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  1. 2 points

    Offers for players don't make any sense

    It’s become tradition for the game to start off shit then get shitter by the update released.
  2. 1 point

    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    Titjes you’ve gone quiet. The people demand updates! 😂
  3. 1 point
    Well, I'm gobsmacked! Those number are huge! And for 2 players! Fantastic stuff mate, I'm truly in awe! Maybe I need to play with some crazy tactics too. I have moved from 4 3 2 1 to a 1 CB formation and it's okay, but will likely experiment more now.
  4. 1 point

    World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football

    Congratulations to me on winning the fantasy league for the 2018 World Cup Final Leaderboard
  5. 1 point

    Rodrygo 1kc

    At the start I'd like to apologize for lack of updates, I was really busy and just couldn't find enough time. Now the update on last 3 seasons. What a betrayal, one of my favourites forced me to sell him. then I had to spend over 100m for Kimmich. I forgot to take screenshots of transfers, but the only big one was Kimmich for Henrichs. Rodrygo Missed 3 months in 25/26 but delivered huge 95 goals next season. 309 to go, with Rodrygo being only 26 it should be no problem. Next update should arrive tommorow.
  6. 1 point

    World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football

    Leaderboard after Semi-Finals
  7. 1 point

    World Cup 2018 Prediction League

    A poor round for our leader means it's going right down to the wire!! Leaderboard After Semi-Finals 1) @Woody - 62 2) @Ashez - 59 3) @Nucleus - 57 4) @Paul186 - 56 5) @Foxy - 54 6) @Taff - 52 7) @Ulysses - 51 8.) @samhardy - 49 9) @BatiGoal - 47 10) @danovic78 - 45 11) @Titjes - 39 I'll put the fixtures below for the third place play-off and the final. Points will remain as they have been for the 3rd place play-off, however as stated in the OP points will be trebled for the final! It could well all come down to a correct score prediction in the final match to decide the title.
  8. 0 points
    This career is just something else entirely... Goals overload. I love this!! @Nucleus
  9. 0 points

    Favourite Team?

  10. 0 points

    Who can beat my bromley?

    I don't care because 14-1 beats 12-0 on goal difference if it was used Shall we do some simple maths? 12-0 = 12 14-1 = 13
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