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  1. European Super League

    Don't forget to link to the Pre Game Editor as per the license agreement.
  2. Green means the trait is a positive influence for the role. Black means it doesn't have an influence. Red means it clashes with the role (or they cannot fulfils the role fully as this trait goes against it)
  3. But how do you know these are the best? Did you A/B test them with different clubs? Why does BBM-DLP-BBM work better than a BBM-DLP-CM? What happens if you don't have a player with the stamina for BBM no matter about two? The thing is I think you've made a good effort but you're being a bit too narrow. You're right to pair a strong/physical player with a passing player, as you are to pair a defensive player with a neutral/attacking player. However limiting it like you have is wrong. You cannot and shouldn't say a BBM-DLP-BBM is preferred. That depends on a lot of factors and should leave it top line. Having 3 players is where it gets sticky and as long as there's balance - like a CM with a BBM and DLP, it doesn't matter.
  4. Can we have statistics from these tests please? For example you list BBM-DLP-BBM, however what about lop-sided formations such as BBM-DLP-CM?
  5. K-League roster update 0.0.2 version

    Credit to JayMarvels for the Pre-Game Editor used to create this. You can download it at
  6. No comments No careers

    This issue isn't just for careers and isn't an emerging trend but one over the last few years. I agree with the premise though.
  7. You can't do it on saves, this is for databases which unfortunately are for Android only.
  8. Did you load the country database folder such as England or the general database folder? It needs to be the former.
  9. Glad the site and Jay could work out the differences .
  10. 15 French/Ligue 1 Talents

    No I mean edit the post to include the detail so this post has more value rather than rushing into doing a second part.
  11. 15 French/Ligue 1 Talents

    Why don't you edit this part? Best to have 2 good parts released slow than 1 average and 1 good released quicker.
  12. 15 French/Ligue 1 Talents

    Nice work and welcome to the site. However it would be a good idea to put in a sentence about each player as a summary - how much you like him, his development and why.
  13. Much better! Just watch out for spelling mistakes and maybe instead of saying certain categories give an indication on what these are, that way it isn't making the reader wonder how you judged and gives full clarity. Good job.
  14. Nice work, really enjoyed that and it wasn't what I expected it to be when I clicked on it but that turned out to be positive. The only suggestion I have is maybe make the verdict sound certain, I would like to hear you make a decision and sound sure on it and why you made that.
  15. What happend to Kaka?

    There was many reasons I will underline now for you. We wanted something flexible in terms of colour schemes and big to scale up and down. We consulted people and they said Vibe was the name they referred to as the site, due to this we wanted something to reflect that - a parrot was what we considered represented "Vibe" the best and be appealing and fit our criteria (colourful, diverse and fun). A mascot is common place on social sites and further afield - such as YouTube's play button, Twitter's bird and KFC/Nike, we wanted something that would set us apart from the standard logos we see on FM sites and be universally recognised for new users who may not come directly to the site every day. It was part of a big branding scheme I put into place to make social, emails and the site consistent. It was to future-proof us. We didn't know what the future held, we had FMM recently re-branded from FMH and we wanted to not limit ourselves to the game in the future. We wanted something that could work for all scenarios whether this is FMM or beyond. We weren't sure whether the future took the site and wanted to make sure that if the site did kick on that we didn't have to rebrand in the future. It was in a larger scheme of securing the site's consistency going forwards.