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About BarnDoor

  1. BarnDoor

    Missing Regen

    So if he becomes an evogen, his potential is transfered to another player but he still reappears as a player with a low potential? is that what you're saying? I thought that he wouldn't reappear at all if he became an evogen. In other words, that player's potential goes to someone else, and that the player himself is simply removed from the game.
  2. BarnDoor

    Missing Regen

    I've hears about the evogen thing as well, but I was never 100% sure of it because there is no foolproof way of testing it. And as I said, I usually end up finding the regens that I look for, so I never worried about the evogens. However, even though I usually keep track of 30+ old players, I never bother looking for all of them. Maybe like 1-2 each season so I might have just been lucky and never decided to look for the one who became an evogen instead of a regen
  3. BarnDoor

    Missing Regen

    Also, sorry for double posting, but I want to answer the guys who asked about how regens work... After a player retires, he reappers in the next season as a young player (16-25 years), with the same potential (Ibra's regen could be just as good as Ibra was), similar stats (+/- 1 to 3 usually; 15 can now be 12 or 16, something like that), same nationality (about 99% of the time), and same positions. If he played more than one position then the new positions may be different (cm/dm can reappear as just a cm for an example) I've included some screenshots of Ronaldinho as an example. First one is the original Ronaldinho. Next one is his regen when he reappeared after Ronaldinho's retirement. And the last one is the regen after I bought him and developed him. Hope this helps you
  4. BarnDoor

    Missing Regen

    I usually dont trust the scouts. I look for the more obvious clues - nation, positions and stats. So far, after year and a half of his retirement, there have been only 4 new Swedish strikers, none of them matching his positions and stats. I also checked for Bosnian strikers because it's his 2nd nationality and no luck there either. Could he became a manager after his retirement and that's why I can't find his regen? I've seen some players become managers in the game after retirement but I don't know if their regens still appear if that happens.
  5. Hello guys, I'm pretty new around here, even though I have played the game for a few years now, but this is the first time I decided to post beacuse I could use some help The thing is, I can't find Zlatan's regen, and I never had any issues like this before. I always managed to track down regens and his is usually pretty easy to find due to not so many Swedish players in the game. He retired without a club during my 2nd season. I dont know the exact date because I didn't get a notification of his immediate retirement, but I frequently check my shortlist where I keep the oldtimers like him who I wish to sign when their regens appear, and I'm 100% sure that he retired sometime during january of 2017. I'm currently in the october of 2017 (~9 months later) and his regen didn't yet appear. Since I became anxious about it, I went ahead and simulated the rest of the season and a few extra months, to get me to september of 2018 (more than year and a half after retirement) and he still didn't appear. Any ideas what might be going on? Should i wait longer? Could he be of any other nationality except for Swedish? Any tips and suggestions are appreciated.
  6. BarnDoor

    Save Game Editor 17

    Yeah... this sounds very serious and not good at all. Now i feel bad for asking... I hope everything will be fine and he'll go through whatever is he going through right now.
  7. BarnDoor

    Save Game Editor 17

    Ok, but it will be released, right?
  8. BarnDoor

    Save Editor

    @jaymarvels, any idea when it might be released?