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  1. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    As I said it would be his lowest priority at the moment to even think about. I'm sure he'd have loved to have released it but at this time it probably wouldn't have crossed his mind. Please give him patience and understanding, it's the least he deserves.
  2. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    Unfortunately I'm not sure as it will likely be low on Jay's priority at this time.
  3. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    I'm not going to say why but Jay has a very legitimate reason for not releasing it so far. Please be patient with him. Thanks.
  4. Yes but from 2019 onwards.
  5. Reserve Teams do get simulated game time as if they did play games, however probably not as good as Spain due to the competitiveness of the league.
  6. You can download stuff for iOS, just not directly on the device
  7. Chat everything is white

    Have you modified any files or used a device cleaner app?
  8. FMM17 went up to £9.99 earlier in the year to match App price inflation.
  9. Hi, the stream wasn't SI Endorsed last year, however nice to see you enjoyed it. Now the release date has been set I will look into the options for this year's release on the Facebook Page.
  10. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Good to hear. Maybe @Putzy can make a better error message for this.
  11. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Strange. I just tried it to Kyle, Ash and Ash and yourself and all worked fine. Only thing I can think of in terms of user error is if you aren't clicking the name from the drop down. The @ shouldn't be there though at all and this may cause issues. But if there's an error without it could be a bug. Maybe one with Android?
  12. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Do you have a full inbox? Works for me.
  13. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Don't @, just type the name.
  14. You can't access them files on iOS. Only Android.
  15. Chat Save Editor

    He means the Save Editor. Jay hasn't said anything in a while to be honest. Not sure if it will come out. Sorry.