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  1. This is very similar to the tactic I used all throughout last years game and so far on this years game. I use slightly different roles and I usually push one of the wingers forward to AMR or AML position. I usually tweak mentality but never go below balanced. I find it a really reliable system if you’ve got right players.
  2. 1759

    Leaking defence

    Just had my first unbeaten season in epl on this years game and didn’t conceal many goals at all. This is my team below. Its 2022 and I have a fairly decent team but not the best it could be. I’m more or less treating this as a test save using my tactic from last years game and it seems to work. I didn’t even do much in game tweaking tbh.
  3. 1759

    Leaking defence

    I’m not having them either. This is a game of attributes and if your team are lacking in certain ones then I find that’s when you get things like comebacks and just conceding too many in general. Strength in cm roles is one for example Keita at Liverpool only has 10 so for me he just has to be sold as I like a minimum of 14 and preferably over 15.
  4. 1759

    Leaking defence

    I hope they don’t make the game easier. I’m still dominating with a top team but it is slightly harder than last year which I like. I’ll try a lower league team soon. It’s the training I haven’t got used to yet.
  5. I’m struggling with training. If I just let my assistant take care of training then I get great results but then if I take over training and train the players then my results just plummet. I’ve tested this with same players and tactic and I just can’t work out why it’s happening. I’ve even been checking the training page every few weeks when assistant is in charge and he doesn’t seem to be doing things any different to what I would. Guess I’ve got some experimenting to do with it. Starting to think the game punishes you for setting up your own training.
  6. Yeah it is the stuttering on pitch that was a bit frustrating last year. Think I’ll just stick to iOS this year and maybe try android next year.
  7. I’m just wondering if the eme is fatster on android this year. I’ve got the game on iOS and it’s fine as usual. Last year I got game for android on a decent device which had a bigger screen so would seem better but was slow so I got it on iOS and it was much faster. I don’t mind buying the game for android for the bigger screen if it’s improved.
  8. 1759

    Problem Signing Players

    Yes I’ve noticed this too since last update. I actually like it though cos it’s made it a better challenge and I’m not totally sure yet but I think maybe you get a slightly better transfer budget which gives you ability to actually buy some players. I’m in my second season with Halifax and after winning the vamarama north and league trophy I got 250k budget which I thought was ok. I bought few players and got a couple of free transfers and loans and I’ve got a good team going into new season which I’ve played 3 and won 3 quite comfortably. I had two years in Wales first with Carmarthen and won league twice and the welsh cup and mg cup in the second season. I only used free transfers then and noticed I couldn’t get as many as I’d like. I used tactic I used before update too and got good results but it wasn’t quite so deadly. My new tactic seems better I think
  9. I’ve just been managing fleetwood in a journeyman save and I took them from league 2 all the way up to winning the premier league and champions league. This is 2030’s by the way. I didn’t get any good youth I takes at all but I couldn’t manage to get their facilities up until just at the end of the last season when I won champs league. I then left to try and win everything in welsh league so I’m not sure yet whether it’s only linked to the youth facilities or other things. I also got nothing at Clyde in Scotland for a few rather successful years. I recall getting a few in my blyth save a while ago but I think it was after I’d had a bit of success with top youth facilities.