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  1. @Foxy Completed this challenge yesterday, won't be my last. Loved it 😁👍🏼
  2. I So I decided to try this as I've seen a few of the guys do it and I thought, how hard can it be.... Well.. I tried Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus for 3 or 4 matches and I could not get the start I wanted. Settled with Barcelona and thought Malcom needed replacing, so I signed up Kevin De Bruyne. Very happy with how he performed and I'm. Certain hes out done what Malcom could have. Our best match was against Bayern in the Champions League (Before Althetico knocked us out), 6 goals and an assist too which added to the tally. Half way through the season I was a couple of points short of 200 so feeling great! Fast forward to the end of the season and we had achieved a League title and League Cup. +72 GD, 101 Pts in the League, 173 Pts for accumulated goals and assists. Add them all together and I scored 346Pts. Success Challenge and looking forward to the next one!
  3. RobHam10

    FMM19 Bug List

    Some text missing on World Coach of the Year award
  4. RobHam10

    Never won a trophy

    I seen LokiDoki doing a Fort William save on YouTube, obviously not playable on FMM. Was hoping to get a similar team with any league of course
  5. RobHam10

    Never won a trophy

    I did try but I couldn't find much apart from the most successful or have won at least 1 trophy 🏆
  6. Morning all and happy holidays, I want to start a new save and wondered if there's a list anywhere of playable teams that have NEVER won a trophy since they're creation? Thanks in advance
  7. RobHam10

    FMM19 Bug List

    I've just had the same problem, owe you one unlocked then request denied.
  8. RobHam10

    FMM19 Bug List

    I'll let you know if it does after this season... If I win it 😬
  9. RobHam10

    FMM19 Bug List

    Award screen is blank. Writers manager of the year.
  10. RobHam10

    FMM19 Bug List

    I don't think the Current Ability Rating Stars are correct. I have players where the attributes are better for one than the other, yet the weaker of the two has a better Ability Rating. Anyone else?
  11. RobHam10

    FMM16 Review

    Hey guys, Anybody had issues with International squad selection? On one of my saves im stuck at an email telling me to register 23 players for the euros but i cant select or deselect anyone.. Ive tried cutting players from the squad too and still no joy. Also ive no idea how to call players up to the national squad. Cheers.