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  1. 1st this is not my tactic, its a tactic that was made by itzChris92 last year for FMM19 which I used to great success with Manchester United & Morecambe on last year's version. Stats & Results Away League Table Some Key Matches
  2. Great tactic mate, I tested it man United (I know a really strong team) and it was fantastic. I won the ucl, epl and caraboa Cup. I sold quite a few of the senior players and used the likes of Greenwood, Chong and Gomes a lot, plus lukaku was injured for like 7 months(freak injury) and Pogba was constantly injured. Anyway here are the results. Sweet revenge for 2012 😊. How I wish this version of schalke could exist and come and give us thus money for this deadweights (except Herrera, but pereira, garner and gribbin needed playing time.)
  3. I used the tactic with Huddersfield, the team I consider to have the weakest squad in the epl. Here are the results : This is probably my best FM mobile result ever. It was a majestic game. The FM gods really fucked me over in this game. I failed to win the title or finish in the top 4 due to my disastrous finish to the season
  4. Na, always budgets disabled had to use Abel ruiz and Cardona as backups upfront to Messi, Suarez, Alcacer and Dembele
  5. This tactic is one that I've been using for years on pc version of the game. It's basically a standard 433 formation without wide players as inside fowards are to inconsistent for my liking and wingers dont chip in enough goals. The tactic is inspired by the 07/08 Manchester United team that had Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney up front with a variation of 3 midfielders behind them. Heres the tactic I chose overload because with control and attacking I conceded way too many goals and to keep up the attacking pressure of the team. I chose slow tempo, narrow width and displinced creative freedom to balance out the tactic defensively so I don't end up with 5-7 scoreline. There's also standard high pressing and high line to win the ball higher up. Tackling is committed to win the ball as quicker which has led to few red cards here and there. As for the attack look for overlap for fullbacks to cross into the box which has led into a lot of goals especially for players like Alcacer and Lukaku. I tested the tactic with Barcelona, United and Portsmouth. For United and Barcelona it resulted in goals and trophies. With Portsmouth I also got good results albeit with much more draws and tighter games and less goals. Here are some results from my Barcelona save. Tip: Make fitness intensive for attackers so they can play multiple games on the spin without being fatigued