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  1. Couple of questions: Can I play a striker less formation and have my no.7 as AML/AMR or AMC? Can I choose a player that is naturally one of the above positions but who also has green for the striker position?
  2. So to skip back in time a little, the first decision was which database to use. I went with the updated winter transfer one so I already had Bruno in the squad and Ighalo. I wanted to keep Ighalo but couldn't live with paying him £240k a week, so tried to sign him permanently hoping he would accept lower wages, he didn't and so was shown the door. Sergio Leon was selected as his replacement, cheap, decent stats with high leadership, which we were lacking and old enough to mentor our younger forwards Matic was allowed to leave and was replaced with a younger model in Sandro Tonali, not cheap at £30mil but I have faith he will justify his transfer fee in the years to come I wanted Sancho for the right forward position but was gazumped by City. After repeatedly matching Dortmund's demands and still being rebuffed, City snuck in and bought him for exactly what I had offered. Jadon will not be getting a warm welcome in His first Manchester derby at Old Trafford. So instead I went for Cengiz Under from Roma at less than half the price and retrained Greenwood's position to right winger as a back up. Jones, Pereira and Lingard were deemed surplus to requirements and allowed to leave which meant we actually made over £100mil and reduced the wage bill (although I have to remember to make Fabian's move permanent £88mil before his loan ends) I resisted the urge to add further reinforcements to try and keep it fairly realistic and to prepare for further signings in January/the summer as the project to return United to their glory days continues
  3. Yup, so much talent, such a lack of character. Having said that he did snub City for Madrid (insert relevant Sir Alex quote here) So who will step in to fill his boots? Well, I pretty quickly decided who I wanted...but the transfer negotiations dragged on all summer with his club quoting a price and then rejecting it and refusing to negotiate further, repeatedly. So in the last week I finally managed to secure a season long loan with an option to buy for....Fabian Ruiz. A few years younger than Pogba but with greens in a lot of key areas, plenty of room to improve and hopefully a better work rate and attitude than his predecessor.
  4. So given the lock down I thought I might have a bash at a career I've been wanting to do for a while. As a United fan, I'd like to see how things would have gone this past season if a few key decisions had been made: 1) Bruno bought in the summer 2) Pogba sold and replaced 3) A right sided forward brought in 4) Matic replaced 5) A more attacking style of play, especially against the smaller teams To add a bit of a challenge I'm planning on playing until Pogba retires and see if United can win more silverware than Pogba in that time
  5. Has anyone come across forwards that they would categorise as "super-subs"? Players that score a lot of goals when they come on as subs but don't seem to score so many when they are in the starting line up? Is there any pattern to this? Are their particular attributes that make players super subs?
  6. Nope, just hijacked your thread in the hope that someone at SI reads the site and takes some suggestions on board....I imagine if they do any of them realistically it will be funky grass cutting patterns as it will look good on teaser screenshots for the next release....bug free release hahaha....what you been smoking?
  7. Bonuses for scoring goals, assists, clean sheets and winning trophies in contracts Player by player instructions i.e your winger is set to overload whilst your CB is set as defensive and specific instructions for set pieces...arrive late in box, stand on front post etc The ability to set a player to man mark a specific opponent or for your defenders to double up against a specific player and for attackers to have the ability to switch positions with each other at will
  8. Oh ok I hadn't realised that OGs were counted on the manager profile screen...not could I be bothered to add up the individual goals scored
  9. 235 I think Thanks, I think playing in the French league made things a bit easier. Struggled in a few games where I conceded goals early and had to tinker with my tactics but overall very happy. Was hoping to average 3 goals a game so delighted to have surpassed that
  10. Day 1: Oi, you.... You've got 2 options: Delete all your social media accounts, focus on what your paid to do and show that your worthy of wearing this shirt...oh and go get a proper hair cut Or p*** off Decision made
  11. 04:16 1st June 2018, The Lowry Hotel, Salford Jose Mourinho suddenly jolts upright in his bed, cold sweat sticking to his back from the terrifying dream, or was it a vision, of his disastrous next season at the worlds greatest football club. Having foreseen his embarrassing sacking just before Christmas he picks up his phone and sends a two worded text to Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward: "I quit". With that Jose disappears from public view, some say to become Zlat's personal ego masseuse. Showing, for the first time in his career, great wisdom and footballing insight, Ed Woodward, having recently read about his monumentous "everyone's a goal scorer" career with PSG, picks up the phone and calls The Humble One, MULAMBO, destined to be the saviour of Manchester United.... His job...to return United to its rightful place at the pinnacle of English and European football whilst playing attacking football and developing youth Mission accepted....
  12. January/ February update.... So I somehow failed to get a screenshot of how many goals each player in the squad has but from memory these two months saw us take a giant leap towards every one getting the target of 5. I resorted to playing defenders as strikers which resulted in our first loss of the season to St. Etienne and saw us drop below our 4 goal a game average. This game... Saw 3 players each hit their 5th goal of the season and saw 4 different defenders played up top over the 90 mins. At the end of February this is where we are at... 153 goals scored and I think just Toure (4) and Kimpbebe (spelling) (3) still to hit their targets. REALLY hoping they can avoid injuries and they can get those last few goals so I can get my forwards back up front to rack up the goals on the run in... 200 goals would be a nice target... Can we do it?
  13. November/ December update.... So somehow I lost the screenshots for November...so here's where I'm at at the end of December. Still managing to stay above 4 goals/ game which is awesome. Leaking heavily at the back at times though. 12 of 20 players are on or over the 5 goal mark and every one is on at least 2 goals. I have defenders on penalties and have started playing with 2 defenders in my front 3 playing as target men...it works ...sometimes. Hoping to get them all over 5 goals then switch to a full strength side for the tougher cup games. I have Barca in knockout stages of champions League despite winning my group 😕
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