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  1. Go to Android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/Normal/Cache/ delete that file named fmhi_hdtv_skin.skc and reopen the game again.
  2. To those of us trying to see in-depth of the finance, we aren't the BoD to see all those stuffs as we were appointed to be focusing on the playing side. You will only be given the money for your player purchases and the money to pay them. Other side of the business is not your matter. What i wish to see is the FFP and the ability to appoint staff for the national team. A scout in the National team will be useful to recruit players for the national team. Imagine loosing your best player through injury at the R16 of the world cup and he's out of competition. A physio is really needed. Players shouldn't be developed in the club alone so we need a Trainer or Coach to help us when they are called to the national team and we should be able to train the national team players at a role that will suit our tactics.
  3. So I'm imagining if we could sign staff(especially a scout) for the national teams too. So that they may help in assigning players. What do you think?
  4. Just ended season with stoke in the Premier League, Zirkzee was able to give me 50+ goals in all competition 29 in the pl (Top Scorer)
  5. Top scorer has always been the Lone Striker and AP is the real Source of Assists + some goals
  6. Then I will offer you 4-2-3-1 G | WB | BPD-BPD | WB | BBM-BBM | W-AM-W | CF -------------------- ATTACK WIDE FAST EXPRESSIVE ---------------------- DEFAULT DEFENSIVE SETUP ----------------------- WORK INTO BOX OR NON EARLY CROSSES THROUGH BALLS SHORT PASSES OR MIX SHORT FROM GK +++++++++++++++++++ I don't have the Screenshots
  7. That is why it is called a Challenge.....you will have to find the system that will suit your player. We can recommend player but to give a tactics will not let this be a challenge. (ONE THOUSAND CHALLENGE = 1KC)☺️☺️
  8. You will have to download the files from the internet and unzip it into the android/data/com.sega.score/install Go-to the downloads room of this site and check if you will get your desired stuff
  9. Pointless🤔.....it is a game.....we play to have fun right?☺️.......my emphasis on the fun aspect☺️
  10. Those days when we used to play Real Football Manager(RFM) on Java Phones(cell Phones), there were team talks after each half of a match and it's either you praise the team or you Criticize them which helps to boost the team morale for the second half. There were the ability to talk to the players one by one and also to talk to them in General. Sometimes we need to talk to the whole team rather than choosing them one by one( to save time). I think 1/1 should be used for individual performance only. Why will it be difficult to add "Team Talk" button on the match screen? And also on the Squad screen?
  11. So I've been wondering if we could have these little touches into our dear game to increase the fun in it. Press Talk Pre & Post-match interviews: I think we should have the opportunity to brag on upcoming matches and to talk after the match. Team talk during match: What about motivating/Criticizing/praising/ our players during or at halftime and or at fulltime of the game to increase the morale of our players in the game as that can even improve our chances of winning matches too. Fluid Formation/Tactics: We've seen many manager using different instructions in a game where at sometime you see them playing a different formations when in possession and different one when out in possession and in some cases too, they have a different setup for Kick-Off. In-Game Sound: The game without any sound is really BoRIng. What do you think? It is an opinion though☺️
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