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  1. It will be released when it's released. Jay has understandably put it to one side temporarily due to personal circumstances. He'd appreciate if you could respect his privacy and not ask anymore about this, but rest assured it will be made as soon as he can.
  2. It was more than just quality but also discoverability too. It was never going to go away permanently but if you're looking for players and click on iScout what do you get? A name that means nothing. If I need a BWM for Bournemouth you aren't going to get that from the set up. Anyway if you want to know more feel free to PM me as I don't want to spam this thread.
  3. The reasoning it was removed was the views weren't good enough due to people just posting loads of screenshots and one line about a player, therefore it was popular content to post but not to read. Plus the search system led it to be really not very useful as it was just a list of players and names mean nothing if you're looking for a player. Plus with the idea of changing to a tagging system we thought it would lead to high volumes of what would be lesser viewed content (replaced with a recommendation thread that indexed by position - this flopped) and would lead the content people spend more time on and the users enjoy more (with their views) be harder to find and therefore make the site a nightmare to navigate and turn off a lot of potential members. We also looked for several years to implement a database directly on the site similar to FUTHead and SoFifa where users could filter better and then comment their opinions like an iScout with other features too like public and private shortlists - making lists easier to produce. However this proved to be tricky to implement with consistency and therefore never happened unfortunately.
  4. As I said it would be his lowest priority at the moment to even think about. I'm sure he'd have loved to have released it but at this time it probably wouldn't have crossed his mind. Please give him patience and understanding, it's the least he deserves.
  5. Unfortunately I'm not sure as it will likely be low on Jay's priority at this time.
  6. I'm not going to say why but Jay has a very legitimate reason for not releasing it so far. Please be patient with him. Thanks.
  7. Reserve Teams do get simulated game time as if they did play games, however probably not as good as Spain due to the competitiveness of the league.
  8. You can download stuff for iOS, just not directly on the device
  9. Have you modified any files or used a device cleaner app?
  10. FMM17 went up to £9.99 earlier in the year to match App price inflation.
  11. Hi, the stream wasn't SI Endorsed last year, however nice to see you enjoyed it. Now the release date has been set I will look into the options for this year's release on the Facebook Page.
  12. Dec

    Site Upgrade

    Good to hear. Maybe @Putzy can make a better error message for this.
  13. Dec

    Site Upgrade

    Strange. I just tried it to Kyle, Ash and Ash and yourself and all worked fine. Only thing I can think of in terms of user error is if you aren't clicking the name from the drop down. The @ shouldn't be there though at all and this may cause issues. But if there's an error without it could be a bug. Maybe one with Android?
  14. Dec

    Site Upgrade

    Do you have a full inbox? Works for me.
  15. Dec

    Site Upgrade

    Don't @, just type the name.
  16. You can't access them files on iOS. Only Android.
  17. He means the Save Editor. Jay hasn't said anything in a while to be honest. Not sure if it will come out. Sorry.
  18. Don't forget to link to the Pre Game Editor as per the license agreement.
  19. Green means the trait is a positive influence for the role. Black means it doesn't have an influence. Red means it clashes with the role (or they cannot fulfils the role fully as this trait goes against it)
  20. But how do you know these are the best? Did you A/B test them with different clubs? Why does BBM-DLP-BBM work better than a BBM-DLP-CM? What happens if you don't have a player with the stamina for BBM no matter about two? The thing is I think you've made a good effort but you're being a bit too narrow. You're right to pair a strong/physical player with a passing player, as you are to pair a defensive player with a neutral/attacking player. However limiting it like you have is wrong. You cannot and shouldn't say a BBM-DLP-BBM is preferred. That depends on a lot of factors and should leave it top line. Having 3 players is where it gets sticky and as long as there's balance - like a CM with a BBM and DLP, it doesn't matter.
  21. Can we have statistics from these tests please? For example you list BBM-DLP-BBM, however what about lop-sided formations such as BBM-DLP-CM?
  22. Credit to JayMarvels for the Pre-Game Editor used to create this. You can download it at http://iscoutfmmco.uk
  23. This issue isn't just for careers and isn't an emerging trend but one over the last few years. I agree with the premise though.
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