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  1. Rizs_

    Summer Transfer Update 2018/2019

    isn't there a transfer update txt for this 2019 winter?
  2. Rizs_

    Hexagon Faces Megapack

    @Putzy please can you share to me the config file, because i accidentally press the cancel button when it was already 44% in extraction progress.
  3. Rizs_

    Hexagon Faces Megapack

    what good unzipper application to use, because using zArchiver is going to be slower than the first time extract it.
  4. Rizs_

    Roboto Font - FMM 19

    this is such a rare things for me, and also this is the first time ever my file corrupted on fmmvibe. already updated, if this file still corrupted, boutta ask moderator to delete this thread because it is just useless.
  5. Rizs_

    Roboto Font - FMM 19

    fixed, may try again.
  6. Version V. 3.0


    New font for FMM 19. For those who tired of seeing old FMM fonts. Instructions already included. My second FMM font post, first was this, which you can use it as well to change FMM older fonts. Visit the OG site.
  7. Rizs_

    SS'Kits Megapack

    yeah, national team.
  8. Rizs_

    SS'Kits Megapack

    isnt there a new update yet?
  9. just 5 days left and they have not done announced new features. smh.
  10. just don't get it, there's "squad numbers" button on Watford screenshot while we cannot see it on schalke 04 screenshot. i hope the squad numbers and a chances to change the numbers will be there for every (at least) available teams in FMM 19.
  11. Rizs_

    Ubuntu Font - FMM 2017

    why this is happens to me when i tried to download this font?
  12. Rizs_


    there are a lot of missing folders of your skin. such as graphical news and etc.
  13. Rizs_

    Andika New Basic Font

    no, unfortunately only for fellow countryman.
  14. Rizs_

    Andika New Basic Font

    someone else's theme. but you can download other icons from here http://www.iconarchive.com
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is an amazing otf file named Andika New Basic, hope you like it. Visit the original site for more fonts Font Squirrel Andika Basic. How to apply the change to your fmm 2018: 1. Extract the zip file. 2. Open Android 3. Then com sigames 2018 4. Installed and then fonts 5. Backup the original FMM fonts 6. Rename them (personally i use Andika Regular as fmh_std and Andika Bold as fmh_bld) 7. Enjoy the new form.