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  1. The team instructions is just the same i use on my Blackburn rovers save which works really well but player position differs... Could test this out though.
  2. Oops... Just started my 3rd season, I will upload it come end of the season.
  3. Vinicius junior would be a better signing than Rodrygo. What's the challenge? I don't seem to understand? added 0 minutes later Vinicius junior would be a better signing than Rodrygo. What's the challenge? I don't seem to understand?
  4. Check your team report if your team is lacking in determination. Might be disadvantage though. Or rather upload your tactics let me see.
  5. I loaned the 3 of them (Darryl Kirkwood) out, their value seems to gazump with game time. Can't still believe this though.πŸ€”
  6. I have this Rooney Regen in my team at present. *Though I train him for so many position he plays now* Then I was just going through my reserve team, then I stumbled across this one that looks exactly like him. Can't still believe this, I have up to 3 Darryl Kirkwood in my team now. Comment below, let me know your thoughts guys.
  7. Got bored of playing my Chelsea save which seemed so easy. So I started a new save with Blackburn Rovers. Started my league two seasons pretty well winning the league and then subsequently promoted to the Sky-bet Championship. And the icing on the cake is that I wrapped up the Fa Cup and the Carabao cup in my first season at the club. Enough of these pep-talks, let's go straight to the tactics. I would really recommend having two defenders with decent defensive attributes. I really fell in love with this guy. Shape Staying narrower would make your team less liable from opposition attacks. While you team remain compact and can promptly offer support to each other. Tempo for me is normal. I have never left my creative freedom on balanced, I either use disciplined or expressive. *Expressive is the major oil for this tactic. Defense Playing high up the pitch with two no-nonsense CDs, closing down the opposition giving them no time on the ball but take it easy mate, its normal tackling. Attack Not so much to say for this attacking part of the tactic but you are good to go. Here are my results so far: It's been banging in my first season but I had thought first season might be tricky at times but we are up and running again this season. Tested it with my Chelsea save and I had great success too. Hope you guys find this thread helpful. Comment if you have success with this tactic.😎