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  1. Help How do I get Fmm18 when released?

    👍👍 @Ehrick_M
  2. Chat Weird!!!

    Yeah @Taff thanks for the tip
  3. Chat Weird!!!

    Yeah @Taff and to think it's the first season into the game
  4. Chat Weird!!!

    Guys check out the strange fixtures in the UCL and UEL....
  5. Help How do I get Fmm18 when released?

    Twice in a minute thanks again mate
  6. Chat Positional Glitch

    Oh! 👍 Thanks
  7. Soo in one of my saves, I brought Ben Woodburn to Real Madrid but realized I had no use for him, then demoted him. But as soon as I demoted him he changed from P to AF. Anyone experienced such?
  8. Please guys I'm an ardent fm player. I bought Fmm17 last year. But the use of cards on Google play store has been banned. So I wonder if there's any other way I could purchase the game when it's out, with the release date less than a month