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    Thanks @LFCMO_11there's plenty of great content and careers from some great players on Vibe! Definitely owe thanks to you Dutchies @BatiGoal👍 Season 4 saw our biggest investment yet shelling out £145m on TAA, who's a great addition on the right hand side of our defence/midfield. Also nabbed Onano on a Bosman from Ajax to go in goal. Big names who left were Son who followed Kane to Barca and Ndombele who went to Leicester for just £17m, struggled to get a tune out of Ndombele which mirrors his season in real life to be fair. On the pitch we won everything apart from the Community Shield, in summary; Won the league comfortably, losing only 1 game and drawing 3. Lost the Community Shield on penalties to Man Utd after blowing a 2 goal lead. Beat Juve in the UEFA Super Cup with a last minute winner. Beat Arsenal in the EFL Cup Final. Beat Swansea in the FA Cup Final. Beat Bayern 3-1 in the CL Final. Bellingham with 2 goals and missed a pen for the hat trick. Sancho is nearing his peak now but Dembele and Bellingham still got plenty to go (i hope). You can see from their player profiles Bellingham added 6 INT goals, Sancho 2 and Dembele 1 in the few EURO qualifiers we had until the end of the season. Jude cleaned up again in the end of season awards and we had our first serious transfer interest on one of these players with both Barca and Real offering £216m for Sancho - duly rejected. Goal return was up this season before we added on the INT goals; Bellingham scored 71 goals and got 15 assists in 55 games and added those 6 INT goals to make 77 goals in total for the season! Sancho scored 13 and assisted 20 in 55 games, slightly below par. Dembele a big improvement with 22 goals and 30 assists in 54 games. Overall a big jump for the TT and for Bellingham's 1k attempt aided by the England job, he is now 1/4 of the way there and plenty of years ahead of him so we're looking good. Thanks for reading.
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    So this is my first post on any FMM forum even though I am a consistent player since 2018. I was looking for a way to imitate 17/18 Guardiola with Man City where I think City dominated the league not only by the scoreline but their tactical wits. I am not sure exactly how Pep played but I tried my best to imitate it with Blackburn Rovers in the Championship. Also guys just wanted to give some reason why it is specifically Guardiola 17/18; it is because of the wingers, during this season I believe it was Sane on the LW and Sterling RW, using the pace down the byline and not really cutting inside. I will explain my Player Role choices: GK - SK (Should really be a sweeper keeper with good technique and good pace to not make many mistakes which FMM loves to do in crucial games..) CB - I suggest either one or both to be BPD, if only one then the other should be CB or NSCB. Either way I have not noticed too much of a difference. (Your BPD should have passing and decisions over 12 to not make errors playing out of defense often) LB and RB - IWB (Here is where the magic starts to happen with the formation. I suggest that they be inverted so they can act as your LM and RM that will whip in early crosses to your forward but also will cover the wings like a traditional wing back. Think of how City play there fullbacks, rarely do you see them overlap like regular teams, but they join a solid midfield position instead.) DM - Here is a tricky but REALLY important position to get right. I tried 3 different roles (Anchor, DM, and DLP) The best so far has been anchor against really good tough teams, and against regular or equal opposition you should try DM or DLP, (DM will not perform the crucial passes, but they are almost the same defensively in my opinion) CM - Your center midfielders should be just that, plain CM, you need them to perform both attacking and defensive duties. You may ask why not BBM instead? Well, because a BBM will actually make attacking runs in behind which. will lose too much shape in this formation and make you concede many counters (trust me on this one). A CM is enough because we will be playing a high line so they will be attacking a lot anyways, just in a structured way. LW and RW - Again, your wingers should be just that Wingers, if you set them to be IF which is very tempting to 85% of FMM users (like me LOL), it will leave only your IWB's to cover the wings which is not good enough defensively in this formation. If they are just plain wingers instead, then they can press the. opposition full backs and their wingers back. They also whip in crosses for your forward more often. ST - Here is where I kind of struggle. It made more sense to me to play the lone striker as an AF, so he can create some chances with wingers or midfielders, but my striker never performs well in this role, even with good stats like dribbling and passing creativity. Even Aguero I believe played this role because he is always passing and interchanging with others. However, the role that works the most for me is Poacher, which makes sense but that means it will be harder for him to assist. That is fine because my striker has 10 goals and 2 assists in 8 games. I will explain my Tactics choices: Shape For team mentality I chose it to be attacking, you can choose either that or control but sometimes control you are not pressing the other team enough so they can create some chances. With attacking the other team really feels the pressure, but make sure they are not insanely better than you as a team. Width should be balanced so that way you are not exposed on the wings, don't worry the IWB and CM and DM will provide enough cover in the center to make up for not being narrow width. Tempo should be slow, so you can take your time building up, keeping the ball in your opponents half and not make too many passing errors. Your. creative freedom should be either balanced or expressive if you feel like your players are good passers. Especially your wingers and CM. Defence Your defensive line should be high so you could press teams and pin them back. Close down all over for constant pressure on the ball. Tackling can be either committed to stop counterattacks with tactical fouls like Guardiola, or just normal. VERY IMPORTANT to play the offside trap, almost every will try to play ball behind your defence because of the high line, do not let them! Time wasting up to you. Attack For the final third you will want to whip in early crosses, so your IWB does not overlap with your winger too much and you're exposed on the wings. Try to work it into the box so you are not just shooting random shots, and run at the defence is optional. I actually prefer to leave this one unchecked because I want my team to do both actually, run at defence and play through balls since I do not have a CAM just CM's. Passing style should be short, focus should be mixed, and GK distribution short. Good Luck guys, let me know if you have tried it out or if you have any opinions! I will also post updates on the rest of my season.
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    Season 2 The second season is where I was hoping some of my wingers would start to kick on. As long as the numbers go up from last year, which i think is almost a given, then i would be happy. We also got the Portugal job after they bombed out in the European Championships. Unfortunately I misplaced my screenshot of the job offer. Time for Fabio Silva to become a National Hero. Transfers Out Transfers In Team Performance We walked the league by 30 points, which is to be expected after spending so much compared to all other teams. We won the Coupe de France against Rennes, in a game where I had forgotten to rest Silva, so Cavani chipped in a hattrick. We also won the Trophee des Champions after a 90+4 equaliser from Silva and then winning the subsequent pens. Sadly we lost 3-2 on agregate to Juventus in the UCL, despite bossing both of the games. The goals just wouldn't come in europe. For the national team we made it to the semi finals of the Nations League where we lost to Germany, then subsequently beat Italy in the 3rd place play-offs with a hat-trick from Silva. Injuries We had an injury free season for our main 3. What a result! I suppose it helps that Silva has 'Resilient Physique' and Pellistri has 'Very rarely injured'. The Players As long as the players were developing and posting better numbers than last season, i would be happy. Fabio Silva Facundo Pellistri Bukayo Saka Summary The second season was much better than the first with all our youngsters starting to develop into promising players. Silva looks to be the best of the bunch, which was expected. As long as this trajectory continues, then i am sure that each of our players can start posting some big big numbers. Results
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    Season 2 - Orange - Victor Kovalenko So onto season 2 and we needed to pick up a player from a team that wears orange, the obvious choice was to head to the Ukraine and see what Shaktar have to offer and this man fits the bill. I needed to replace Hagi as he went back to Genk. Transfers In The Defoe deal was already agreed when I took over. I don't actually think he played a game this season and then promptly retired. Transfers Out Just a few squad departures but it boosts the bank balance. We kept the same formation with Kovalenko slotting in behind my front two. Not sure how much longer I can keep Morelos as I have rejected a few bids and he is getting itchy feet. Might have to cash in soon. Good start from my new guy! League A slightly more easy league campaign with just one defeat all season and a very tight defence. Cups Another Betfred cup to add to the collection. Celtic did a number on me in the final of the Scottish cup and a decent Quarter Final run in the Champs League. Team Stats An even better season from Hernandez as he takes the Top Scorer Award in the League and Champs League. Newboy Kovalenko takes the Top Assists too. This time Hernandez does take the right award, the FW Player of the Year. Rainbow Player - Orange Simply sensational from the boy, 40 assists and 15 goals was a stunning return. Season Points League: League Title = 10 League Top Scorer = 5 League Top Assists = 5 Champions League: Champions league Top Scorer = 5 Extra: Player of the Year = 15 SEASON TOTAL - 40 CHALLENGE TOTAL - 60 A much better season all round boosted those scores. Coming up in Season 3 - Buy a player from a team that wears Yellow
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    Vanja - The "Myth" In China Transfers Competition Key Players Abel Ruiz A very good debut season from Abel Ruiz, nearly a goal per game as he managed 39 goals and 13 assists in 40 games. Ansu Fati Ansu Fati was incredible as always with 21 goals and 16 assists playing as an Inside Forward. However, this will be his last and only season in Beijing, as we had accepted a bid from Wolves for him. Olaksandr Zinchenko I played him in the AMC position, and he did really well, netting 16 goals and 24 assists in 44 games. Vanja Milinkovic-Savic And finally, Vanja had more assists this season but conceded 4 more goals than last season. The Goals Serbia Another 20-goals season from Vanja, which brings his tally up to 82 goals, only 47 goals left, hopefully can be achieved in 3-4 more seasons. He still wants a move away, and with 4 years left in his contract, hopefully he can continue scoring 20 goals a season to hit the target before his contract ended. Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. Total Goals : 82/129
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    Many thanks for the comments, @LTFC @Paul186 @Foxy @Titjes @Ian @Gandalf @BatiGoal and @smoggy90 - much appreciated! Season One Now yes, they're my team, but seriously the bees squad is perfect for this - stacked full of young quality first-teamers with plenty of potential in reserve.Some of you may remember that I actually live in Czech Republic 🇨🇿, making this early transfer offer hard to stomach... We were a little unlucky to go out in the cup: But we pissed the league: The season's top performers: With French winger Mbeumo, who had a great season in real life and is on the wonderkid list, bagging an award: Rising Star of the Season A couple of good increases for reserve wingers: But it's not like the Youth coaches are neglecting the old lads, which is... interesting... We got moving on the facility upgrade too... But for the sake of clarity... Number of past or present players in the England squad at the end of the season: 0 Thanks for reading - I'll aim to return with Season 2 tomorrow...
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    Hi all, bit later than planned but here is my season 3 update. Main transfer news was the sale of Harry Kane for £160m to Barca. I had tried to sell him since day 1 of this career but only received pathetic offers, so as soon as this offer came in it was time to go. Few other minor sales and the incomings were young prospects picked up from the scouting agency. Not sure if anyone else uses this but set it to worldwide and youth rankings always throws up better prospects than my scouts seem to! The season went well but still no perfect haul; We won the league with 101 points and managed to tighten up at the back conceding just 19 goals. We lost in the Community Shield to Man City. We lost in the FA Cup 5th round to Liverpool 1-0. We won the League Cup Final against Newcastle. We played Napoli yet again in the CL, and this time managed to beat them! The players are still developing nicely and are all regulars in the England squad now. As i alluded to a few posts back, Sancho seems to get a bit hacked off every time Bellingham beats him to an award! Also Bellingham doesn't seem to like the attention, but it doesn't appear to be affecting performances so far. A season of consolidation rather than marked improvement which is fine at this stage, our trio netted exactly the same amount of goals (96) as last season and Bellingham scored 1 more goal but in 3 more games than last season; Bellingham scored 66 goals and got 12 assists in 55 games. Sancho was again our main creator with 33 assists and he added 12 goals. Dembele notched 17 goals and 15 assists. As i say a season of consolidation but that's no problem for the time being, i would like to increase the goal tally and hopefully that will come further down the line. Thanks for reading and hope everyone is staying safe out there, wherever you may be in the world.
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    433 wide?

    Like I said before, this is one of the best current tactics on here. Works pre and post update. Great work @danK7RNY
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    Hi guys, hope you're all keeping well... With the current downtime I've been working on my new career What is The Football Factory? ...oh, wait, no, that's not it! No, sorry if you're here for rowdiness, but I mean it in the sense of a production line... I don't really enjoy the top level on this game, with the egotistical knobheads wanting a pay-rise on their paltry 400k a week... No, my main enjoyment is bringing a young player through and watching him blossom. And something @Ian said / found last year got me thinking... In his legendary Kean career, he ended up employing three Fitness coaches and getting extra benefit on his aging star (and the rest of his squad). So I thought... Could that work in other ways? So this is gonna be a conventional career with the greatest team on god's green earth: With the twist being that, not only am I a Youth specialist: But so are my coaches: I had to recruit another and there were 5 or 6 options, but one stood out - I chose to steal this fella off Oxford solely to enrage @Foxy, who is no doubt beside himself with fury now. He quickly passed his exams to become a gold, so we're well stocked there. Alas, our facilities leave a little to be desired... But hopefully we'll get winning and be able to convince the board to upgrade. I'm going to make the "number of past or present players in the England squad as of the final day of the season" my barometer of success for each season, but I'm not going to tie myself in knots with any crazy restrictions like selling old players or only recruiting English... But we'll see how it goes. There may be scope to "bolt on" a challenge or two - let me know if you think of anything! Otherwise, please wish me luck, and I'll be back with an update on the first season soon enough...
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    Woody and Ian's Record Store

    WOODY & IAN'S RECORDS Hello and welcome to the new store. After the 1st season of the store opening going better than expected i thought why not keep it open. The problem was, due to Brexit alot of my immigrant staff jumped ship so i was put in abit of a pickle. Fortunately a Vibe investor reached out and offered to plough in some hard earned cash so we could keep the store afloat. I would like to introduce my esteamed colleague Mr @Ian will be helping me to run the store for 2019/20 season. Last season saw some amazing records coming into the store with also lots being broken(the clean up was immense). It was a little hard to keep track of hence Ian's help. We decided to purchase Bag of chips Mary's brothel next door to expand the store. This gave us ample room to split the store into 2 sections, a section for all those EME records and an OME section for those who like a more easier listen. The store is open and awaiting records soon so please come in and take a look around. The only rules which must be applied are all records must be cheat resistant, must come with graphical proof and once you bring your records into the store please let the staff know whether its OME or EME. Thank you and best of luck. EME RECORDS. Fastest Goal: Di Santo (Regen): 13secs @Mr Tree Most penalties scored by one player in a game: 4 @GianniVesparinni Goal scored from furthest out: Mateo Kovacic (Own 6 Yard Box) @MohitMax Roy Most goals score by a single player in game: Raul De Tomas (7) @zaangie Rayan Cherki (7) @Joewins Most possession in a match: 80% @RPA123456 Longest Penalty Shoot-out: 23 Pens @topline Most assists by a single player in a game: 6 (Vignato) @Scratch Fastest hat trick: 5 minutes @Titjes & @Mr Tree Most clear cut chances created in one game: 11 @Titjes Highest scoring game: 14 @Kun Aguero & @DutchTony Least league goals conceded over a 38 game campaign: 0 @MohitMax Roy Victory by biggest margin: 14-0 @DutchTony Victory by biggest margin with a clean sheet: 14-0 @DutchTony Most hat tricks in a single game: 3 @Titjes Consecutive league titles with more than one club: 6 titles, 6 clubs - @Kanegan Most shots without scoring: 27 @Nelsonhere112 Most players sent off in a game whilst still winning: 2 @Foxy Most individual scorers in a match: 9 @malekhit Most World Coach of the Year awards won consecutively: 11 @Foxy Most Penalties Missed In a Game: 3 @smoggy90 Most Passes from a single player in a game: 138 - Ander Herrera @Gandalf Lowest Goals Scored to Win a League: 52 @Kanegan Highest goal difference over a 34 game season: 149 @billy2shots Most manager points accumulated during a single career: 7588 @BatiGoal OME RECORDS Most goals scored by a single player in a game: 9 (Salah) @danovic78 Victory by biggest margin: 12-0 @danovic78
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    1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs

    Hey, there is nothing much else to do currently! Use that spare time wisely I say....🤣
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    Good going so far. Never managed to sign Bellingham yet so far but he looks incredible in this save.
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    It died silently, until you mentioned it 😆 No mate, phone died and had to get a new one. So I lost the save 😕
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    Another bumper season. The intl. goals are surely helping a lot in Jude's case. KIU.
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    Had those contract issues as well. Happened to 3-4 guys. Asked for way less but gave them a little more than their current contract deal. Still morale dropped + complained about bumper contract deal. Whatever FMM 😂 The boys doing great, and everything well on track. Watch them pelvises tho.
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    Thanks guys and Scratch, no absolutely nothing just that message. Nothing on his profile and no further issues thankfully! Season 5 saw very little on the transfer front, apart from stealing Joe Gomez from Liverpool for a bargain £4m when in his last year of his contract. Finally got a clean sweep of trophies! Forgot to screenshot the Community Shield and Super Cup i'm afraid so can't recall those games. Beat Man City in the EFL Final in which Eze scored 4 goals in place of Bellingham due to suspension. Beat Reading in the FA Cup Final. Beat Atleti in the CL Final. As it was the EURO's this summer i am going to do a separate update on that so no international update here just a record of the player profiles at the end of the season and their goal tallies; we suffered with injuries this season but even so i am very happy with the totals, benefited from a full season playing INT football. Also transfer interest in Dembele this time again with the two SPanish giants coming in for him both offering £204m. Bellingham scored 66 goals and got 20 assists in 48 games, slightly lower due to less games played but contributed a fantastic 16 INT goals to make 82 goals in total for the season. Sancho scored 20 and assisted 24 in 56 games, slightly below par. Dembele with 23 goals and 25 assists in 47 games. Couple of injuries worth noting in losing Bellingham for a month at the end of the season causing some attribute falls and Dembele for 2 months. We then lost Dembele and Sancho in the same FA Cup 3rd round game, thankfully only minor injuries this time. Bizarre occurrences here with contract renewals if anyone else has come across this? Both Sancho and Bellingham asked for a new contract, then asked for less money than they were on! Sancho went from £400k to £220k and Bellingham £375k to £220k. With awards Bellingham nabbed the World Player of the Year for the first time, sweeping up domestically as well, but still Sancho not best please with his team mate! All in an eventful season and despite the injuries the international football made up for it with Bellingham posting his best total yet and also my best total towards the TT as well! Hopefully onwards and upwards for the foreseeable with the bonus of having INT football. Thanks for reading and i will do a separate update for the EURO's later on.
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    Thanks for the comments, @Dagion @S4NCH0 @Rob @Paul186 @Scratch and @HermanSmutley - hugely appreciated! Season Four My new crop of youngsters didn't have any stars... And the board had turned on me already! They weren't going for a bigger stadium, either... But this was a sign, at least, that I'd finally made it to the big time! Speaking of the big time, we did well in the champs league... We kept upgrading... But this was the year of the Winter World Cup in Qatar... And the second half of the season was just too hectic for my squad, which lacked quality depth (relying on youngsters to step up). A horrendous April saw it all fall apart: But we did at least finish reasonably, with a spot the bees can be proud of: Benny and Serbian CB in the team of the year again: A little overview of my top performers - crespo was bought innocently but appears to be a Messi regen... Rising Stars of the Season My profile after 4 years... Youth policy starting to recover as I blood them more... Number of past or present bees in the England squad: 1 - new striker recruit Rhian Brewster Thanks for reading!
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    Woody and Ian's Record Store

    I’ve had a think about it and of course the final decision will have to be made by my boss @Woody but I feel in terms of fairness it’s only right that we keep @BatiGoal’s record on the shelves. It would seriously hinder the future integrity of the store otherwise especially with it being such a fine achievement. Also, there may be a few records I’ve missed above so I will have a look later and add them.
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    Another solid season, lets hope you can get him over the line in case the contract expires and you cant re-sign him 👍
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    Thanks mate, I have England, Spain and Italy loaded, looking to get a job in Spain after hitting 129 goals. Thanks! It's fun as long as you get a GK that can score free-kicks, playing in China does help, probably the easiest league to manage in FMM 😀
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    4-4-2 classic revisited

    Sorry bro, i was confused by the second pic..
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    ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt

    He’s powering on now!
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    Kun Aguero

    FMM 20 Chairman Game (Matchweek 12)

    Matchweek 12 Results Vibe Challenger Division Inter vs Dortmund @LTFC A team that is fighting for a European spot against one fighting against relegation, can Dortmund bounce back from their loss against Benfica last week? Napoli vs Liverpool @Jsavfc Relegation favorites Napoli vs title favorites Liverpool, will Napoli springs any surprise? Barcelona @Titjes vs Atletico Madrid Can Barcelona bounce back from their run of 3 matches without a win ahead of their ultimate match against Liverpool next week? Porto vs Man Utd @Crashhart Porto was in fine form recent weeks, with wins against Barca and Spurs before getting defeated 5-2 by Arsenal. Will they produce another surprise against Man Utd? Tottenham @ThomW12 vs Arsenal @gunnersaur Featured match of the week, the North London Derby, who will claim the bragging rights here? Vibe Gold Division Newcastle vs Torino @BatiGoal COMING SOON ...
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    19 years old and already 1/4 of the 1K 😯 You should have your eyes set on 2k. Great results as always.
  25. 1 point
    Increasing numbers, that's what the boardmen, and Vibe, want to see. You've avoided the sack another season. Don't get sloppy now 😁
  26. 1 point

    Limavady United F.C-The Roesiders

    Update- Year 2021 Unbelievably, my next season at Limavady United FC was also incredibly successful. I managed to win the Bluefin Sport Championship and lost in one of the domestic cup finals. We really are pushing forward as a club and reaching greater and greater heights - fantastic effort from the lads. Movie 1_1_1.mp4
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    Good going mate. Bellingham looking a class act now.
  28. 1 point
    Van The Man

    AllOnTarget 2-2-3-3

    Changing work into box to shoot on sight is giving me a lot more goals atm. Was annoyed because a lot of missed shots.
  29. 1 point

    Klopp's Gegenpressing Tactic

    How did it work out for you?
  30. 1 point
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    Thanks @Kun Aguero- Ollie had a fantastic season in real life this year, so hopefully you'll start to see him at the top level soon. I'd add a compilation here but it's quite bizarre really (but cool too), 90% of his goals were literally from the edge of the six-yard box - he developed a great Poacher mentality. Anyway back to the game... Season Two Our first offering of youth players was... We did reach an important milestone, with Ollie making his England debut (like you said, Kun!) : A decent season saw the board favourable to upgrade requests: And this... was close to being better! A Chelsea injury-time equaliser stopped me from going 2nd with about 10 games to go, and unfortunately our confidence wobbled to such an extent that we limped home: And these awards may be biased towards the human's team, but I'll take them Squad overview: Rising Star of the Season Number of past or present players in the England squad at the end of the season: 1 - well, actually, I forgot to check, but I'll take Ollie for this year and I'll try to check this better going forward Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks! For me, I just keep building and building the team until they are unstoppable in any league, then the goals start flowing. But takes a bit longer to get there in the Premier League.
  33. 1 point
    You owe it to the Dutch then 😁
  34. 1 point
    I did enjoy the read as well, some nice thinking behind some of the choices you made. Hope it works for the people here.
  35. 1 point
    Thank you mate, I've seen you comment on a lot of posts on this site with a lot of helpful info! I hope to try to help and learn from this great community as well
  36. 1 point
    This tactic explanation should be the emblem of what all tactic posts should be about!!! Fair play to you bro... I hope this post takes off and if the tactic is as good as the explanation then we are in for a madness
  37. 1 point
    Very impressive stats so far. Im looking forward to the update of the whole season. I Will surely try this out at some point
  38. 1 point

    Picking My Captain Based On..

    Right now I have 3 experienced players/starters with Leadership 19 and this Coelho guy I bought two seasons ago with 16, initially 4th in the pecking order. But like I said, almost half the team sees him as an inspired leader so would be foolish not to appoint him. I understand the new signing pov, not giving extra responsibilities and pressure while they're settling into the team and before the adapting to playing style message disappears. Good point, I take non-starters out of the equation as well. I just checked a few of my high leadership candidates and one of them sports this tends to struggle in big games thing. How odd would it be to appoint your captain with this negative trait. How much of this is true is a different question, but for my own realism of the game I can't give him the Captain's armband after seeing that message. He's out!
  39. 1 point
    Thanks for the optimism! Second season is looking much better already, especially on the assists front.
  40. 1 point
    Season 1 - Red - Iker Hernandez Transfers In Just Hernandez. Transfers Out Raising come cash with players who didn't fit my narrow formation. League We managed to top Celtic in season 1 which was very good indeed. We lost the same amount of games but they had a huge number of draws. Cups We added the Betfred Cup but lost in the QF to Aberdeen and Barca taught us a lesson in the Euro Cup second round Team Stats Hernandez secured the top scorer points with Morelos and surprisingly Tavernier was top assister. Not sure about the player of year award here as we have two, Players' Player and Football Writers. Maybe @Titjes can confirm which one is valid one for the points here? Rainbow - Red A cracking debut season from Hernandez. He blasted 40 goals. Not bad for a £170k 👍 Season Points League Title = 10 League top Scorer = 5 League Top Assists = 5 TOTAL - 20 Up Next - Season 2: Buy a player from a team that wears Orange
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    4-2-3-1 straight forward stuff

    Used a different tactic the first season. Played around with this one a bit so far and was still languishing. Changed to a bit of an unorthodox one from here and starting to pick up wins.
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    Kun Aguero

    FMM 20 Chairman Game (Matchweek 12)

    MATCHWEEK 11 PREVIEW FEATURED MATCH : Real Madrid vs Barcelona @Titjes Featured match this week has to be the El Clasico, Real Madrid does not has the best start in VCD this season, hovering around the Europa League spot, while Barcelona are favorites to win the league, tied in points with Liverpool but still 1st in the table. Any drop in points for Barca will give Liverpool a chance to overtake them. Team Form Real Madrid : WLLLW Barcelona : WWWLD Real Madrid only won twice in their previous 5 league games, which are a 2-0 win against Man City and their most recent 5-1 win against Valencia. Barcelona have been struggling in their recent matches, since losing 2-0 to Porto. They will need to bounce back in form ASAP, as they will soon face title contenders Liverpool. Injuries/Suspensions Real Madrid : - Dani Carvajal (7 months injury) - Marco Asensio (2 months injury) - Gareth Bale (1 month injury) Barcelona : - Ivan Rakitic (10 days injury) - Sergio Busquets (10 days injury) - Luis Suarez (Unfit) - Lionel Messi (Unsure) Lineups Real Madrid A 4-1-2-2-1 formation will be played by Zidane in the El Clasico match, with Nacho replacing injured Carvajal. Sergio Ramos will be pairing up with Raphael Varane (who's been link with a move to Liverpool) in the central of the defense. Karim Benzema who had scored only once in his 9 games played will start as the sole striker, with the team's top scorer Eden Hazard who had scored 6 league goals in 10 games playing in the left wing. Isco will be replacing injured Bale at the right wing, he's not in his best form though, failing to score in his 3 league apperances. Barcelona Lionel Messi will start the match on the bench after being injured in their previous game against Manchester City, with Martin Braithwaite replacing him in the right wing, Mbappe will start as striker while Bernardeschi start as LW, both of them had been the team's top scorer alongside Messi. The exact same 3 in midfield, only with De Jong and Arthur exchanging positions.
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    No One Left Behind - A Koita 1KC [S1]

    Nice one 👍
  44. 1 point


    Nice tactic, have you got any results from earlier seasons, lots can change by 2027
  45. 1 point
    Bellingham is really hitting well. Couple of seasons more and he can definitely crack 80's IMO.
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    4-2-2-2 "AWESOME FOURSOME" tactic

    Hello from 2043. I'm here to try your tactic. Ive been using 3-1-4-2 with wingers stays along with my 2 midfielder. I now Im going to try this 2 IF and 2 WB Hope this formation give me another year of success! Thank u for sharing
  47. 1 point

    433 wide?

    Yes it is one of the best tactic's on here. Congrats and thanks @danK7RNY !!! Slipped some at the end, had some injuries,team not to deep. This was done by an average group at Bordeaux folks.
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    Hexer's Workshop: It's all about Hex

    Hello. Has anyone found a way to edit the database in FM 2020? In this version of FM20, the database is stored in * .obb format, how to open this file? I wanted to change the name of Juventus through the database, and make other changes.
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    Please, remake it for FMM 2019. This was invincible on FMM 2018.
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    The Black Pearl 2018 EME: Yes people once again the Black Pearl returns! Last year the black pearl resulted in Isak scoring a blistering 2001 goals! So how does it do this year? Even better! Tactical shape: Only real big change is that i opted for slow build up and a narrow formation. This way i force the team to play a form of tiki taka, which the majority of the time pays off in more possesion. Defensive instructions: Attacking instructions: Go overlap to get those Wing backs in the attack, and work in to the box to limit the amount of shots from other players then my striker as that's the core goal of this tactic. How did the team perform?: Concluding Well what can i say? 111 goals from a single striker in his first season... jep people the Black Pearl is back Cheers PriZe!
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