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  1. Career HBO-El Tel's British Trident

    Thanks for the comments @NucleusNT @BatiGoal @Titjes
  2. 5 season challenge completed
  3. Career HBO-El Tel's British Trident

    SEASON 5 Transfers So the reason for the seemingly weird sales was, well, they were clocking 30 and I only keep players whom I really love at the club when they become 30 and above. Though I calmed the nerves of my players down by buying SAUL Awards and Trophies Barca players dominating the awards once again with the notable absence of Woodburn whom experienced an injury hit campaign. HBO Player Ratings Off the Records By the end of the season, I had gone unbeaten in 135games. Bravo team 👏. CONCLUSION So dear vibers, this is to be the end of the challenge. Why now you might ask, just when things were starting to go steady? Well, I initially intended doing the 10 season option, but, I've been swamped with lectures and I struggled to get through this season. I hope you understand. The final scores are : Harry Kane - 223 goals Ben Woodburn - 108 goals Oliver Burke - 135 goals TOTAL - 446 goals Thanks for following and see you in another career.
  4. Ahh yo! Where have you been? You should be smashing all the challenges in here with 108 goals in 16 games mate @samhardy take a look at the application of a 0-0-11 offside trap formation
  5. I'm tuned in alright KIU mate, KIU.
  6. Career HBO-El Tel's British Trident

    Thanks bruv 😂 Thanks 👍 Thanks John Charles
  7. Career HBO-El Tel's British Trident

    SEASON FOUR Transfers My only regret was the sale of Odriozola. He was linked with Madrid and all of a sudden, the players disliked him. I had to sell him to make others happy. But I got Maffeo as his replacement. Awards and Trophies The icing on the cake as far as the competitions went was having to go through the season unbeaten in ever competition. HBO Player Ratings Sign off Though Woodburn was not as prolific as last season, we still had top tier performances from our top three with 103 goals. So @BatiGoal, did I give you what you wanted to see aye? THANKS FOR READING.
  8. Why don't you go ahead with the career, you know, to see how many goals are possible?
  9. What can I say mate? Top stuff
  10. Career HBO-El Tel's British Trident

    Yeah @Titjes I've got him on my team too. Lot's of greens.
  11. Career The Strikers' Striker with BG

    Nice going mate Looking forward to see which League Two player you'll use
  12. Career HBO-El Tel's British Trident

    SEASON THREE Transfers I really went off the rails with my transfer activities this season, ejected so much talent out of the squad because I wanted Spanish players. I made no profits too, a somewhat bad transfer window. But then I place the blame on my scout team, they talked me into this. Awards and Trophies This season saw Kane and Woodburn pick up a pair of awards each. Not bad. HBO Though Burke and Kane were plagued by niggling injuries, they both managed to turn in top performances of varying degrees. While Woodburn, was simply spectacular, even with his withdrawn role in the forward line. Player Performances Sign Off A slight change in formation saw an increase in goals (which I hope will be constant), to 99. By the way remember this guy I picked up for free? WHAT A PLAYER HE BECOMES!
  13. Always. But I've never actually used them in the game.