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About Clem2507

  1. Clem2507

    Rodrygo 1kc

    Well done What tactic are you used
  2. wha is the tactics because 14 goals in 7 days in premier league its awesome
  3. Clem2507

    Mbappe's 1kc - OME

    nice work and can you share the tactics with us at the end of the career please
  4. Congratulation mate can you share the tactics please
  5. Amazing work and career can you share the tactis with us please and congratulation mate
  6. Amazing career , the player are so good and you do an amazing work can you share the tactics with us please
  7. what is the tactics ? Please give me some screen
  8. I'm with tottenham and its not working for me (harry kane is at 12 goals fo 15 games)
  9. Clem2507

    The 1,000 Goal Challenge - FMM18

    How can you score 108 goals in one season please give me the tactic or the secret
  10. Clem2507

    Need ideas for a career

    what is your tactics ?
  11. Clem2507

    Free Agent Legends Database

    I dont know how tout install it (i take the "england" file and i replace thé england files on data base but it s notre working