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  1. Yeah that Aldershot Cup game annoyed me as we were still more than good enough to beat them at that stage. Thank you @Foxy for inviting me to be your co-host, I really enjoyed it and felt as though it all ran smoothly enough. I want to also thank all participants and hard luck Team Japan in the final as there was very little in it really but once I knew Sam had the chance to revisit Northern Ireland I knew we had a good shot at it. Well @samhardy, congratulations as you were the difference maker here but if you need a kilt for the celebrations I have a spare one😆
  2. Brilliant career this has been. Just need to get Foden home then you can properly celebrate as Smog Jr looks good for his target.
  3. 1759

    English football

    Exactly, it’s a sad situation but the supporters could’ve sorted Ashley out years ago. It’s quite simple really, stop going to games and stop buying merchandise for a while. Would probably mean at least one shite season but they’ve had a few of them anyway.
  4. You’ve given yourself a nice challenge here which will be interesting so good luck. Not sure about your clarification but I’m sure Danovic will clarify it when he next logs in.
  5. Thanks, yeah he’s mainly a first half player now or sometimes he lasts until 60 minutes if I’m planning on resting him for the next game. I think his aerial and strength being still high is all that’s keeping his scoring decent and once they drop I think it’ll get very difficult to get much from him but guess we’ll find out😀
  6. Thank you, it’s been an enjoyable one to play😀
  7. 1759

    FMM19 Bug List

    Yes there seems to be a bug whereby if you sign a player who is on loan from their parent club then the transfer doesn’t go through and it just goes through as if he’s signed a new contract for you😀
  8. Thank you very much Rob, the Gundogan Challenge possibility should hopefully keep the motivation there to play the next few years. Watch me get all the results and then check who’s played only to find the German not playing in one game.😂
  9. Season Eighteen Here we are at season eighteen and the last year of our goalscoring king Jun Se-Jin’s contract. One thing I said on the last update was that he had been set to retire at the end of his deal and I had persuaded him albeit years ago to reconsider his retirement and he did but then wouldn’t sign. Well, I opened up negotiations near the beginning of the season and he was willing to talk so I couldn’t help but offer him another maxed out deal so you’re stuck with this for a few more years yet. Transfers We got a new striker in Kubina as we were a bit short there last season with all of our strikers ageing. Samardzic was brought in as a new back up centre back and Honorat is a decent looking left winger. We are at the stage now where even all the outgoing transfers are regens so I won’t go through any of them but the full list is below. Team Performances We won everything again without dropping any points in the league as it’s got the stage now where our players are just so overpowered. A more detailed look below for those interested. Fixtures I’ve been keeping an eye on the possible Gundogan Victory Challenge since it was posted but unfortunately this season we have no 6-0, 7-0 or 9-0. Annoyingly we had three 8-0 results but I suppose there’s always next season to try again. Eric Meijer One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the fact that we have legendary Liverpool striker Eric Meijer as our defensive coach. He only managed two goals whilst playing for Liverpool but is regarded as a cult hero after joining up with the Liverpool fans before their teams UEFA Cup final against Alaves in 2001 which was held in Dortmund. He was drinking, singing and partying with the fans and as such is now a club all time great. Manager Jun Se-Jin He’s still looking ok for a 36 year old I think. I’m confident he can still keep scoring a decent amount of goals whilst his Aerial and Strength remain high. How did he perform? He got 46 goals again this season but played a few more games. Still a goal per game ratio which is nice at this stage. Score Jun Se-Jin 1k: 1125/1000 goals Mohamed Bangoura & Jun Se-Jin Double Trouble: 1200/1200 goals (Completed) Well this was supposed to be the last season but curiosity got the better of me and I maxed his deal out so I feel obliged to play it out now. Not sure if he’ll actually see his deal out if I’m honest but guess we’ll see. Thanks for reading.
  10. I think it took me longer to get my team ready than it did to play the season😂 Proper great challenge this though and I highly recommend the two challenges it’s based off if anyone is struggling for a save idea.
  11. Best of luck with this😀 Seems like you’ve thought abut this and have a nice plan.
  12. Nice unbeaten season and great score I’d say👍
  13. I think based on the fact that I’m the only participant who has acted in a respectable way towards fellow participants today that I should just gain 40 bonus points for the final challenge. Only fair way to sort this out.
  14. Foul play here from my co-host and I’m not going to stand for it.
  15. As co-host of this prestigious event I must warn @samhardy that if you continue with this squabbling you may suffer a points deduction or even elimination from this event😛