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  1. Kingsolop

    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    It's decided mate. You're high on something... Cheers ?
  2. Kingsolop

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    So I'm going to post short updates once again. I barely have enough time to go through academic work thoroughly, hence my lagging behind in playing and posting. But here goes..... FIVE A fabulous season in which we break the 100 goal barrier once again gives us a 113 goal season giving us 453 goals in 274 games. SIX A 24 year old Mbappe turns in a top performance through out the season adding 99 goals through out the season. Thereby bringing his tally to 552 goals in 330 games. SEVEN Kylian is once again in the league of 100s with a 108 goal return in 59 games giving him 611 goals in 389 games OH AND BY THE WAY I'm finding it fun and quick playing on the OME. With Mbappe scoring in almost every game, I don't see myself going back to EME for any goal challenge soon. STAY TUNED!
  3. Congratulations on becoming a father. Great challenge by the way.
  4. Great going @NucleusNT
  5. Kingsolop

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    FOUR Sorry for the 20 day break and the very short update about to follow. I've just really been swamped, and this update is chipped in because of the short Easter break. 82 goals in 62 matches brings us to 340 goals in 217 matches. THE RACE FOR PERFECTION So I attained the sets of 20s in the fifth season. Way shorter than @BatiGoal. Stay tuned.
  6. Kingsolop

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    Thanks and I will.
  7. Kingsolop

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    Thanks mate
  8. Kingsolop

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    THREE Transfers Brought in Theo Hernandez to replace Kurzawa who was snapped up in a precontract deal by Manchester United, and Martial as a second choice striker. Rene and Michael were for the future. I snapped Pique on a free transfer and sold him for 37m days later, while Di Maria was clocking 31 which I considered too old for a player I had no much love for. Trophies We won everything again but sadly we were not unbeaten. The Ligue 1 XI of the season was dominated by my team to show how good the collective performance was. Mbappe He has gotten to his peak I think and with some luck, will stay there for some 8/9 years. He snapped up some awards along the way too. Even the World Footballer of the Year!! TO THE BUSINESS END!! 85 goals! Not bad but from the heroics of last season I expected a whole lot more. Anyway, top performance by all standards. At this point, the number of goals scored are 258 goals. Not bad at all. THE FIGHT FOR PERFECTION Stay tuned!
  9. Sorry for my mistake.... Still....Happy ploughing
  10. Welcome to the OME side mate! Happy ploughing
  11. Kingsolop

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    Thanks mate Thanks again Thanks
  12. Kingsolop

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    Thanks. I'm really enjoying it and its easier than I thought it would be. I wish Ney and Mbappe are like this in IRL though.