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    The Bermuda Triangle Challenge

    The Bermuda Triangle Challenge "The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Most reputable sources dismiss the idea that there is any mystery. The vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle is amongst the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world, with ships frequently crossing through it for ports in the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean islands. Cruise ships and pleasure craft regularly sail through the region, and commercial and private aircraft routinely fly over it." From Wikipedia. The Challenge You must sign a player with a nationality of the USA, Puerto Rico and Bermuda while managing in North America. However this isn't the whole challenge as these three must play as a triangle on the pitch. I'll be fairly lenient but I'd expect to see triangles like CB - CB - DMC DMC - CM - CM CM - CM - AMC AMC - AMC - ST AMC - ST - ST The triangle can't be more than one position across or forward, so for example I wouldn't accept CB-WB-AML or CM-AML-ST. I'm sure you all know what's typically classed as a formation triangle. There is no stipulation on which point of the triangle each player is. Points System League Points + Triangle AvR + 20 Points for each cup won. Rules 1. Own formations only 2. Official databases only 3. No cheating/reloading/editors 4. You manage in the MLS 5. Have fun. Good Luck
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    Season 2 of Park Ji Sung Challenge Im going to keep this update short and sweet to keep you all interested. Firstly apologies for the delay in posting real life has been mental of late! So here goes... Currently we have a league title to our name so we need another title and at least x1 Dutch cup and x1 Dutch Super Cup to enable us to move to England for our next stage of his Challenge. Exciting....!! Current tactic is the same for this year however later on I switched from BPD to CBs as I was conceding too many late goals and decided to try this and it seemed to close the leak! I deleted the screenshots of my ins and outs but tbf they were minimal as I started to sign youth players. However I brought these two in during Jan to add to the squad depth. I used Tammy more than Weston as he was mostly a sub. Results We had a decent run throught the season only losing a handful of games in the league. However Europe we struggled against the big teams. We Won the League completing the challenge of x2 League Titles, x1 Dutch Super Cup & x1 Dutch Cup. The Stats Choi Progress Injury during the campaign hindered his game time as he come in 10 games less than the previous season. However he scored 2 goals less than last season which was an excellent return! Time for the next chapter...Heading to England and taking Choi with me! Hope your enjoying the save! x2 Dutch Titles ✔ x1 Dutch Cup ✔ x1 Dutch Super Cup ✔
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    Ashez Unleashes The In Slab Forwards!

    Ashez Unleashes The In Slab Forwards! Firstly I apologise for the delay as I've just been super busy which you can blame @Foxy for, he's got me writing and tactic testing again you see :p. I'm not going to lie I genuinely forgot this thread was a thing as I've been that occupied by our latest project lol. Anyway let's get this show back on track with the November update. The Board Aren't Happy?!? We start the month in sixth place! What more do they want!! The Matches Match 13 - Crystal Palace (H) Luan continues his fine form but neither Maguire finds the back of the net. Match 14 - West Brom (A) Leicester leave the Birmingham area with no points after a fairly even affair. Match 15 - West Ham (A) The squad bounced back in style however as they put West Ham to The sword thanks to a brace from Harry Maguire and some Brazilian magic. Match 16 - Tottenham (H) Two wins from two against London based opposition this month as Harry Maguire finally seems to have found goal scoring form. Harry's Form Is Rewarded Month Review League Table Looking good here as we're still in contention for a European finish. The In Slab Forwards Harry Maguire Stats Results A solid month sees Harry hit around 1 in 3 which isn't bad considering! Laurence Maguire Stats Results Yeah I don't want to talk about it ? Current Points H Maguire - 5 L Maguire - 5 League - 26 Total - 36 As always thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.
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    Season 2 The season where Isaac Success gets his phone confiscated and trains properly? Transfers Transfers Out are mostly the players that were already out on loan when the game started. Wherever possible a Sell On clause was negotiated. Transfers In are all ones for the future. High hopes for Samuel Maah. The reaction from the Board was even more judgemental than normal: Notice that the transfer hadn’t even been completed at this point ? . Another view on the same player: Competitions Champions League We just scraped past United ? Although the pundits weren’t impressed! Then we went out to local rivals Monaco and our old friend Mbappe League The deadly duo were now starting to click in some games And we stayed unbeaten in the league until this game in March where we managed to lose somewhat against the run of play. However we won the league magnificently with several games to go Only to come up against “super goalie” in the final game and suffer only our second defeat Final table Cups Managed a cleansweep of the domestic cups with an impressive showing in the French Cup final Season Summary The Players Breel Embolo Isaac Double Trouble scores Top Performer Most Annoying So season 2 was the year where Isaac finally started training properly and became a more equal partner in this endeavour. Thanks for reading!
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    Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza

    I’m going to post the final season in a few updates, then do a bit of a career write-up at the end in case anyone is interested. Anyhow, pre-season came and we signed one player to cover in defence. I will do screens at the end in case I spend during the season. The final World Team of the Season was announced and Asensio made it for the first time! In central midfield, even though he has never played there. A few of my boys made the all-time team. Havertz has been amazing, and then it is good to see Lemar and Coman get the recognition they deserve. We have played the first three games of the season. Asensio scores the winner in a tight Germa Super Cup. Yet hilarity ensued in the Euro Super Cup as City blagged a late winner entirely against the run of play. And I know it’s not a final, but the first round of the German Cup had this: He is 36!!!! I think I love him. Thanks!
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    Ashez Unleashes The In Slab Forwards!

    Ashez Unleashes The In Slab Forwards! I can't remember the last time I saw a new Challenge that I instantly had to attempt, especially one where the urge was so strong I cracked on immediately and flew through the season on the day the challenge was officially revealed. Sure this might not mean much to most of you but when my longest career played this year is four or five seasons this moment feels special so before I begin I have to applaud the not so evil furry @Foxy. You see this challenge just caught my imagination and it's not for the reasons I assume it interested everyone else, yes using CB's as strikers is novel and a hook by itself but do you know what really caught my attention? The players footedness......Yes that's a random thought process but having one of the targeted players being left footed and the other being right footed completely spoke to me! Anyone can throw Harry Maguire up top and whip balls into him but where is the fun in that? Especially when other options are available? Many of you will have clicked by now due to the title and the footedness comment but I've decided to deploy the Maguire brothers as the ultimate inside forwards (at FL/R obviously)! Or In Slab Forwards as I like to call them! Mainly for fun as I've really enjoyed just messing about with the game of late but there is more method than madness in my approach. The target is to get the brothers to score but I don't trust two up top systems and especially ones involving two defenders, plus those bonus league points are what will make or break the attempt, especially as few attempts so far have had solid league campaigns. My thinking is if I can have a solid league season with the Maguire's chipping in instead of being the focus I'll wrap up the points. This approach could be the wrong one but the beauty of FMM is experimenting and thinking outside the box. You'll be catching up with the Maguire's on a monthly basis as I share with you every twist and turn along this journey, like I've said plenty of times I'm not a fan of the one and done, so I'll milk it for all it's worth. Now on with the show! Laying The Slabs The Path Starts Here August Game 1 - Bournemouth (H) The season got off to a frustrating start as we fall at the first hurdle, statically we were on top but Bournemouth had their clinical boots on. We live and learn! Game 2 - Brighton (A) More seaside opposition followed up but this time the talk was of our bubbling Brazilian and not ice cream! Luan completed his hat trick to secure the points with the only down side to the performance being Maguire's missed penalty. Game 3 - Wigan (H) The cup brought Wigan to the city which was as simple as you like for the Foxes with Josh King sealing the win with his first goal for the club. Game 4 - Swansea (H) Leicester's period of domination continued for another ninety minutes as the Foxes slaughtered the Swans with Luan continuing his excellent start to life in England. Month Review League Table I wonder where we'll end up? Bring on September! Current Points H Maguire - 0 L Maguire - 0 League - 6 Total - 6 As always thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.
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    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    Well done with the TT @Titjes
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    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    Season 12.0 update PART 1: TRIPLE THREAT CHALLENGE*** [completed] *** Transfers Out & In Competitions League League Top Scorer Carabao Cup FA Cup Champions Cup Club World Cup Community Shield Euro Super Cup Fixtures The players Pietro Pellegri How did he do Patrick Cutrone How did he do Riccardo Orsolini How did he do Team Goals & Assists Awards This happened... Challenge Totals Season Pietro Pellegri Patrick Cutrone Riccardo Orsolini Totals 2017-2028 638 424 309 1371 2028-2029 80 41 25 146 TOTALS 718 465 334 1517 / 1500 PART 2: TRIPLE ASSIST CHALLENGE *** [completed] *** Benjamin Henrichs How did he do Arthur How did he do Pietro Pellegri How did he do Challenge Totals Season Benjamin Henrichs Arthur Pietro Pellegri 2017-2028 198 273 256 2028-2029 15 27 44 TOTALS 213 / 51 [done] 300 / 162 [done] 300 / 102 [done] PART 3: The Goal A Minute Challenge Goals (8 scored, only 2 "unique") PART 4: The Calender Year Scoring Challenge PART 5: The Assist Challenge players Pietro Pellegri How did he do Arthur How did he do Challenge Totals Season Pietro Pellegri Arthur 2017-2028 256 273 2028-2029 44 27 TOTALS 300 300 CONCLUSION @danovic78, would you be so kind to add my total of 1517 goals to the leaderboard please The TT has been done and now I will focus on Pietro Pellegri to complete a 1k with him (282 goals to go) Hoping to complete the 1k in 3-4 seasons (by then Pellegri will be 31-32 years old) I will continue the Triple Assist, GaM and Assists challenges until the players retire or when the 1kc is completed I hope you enjoy your reading
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    KIU. Great work mate.
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    Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza

    If anyone is still awake and following, here are the end of career stats: Team/manager We averaged 3.54 goals per game, which was really good considering we didn’t have a striker. However, what I would add is that this whole career was about scoring goals. Our win percentage of 81% is good, but not brilliant, so I wouldn’t ever recommend my tactic as one that wins everything. We also spent a lot of money and benefitted from unlocking sugar daddy during the career. We had a decent trophy return. We won the league in every season (Bayern, duh!) but averaged 2.6 cups a season. When it came to the Champs Cup we were very inconsistent, winning exactly half (eight) of the 16 played. Players 37, 37, and 36 at the end. My training worked wonders as they retained some beautiful greens. The physicals were falling away though and they were getting subbed early in each game towards the end seasons, which was a pain. In terms of stats, I’ve printsscreened their goals and assists for previous clubs so we can subtract them from the totals: Coman has nothing elsewhere, so bagged 494 goals and a whopping 602 assists. Lemar got 15 goals elsewhere giving us a 1/2 kc goals and 312 assists. Asensio got 17 goals elsewhere, which meant he got 895 goals for us and 383 assists. The Triple Threat of Asensio, Lemar, and Coman got 1,889 goals and 1,297 assists between them. Asensio and Lemar got the best Double Trouble total of 1,395. The threesome also scored 62% of our total goals. @Foxy please add me to the scoreboard for the Strikerless goals. @Rob2017 you handsome man please add me to your fabulous new Strikerless DT and TT leaderboard. @danovic78 please add Coman to your assists leaderboard before @Nucleus smashes it! 😭 Thanks to all that have read and commented.

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