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  1. do these packs slow down the game at all? thanks
  2. skoch

    FMM18 General Discussion

    How much space does the bigger download (facepacks) take up on our mobile phones?
  3. skoch

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    Yes, I've been checking up often since they said early November for news of the release..... still nothing?
  4. Thanks, btw, are there any awesome FMM youtube channels to subscribe to?
  5. Hoping for Ukrainian playable league!
  6. I'm happy to find this; before I found this page I thought the biggest FMM community hung out at https://community.sigames.com/forum/28-football-manager-mobile-general-discussion/ Had no idea editors, databases existed, and this kind of joy for the mobile game - great to see! Cheers