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  1. arsenalking98

    The Pepcity Challenge by me

    I am going to sell him and replace him with a big name
  2. arsenalking98

    The Pepcity Challenge by me

    do you play aguero
  3. arsenalking98

    The Neil Warnock Challenge!

    I am going to do it with wolves
  4. arsenalking98

    Amazing "3" Tactic (32212 EME)

    Who did you buy Frist season
  5. Can you show me the tactic is it any good
  6. What tactic do you use
  7. arsenalking98

    EME 4231 works on new update!

    I am going to try it at arsenal
  8. arsenalking98

    Hexer's Workshop: It's all about Hex

    Were can I download it from
  9. arsenalking98

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    What 3 cm should I buy
  10. arsenalking98

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    is they any way I can uninstall the update
  11. arsenalking98

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    yes thank you for your tips
  12. arsenalking98

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    I have just stared with this tactic anyone got any tips
  13. arsenalking98

    OME 4-2-1-3 Winning tactic!!

    I Am going to use this with wolves
  14. arsenalking98


    Did you buy anyone in the frist season bro
  15. arsenalking98

    BFC 22312

    I Am going to give it a go with Liverpool