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  1. Wow. I've been reading this thread and I'm amazed. Congrats record breaker @Cockers2505.
  2. Glad you've joined the moving train. Hope you do(not) smash the challenge .
  3. Season 2 Transfers Review Der Bomber This was a better season though it seems Emmanuel has reached his peak already. I've also noticed that it's proving quite elusive to score 40 goals a season due to the number of games in the Bundesliga. Hopefully I break that record soon. Objectives 2/4 League Titles 2/4 German Cups 2/3 Champions League 1/1 Fifa Club World Cup 1/7 Top Scorer Awards 75/398 Club goals ❌ 40 League goals a season
  4. How did you bloddy make Lewy get such numbers 😨😨? Nice going so far. KIU
  5. Career What to do with Adu?

    Nice how you've managed to squeeze out goals and assists from him. Not sure there's alot more to squeeze though. Top notch stuff though.
  6. Thanks @danovic78. Well I'll make do with whatever the game throws at me
  7. @Titjes Thanks. I hope you don't beat my scores though
  8. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    @Marc Vaughan I too am experiencing this
  9. Season One Transfers I bought Fekir in August and sold him in July because I discovered that the Tries First Time Shots attribute which he possessed, made him tend to shoot more often despite him playing as an Advanced Playmaker. Review Mr Bomber Emmanuel fit into the team like a glove (though as usual few injuries reared up their ugly head). Noteworthy : A one sided friendship Objectives 1/4 League Titles 1/4 German Cups 1/3 Champions League 0/1 Fifa CWC 32/398 Club Goals 0/7 Top Scorer Bundelisga Awards ❌ 40 League goals in one season
  10. Welcome to an attempt at completing the Gerd Muller Challenge. Objectives Sign a German striker from a league below the German First Division and in a maximum of 14 seasons, have at least : 4 League titles 4 German cups 3 Champions league titles 1 Fifa club world cup title 7 top scorer awards 398 club goals Break the record of 40 league goals in a season The Player So it begins
  11. When you say Argentine Advanced Playmaker/striker, do you mean:(a) the player should play both positions or (b) I can choose between a using a Playmaker or Striker; or do you mean both?