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  1. Hello FAM. I've got to share this tactics with you. It's 4-3-2-1with IFs which I in my intentions created to match the Luis Enrique's MNS trio. But unfortunately for me, I couldn't sign Neymar because it is not only Neymar who had left Barcelona in the previous years so if I sign him, then I must sign his companions and also release the added squads after Neymar left. Squad Plotting: 4-3-2-1 GK-G LB-FB CBD-BDP CBD-CB RB-WB No DM LCMF-AP CMF-BWM RCMF-CM LW-IF RW-IF ST-CF INSTRUCTIONS Shape TEAM MENTALITY Attack (should change to control or overload depending the toughness of the match) WIDTH Narrow( you can choose any of them but I prefer narrow to the rest) TEMPO Fast (you can also switch to slow and possess more if the opposition is intercepting moves) CREATIVE FREEDOM Due To Barcelona having good creative MIDs, give them the freedom to operate Defense DEFENSIVE LINE High CLOSING DOWN All Over TACKLING Normal OFFSIDE TRAP Yes TIME WASTING No Attack FINAL THIRD Look for overlaps Work into box Don't choose between the ''through balls and run at defence'' PASSING STYLE short PASSING FOCUS Middle was OK for me though I didn't try the other options. GK CONTRIBUTIONS Mixed Thanks for reading Your comments are welcome Enjoy Results👇👇👇 *Griezmann and Dembele was competing for the LW
  2. Too bad, I have ended the career by accidentally overwritting another save on it, i'm sad. Dear followers I'm really sorry that I couldn't complete this challenge.
  3. This is interesting, think your tactics will make their hopeless career flourish 😂😂😂
  4. I went unbeaten and won the Skybet Championship , won the European Conference League and also won the FA cup against the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and in the second season I won the carabao against big giants like Man City and Liverpool
  5. Thank you @Ian I appreciate your wishes. I hoping to stay and build the team in the PL
  6. THE ACADEMY - End Of Season Three Evans! Evans!! Evans!!! The supporters are shouting the managers name at the highest tone of their voice.Their modes have been set to jubilant by their manager. The city is now looking like a pub There is joy everywhere in the town That wasn't what they were expecting but it was what they got. No one would have ever dreamt about this but it is happening, yes, it has happened. None of us is going to forget this moment. They've showed us a pure class this season. Season Review We have Clinched the Sky bet Championship title by going undefeated. We won 30 and drew 16 out of 46 We were able to Win the FA final cup 3-2 against Chelsea, inspired by Ibrahim Frimpong's brace. We also go beyond England to win the UEFA Conference League from Torino. By winning the Championship title, we have gained promotion to the Premier League next season. Player Stats Nominations Players Sold Finance General info Board Confidence May this not set complacency in the team as they have a tough task ahead next season.
  7. Notifications have been set to on, I'm following, and also good luck
  8. Can someone please tell me how I can change my background and startscreen? Thank you
  9. THE ACADEMY - Season Three After some months of no football in the country, the Charlton players have started training again. We saw a wide improvement in the team last season and we wish to see more this season. The board has given the Manager their club's objective for the season The Club has added some bosman and graduates to their squad and also looking to offload some goods in the process of the season. The club has presented their registered squad for the season to the fans and the FA. Charlton is still using kids as the squad average age is 21.04 years Finances- due to the terms not favouring the manager to buy players, the transfer budget have been slashed to the wage budget to ensure the manager does not buy. Depth- The club has a very solid depth in most of the key positions The Summary of the club The club appeared unbeaten during the preseason break .
  10. Thank you, I was very lucky to get those prospects. I'm preparing them for the future