pedos). But I don’t know I trust you guys, and I always go on Vibe every minute it feels waiting for more community activity (which is probably my fault for not posting eh Nuke?). Not gonna lie I don’t actually love FMM that much tho. For me, I bought it because the other 2 games aren’t compatible with what i have. However, when the day comes where I can finally play FMM’s big siblings I promise I’ll still be on this site. What’s more, with the community and all the challenges, I’ve enjoyed the game more since I joined the site as well so yh, Marc Vaughan hire these lot. Until everyone’s left and this site is dead, I’m still gonna be here. I love this community and it needs to be active, 9 years since this site has been made and whilst the world’s gone crazy, this site’s still going. So please, let’s make sure Vibe keeps on going forever ♾... so yh If ur still reading this thanks and yh peace...
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    Bruno ng

    Official fmm19 tactic

    20190320_155427.mp4 Really great
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    Hi, I’m 1759

    Hi Vibe, I totally missed this thread or I would’ve posted this earlier. Anyway my name is Ian and I currently live in Washington, Tyne & Wear with my partner Susan and our little Pug called Teddy. I originate from Seahouses which is a small fishing village in Northumberland so I always consider myself Northumbrian. I worked a number of jobs growing up in Seahouses. One as a waiter, another as a kitchen assistant in a rather posh restaurant and then as a fish frier in a local fish and chip shop. I went to university in Leeds to study Multimedia Technilogy and enjoyed most of it and I continued to work at the chip shop during the holidays. I was big into fitness at that time and was rather fit for a few years as I enjoyed boxing training but I actually suffer for it now with a few minor little injuries and niggles. When I graduated from University in 2009 my dad who was a fisherman needed somebody to help him on the boat so I helped him for the summer and never really left. We took angling trips out of Seahouses and whilst it was a nice way of life and very enjoyable we could only really sustain it due to the fact my parents had already paid the mortgage off the house. Anyway my dad became unwell a few years ago and we found out he had lung cancer and it was inoperable and that’s enough on that. I could’ve continued on with the boat on my own but decided I wanted to move to live with my partner Susan in Washington. I’m man enough to admit that I struggled for a good while after my dad died and the fact I worked with him and lived with him meant we were very close. Anyway that’s that. We sold the boat and I got a little inheritance and I now live with Susan who is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I’m not currently working but I plan to do something soon, probably after the summer. I first started supporting Liverpool in the early 90’s when I was little and most would now call me a glory hunter but I always so the opposite. Most of my friends at school supported either Liverpool, Man Utd, Leeds, Nottingham Forest etc and then Newcastle found a bit of success under Keegan and they all jumped ship but I stayed with Liverpool. If I was from Newcastle or Sunderland then I’m sure I’d have supported one of those but technically my local team is Berwick Rangers. I still follow both Newcastle and Sunderland as secondary teams and really miss the derby’s. I played the original Championship Manager games back in the 90’s off and on at friends houses as I didn’t have a computer. I think 2000/01 was the first one I owned and I played it to death. I played CM/FM off and on all the way up to 2009 and then played 2015 and 16 but it wasn’t the same as the time investment was too much for me to enjoy it. I decided to give the mobile game a go for the 2018 edition and although there were a lot of little bugs I rather enjoyed it. I browsed the site a lot last year and after getting the 2019 game I decided to post a few careers. Anyway that’s all from me for now. Bye
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    Aaron Thornton

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    This must be the worst penalty shootout in history. To rub salt in the wound im the Betis manager. So not only did I have to witness this, i didnt even have a trophy at the end of it.
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    Next Career Thread

    Thanks for everyone who voted. It was very close but The Continental Conquerors win. Expect a new thread in the coming days. Thanks again.
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    Nucleus attempts to sell them Slowly

    Just went to cast my first vote of the season and realised there's no point as this one's already over bar the shouting. Vote count remains at 0.
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    Nucleus attempts to sell them Slowly

    Fullkrug is always my go to striker at any level. An amazing FMM player
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    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Thanks guys! Struggling to play as much as I'd like due to work at the moment, but I have completed Season 1 and will post the results soon.
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    PriZe presents the Trident, a 343 EME Tactic Bench full of strikers and don't have a tactic for them? Want to go all out attack and score 3 goals per game? Look no further, the Trident is all you need! A small note, i didn't test this with a lower league club, you might not get similar results The tactic FMM 17 database is a godsgift to all striker aficionados, only issue? A tactic which get's the best out of the lads. So what to do? Build a solid 3-4-3 tactic! The player roles The front three. I went for a setup with two INF’s out wide, giving them the opportunity to dive in and confuse the opposition defence. After studying the match highlights i decide to put the central striker on Advanced forward. This way he can lead the attack, assist, and with this role being more versatile the strikers won’t clutter that much. The mid four The mid-four will balance the tactic out. You have an APM as an creative outlet, a BBM who is your jack of all trades and wingers who can help in attack and in defence. For the wingers i suggest you look for players who at least have 10 tackling. You can either use an Wing back who can play at midfield or look for players like bale who can defend as well. Back 3 Nothing spectacular, i would suggest looking for the more Ball Playing Defenders, have defenders with high pace and play the left CB with left foot and right CB with right foot. The instructions As with the PD21 tactic i decide to go balanced. It’s a great way to achieve plug ’N play. Mixed for passing and focus, as i believe the team has to be able to choose the right solution for every situation, and i don’t want them to get too restricted. After all they have 3 upfront, so i’ve a long ball is the way to go? Then hoof that ball upfront! All the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Important note, to get the most out of your central striker set him as your primary attacker, and to keep the midfield intelligent always set you APM as primary outlet. The results I guess it speaks for itself. 127 goals for the main strikers in their first season in one of the hardest leagues in the game. Some notable results Concluding As you can see, tactic works great with at least a big team. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you have any questions, need some help? Just let me know!
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