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  1. Congratulations @Nucleus what an epic final round and just edging past @danovic78 who narrowly missed out by a point 😳, it’s been great following this one guys.
  2. PilgrimAsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Anyone else having a problem with transfers? I get an offer for a player they bid on him and I accept and I get a notification saying he’s being sold for x amount however when it’s all gone through I just get what he’s valued at?
  3. Season 4 We now head into our 4th season with ‘The Machine’ still ticking over very nicely. But this season I knew I had to try and keep him fit and hopefully get him to extend his contract so we could extend our tally some more, but was it to be? So with that in mind I had to try and get our back room staff more up to speed as we are lacking within our physio department and preventing any injury and maintaining fitness is going to be key. More clubs keep calling me asking to get them out of a sticky spot. Awards Fitness woes 😔 League table How did lee get on Overview So all in all a good strong season despite a few niggles for Lee but scoring a respectable 35 goals is a tally I was really surprised to achieve. Lee has smashed the target I set him to achieve in their save which was 104 and is currently on 163. Can he reach 200 before he retires. New target 163/200
  4. Thanks mate it’s going better than I thought tbh, he must have been awesome back in his prime. He really is isn’t he, I was thinking the same. Just writing up the next update, it’s been a really busy week so sorry for the slow reply and updates.
  5. PilgrimAsh

    Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza

    Well done in finishing this career @Rob2017 it has been great following this one and a real eye opener in that you can win things without strikers, it’s been a real joy to follow mate. Thank you for sharing, shame about Lemar not extending and that dramatic end to the season but what you have achieved is beyond awesome mate.
  6. PilgrimAsh

    Challenge Cup XII

    Good luck with this one guys
  7. Awesome job guys, Patterson appearing as rb is great, your all really smashing this!
  8. Yeah nice to se your Laurence can score a penalty 😂 I’m not to keen on the Liverpool demolition mind but nice work.
  9. PilgrimAsh

    1000 Goal Challenge 2nd Try

    Best of luck with your second attempt
  10. Nice start to the calendar year mate, and on an off form season, things can only get better 😉
  11. PilgrimAsh

    1000 Goal Challenge

    That’s a shame I was just reading through and expecting something special with this guy, maybe he’s a slow burner and at 16 he had ample time to get better, I’m intrigued to see what this guy can do now.
  12. Thank you 😊 I can see @Cockers2505 has inspired a few of us to give this a go and from what I’ve seen from your start is that my top spot might be very short lived! You have made a cracking start, really looking forward to seeing how you get on and hopefully we’ll get a few more joining us. It’s a good career especially as I’ve never managed an Asian club so I’m learning all the time and it’s keeping me on my toes.
  13. I know he really is a machine when it comes to how many games he will play, it doesn’t last long though, and he has started to pick up some niggles and is affecting his form. 🤞he stays injury free for you.
  14. Season 3 So after 2 good seasons with Lee ‘The Machine’ scoring an almighty 99 goals it was onwards and hopefully upwards for our veteran striker, can we keep this old dog fit and firing in those all important goals during season 3. Wait what’s this? Another few offers from abroad but my devotion to this challenge is too great and I decline them all. Oh no 😱! Maybe not! Like I’ve said before this guy is a machine!!! Or maybe he isn’t!? More clubs come knocking for my managerial prowess or should I say lack off 😂 but yet they come knocking, desperate times that’s for sure. Silverware We took the K League Classic again with a comfortable cushion on the rest of the competition, we had an impressive cup run and beat Sangju 5-0 to lift the Asian FA Cup. Awards How did we get on in the league. How did our Machine get on. I think next season will be tough if it continues like this season has and with him not into his 40 will Lee decide to call it a day? 128/104!! We set out a target and we smashed it sorry @Cockers2505 you set a good target to chase and inspired a great challenge for me to undertake, now let’s see how much further we can raise that bar.