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  1. Sorry to chime in here but I’ve took inspiration from this and used similar systems to great success in FM19 and I’m not even a great manager. Sandler in the DLP role is my concern as he’s not great and the DLP role is a creative one. I will try this tactic in the morning with Man City and reveal how I get on.
  2. 1759

    1759 Parks The Bus

    I’m continuing this on with Real Madrid. Update coming tomorrow. Great challenge this! 😀
  3. I know you are! and you’d make a fantastic detective!😉
  4. Great season.👍 I have no idea what that veteran manager unlockable is so hopefully someone will chime in.
  5. The end is getting closer now.😀 I just left this one for someone else to get.😁 I thought @Nucleuswould be the one to get it as he was active when we were talking about this last week. On the subject of striker roles I did notice on my Parrott save that when he started to really decline his suggested role would change all the time but he was mainly put as a DF which I found strange as his stamina was dropping so much.
  6. Looking forward to seeing the team in action. Remi Streete brings back memories of my first lower league save from last year with the mighty Blyth Spartans. Him in defence, Rodgers in midfield and Andrews up top with Billy O’Brien in goal. What a spine all the way up to the Championship and even prem as squad players! 😀
  7. With a little help from your two thousand goal challenge from six years ago. 🤪
  8. Back to the drawing board then! 😂 Am I Kévin Mayi?
  9. He got there in the end! 😀 Ran out of time to get yesterday’s answer but I’ll start today’s guessing. Am I Sebastián Haller?
  10. Don’t forget you may well be able to get a good few goals out of him until he’s 35 or 36 which will knock your season average needed down a good bit.
  11. It’s fine I’m new too. 😀 When I did my attempt with Parrott I wasn’t sure I was getting enough goals but I got told to just target about 60 goals a season from Sam which always stuck in my mind and helped. I was at PSG mind so I always had a fantastic squad and loads of games in the French season with the cups which was probably the only way I could’ve done it tbh. Good luck in the future seasons😉
  12. Yeah I know i never said you did, I just meant the international goals he gets now you are England manager will help. 😀
  13. 1759

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    All it’s lacking is some Yorkshire puddings but I couldn’t be bothered making them and had no ready made ones in the freezer. 😀
  14. Keep on motoring along! The England job should be a really good help. 😀