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  1. 1759

    English football

    You can never rely on Spurs! I think they’re going to get the job done now unfortunately but I won’t give up until it’s over.😀 Not expecting Man U to get anything but you never know. I still think we’ll drop points in at least one of our games and that might be the problem.
  2. 1759

    30 seasons

    I think this was the start of the lost player stats for me at 2032. You can see the stats for the 2018-19 season have gone and the next season the 2019-20 would go. Luckily I was tracking it as I’d seen it on other people’s careers. Also look at my poor numbers for a 1k😂 but in my defence I saw it through.
  3. 1759

    European Football

    Yeah I think it’s Barca taking the piss so we are just matching it as Ash says. I think it was similar in the last round against Man U but it is a ridiculous price imo. I know Porto were going to charge us more for the away game but we managed to get them to reduce that a bit but guess that didn’t work with Barca.
  4. Just caught up with the last couple of seasons. Going great, love your little Mbappé deal.😃 Your boys look like they are hitting their prime so hopefully you can get to your season ten target.
  5. 1759

    European Football

    Hopefully we can beat Barca at the Camp Nou again.😛
  6. 1759

    European Football

    I did say last week that I thought City not getting the away goal might cost them but I’ll not take any credit after a match like that. In fairness I only turned over from the Liverpool game when that was at 0-2 so can’t comment on the beginning of the game but I always fancied spurs to win this since the draw was made for some reason.
  7. 1759

    Battery drain on FMM19

    I have an iPhone SE and I reckon that’s about the same as my drop. I also have an old iPhone 6s which I’ve just kept to play games and browse and stuff as the screen is bigger. The battery is old and pretty crap so it doesn’t last quite so long but still isn’t bad tbh.
  8. I knew Ronaldo was born in Madeira but it never came into my thinking that you’d try for him. Good progress made and I’m guessing Gibraltar next?
  9. 1759

    Winter Update

    You both have my best wishes.
  10. Cracking entertainment there. Proper going for it.👍😀
  11. Still going great, looks like he’s going to get the job done.
  12. 1759

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Enjoyed that @Ashez and I like how you kept them waiting for a couple of days before the reveal. Well done @samhardy, a great campaign you’ve had and if I recall correctly you were quite unlucky in the league faze and it was touch and go whether you’d go through. My first save on this years game was a save in NI and I can remember all those cups so was good thinking that. Unlucky @Foxy, feel like the team choice looks to have made the difference but still a cracking season with West Ham that is. I already thanked everyone when I went out so won’t do again but a great tournament it’s been. Really enjoyed taking part and following.😀
  13. Please no just no to team talks, couldn’t think of anything worse. Never wanted them on the desktop game and couldn’t stand them when they were introduced. Saying that I used to just send my assistant for them as they were just monotonous to me. Anyway thats just my opinion on team talks, press conferences etc. @Ashez has more or less nailed the rest for me and I especially like the DLC monthly challenge idea tbh.
  14. Great couple of seasons there, I to have had difficulty getting my systems to work internationally so I wish you luck.😀
  15. 1759

    English football

    Proper side Liverpool are, full of grit. Henderson has been class this last few games! Could easily have folded today after the City result. No idea what’s going to happen from now on in but we’ve still got a great chance of winning the double! If we end up second it will be after having amassed probably over 90 league points which is just absurd.