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  1. 1759

    Hi I’m Rishi

    A well written introduction and we already know you so hello in proper.😀
  2. Hopefully I can avoid the dreaded sack in this tournament. I’m only concentrating on doing my best for my country so the golden mobile doesn’t concern me as I’m a team player.😀
  3. Nice challenge for the qualifying round. Hopefully make a start on this later this evening and I just hope the Luxembourgers available aren’t the pits.😂
  4. 1759


    I’m guilty of forgetting to do training at times as well. If I’m doing a challenge where I want to get a particular player to score goals I rarely forget to set him but other players I sometimes forget. I always retrain players who aren’t natural green for the position I’m going to play them in mind and that seems to come instinctively for me.
  5. Hello Vibe, Welcome to my first ever attempt at the Double Trouble Challenge. For all of the challenges I’ve attempted so far this year I’ve either used a one up top formation or a strikerless one and I just fancied a change. This one requiring two up top is just that and hopefully with a bit of a struggle I can get the job done. Here is the challenge below and credit to @Foxy for creating it. Anyway I’ll start with my chosen team and players. Team: Ajax My chosen team is Ajax as I’ve never managed a team from Holland before and I want a team that will hopefully provide me with a decent budget to build a decent team to support my boys up top. Players: Jun Se-Jin He cost £2.7m from Suwon and looks like a decent prospect at just eighteen years old. I’m confident he can provide a decent threat with his pace right from the off. Mohamed Bangoura Not quite sure about this lad. He’s only sixteen and set me back £2.3m from Nantes. He’s more of an inside forward but I’m going to train him to hopefully become a decent target man. Well thats my chosen team and players so all that’s left is to make a start and see how they get on. I’ll back with an update of the first season tomorrow. Thanks for reading
  6. Thanks Nuke, yeah if I do get this done I think it’ll be close but to be honest that’ll make it all the more enjoyable for me.
  7. I missed a couple of your seasons but well done on your exploits at Wigan. Great start at Gretna and you are getting closer to the finish line now.😀
  8. Thanks, Mohamed might surprise you guys in time.😀
  9. 1759

    English football

    Who said runners up were honours as I certainly didn’t. Fergie as I’ve said is the best for me but his European record wasn’t great when you look at Paisley who got 3 Big ones in 9 years. I have a feeling if fergie took over at Liverpool in 1986 then he may well have more to his name. Yes we scraped fourth last season so shows how well we’ve done this and although we’ve fallen short I’m happy.
  10. 1759

    English football

    Yeah people like to bring up the finals Klopp has lost but as you say you’ve got to get to them. The 6-1 you mention rings a bell for me as at that time I had no idea what was going to happen at the club as we had no real financial muscle to get back in. I had resigned myself to thinking that I’d never see the team win the league as I was too young last time but I think we will now and I’m lucky anyway as we’ve won everything else in my time apart from that tinpot world shite. Really like Poch Rob and he’s done a great job. I said Fergie was the best but I’m more than happy with our current manager.
  11. 1759

    English football

    Difficult one to answer and I’d almost say impossible to compare things from different eras but I’ll have a go. Pep is great and done magnificent at Barca which people often underestimate as Barca always flattered to deceive during most of their history yet he got them to dominate Europe even if he did have a fabulous golden generation of players at the time. People forget that Fergie took Aberdeen and broke up the old firm which was probably just as great as anything he did at Man Utd. I always hated Fergie when he was at Utd but always respected him. Best manager I’ve seen in my lifetime and probably ever will. It’s no surprise mind that Man Utd wanted Klopp to replace him as he has got that something for me and this idea that Klopp hasn’t done anything is just nonsense as winning the German league twice against Bayern is a decent achievement and I’m not sure anybody could do better than what he has at Liverpool in recent years. Still out of the three managers I just think Pep would struggle at lesser sides but again I may be wrong. The points totals we are seeing at the top points to a weaker league which I hope isn’t the start of a massive divide between top to bottom. Anyway I think prime Fergie would be able to deal with anything but age must’ve got to him a bit towards the end and he made the right decision to get out when he did.
  12. Thanks, not sure but I think it might be that I usually try to go for all round type players in midfield which you can do at big clubs. It might be something that goes against me though in goalscoring challenges. Thanks Woody, it looks like this could be close if I can keep my boys. If I can just get them up into the 80’s and 90’s for goals then there’s a decent chance I could get to the target.
  13. It’s John Henderson Rob. He’s a Scottish darts player so he’ll make a fantastic mascot here.😄
  14. Season Three Evening Vibers, I’m back with my second update of the day. The boys haven’t exactly set the world alight so far but they are showing potential and we’ll be looking for an improved return this season. Transfers It’s safe to say we did a good bit of business this season. If you’ve read any of my previous careers then you’ll probably notice a good few of my incomings as I’ve brought a lot of tried and tested boys in. We went big on Mandragora who will be our deep laying playmaker for hopefully years to come. Lazaro and Beijmo are both good right wing backs and Zakaria is a decent option in midfield. I’ve used Stark before at Napoli and he’s a no brainier at centre back. Lopez and Stankovic are two goalkeepers that I brought in and Gunter is a left wing back who is decent. Also I’ve noticed there’s a load of great wing backs you can pick up from Germany for decent value for money. Plenty of outgoings as you can see below. Team Performances League No problems here and we’re at the stage now where I don’t suppose there ever will be. It’s nice to get over ninety goals though and now we can target over one hundred for next season. Super Cup First Tinpot Cup of the season and we made hard work of it against PSV. The main man Jun Se-Jin got the winner and we had a man sent off. When I get a red card I always keep the two up top as the challenge states which makes thing interesting but we got it done here. European Super Cup Made hard work of this against Man Utd. We went 2-0 up early but let it slip and needed a late winner from Benassi to win the cup. Club World Championship We could only manage a 2-0 win here but I suppose River aren’t a bad side. Dutch Cup Not the best day at the office for our boys but we did win and two of the goals came from our duo. Champions League A more resounding victory here as we beat Man Utd 2-0 to win our second European Cup thanks to two goals from Jun Se-Jin. Fixtures A few poor 0-0’s again this season and I’ve noticed with my system that sometimes we get games where we have loads of shots but hardly any on target. Not sure whether it’s my tactics or the players just being inconsistent. Manager Usual manager shots below. Double Trouble Duo Jun Se-Jin He’s getting rather good now in certain areas with his aerial and shooting jumping up a good bit this season. How did he perform this season? He did a bit better this season with 46 goals in 43 games. Mohamed Bangoura Steady improvements mainly in stamina and movement. Still hard to get him on the pitch for many minutes but that’s just his age I think. How did he perform this season? Not as good as last season with just 20 in 34 games. Score Goals Jun Se-Jin: 46 plus previous goals = 103 Mohamed Bangoura: 20 plus previous goals = 64 Total: 167 An improved return for the boys with 66 for the season. I have had offers come in for the Korean guy but no problems keeping him yet. Hopefully we can increase our return next season. Thanks for reading.
  15. Thank you Rob, yeah hopefully as I improve the squad and my boys get older we’ll be able to get the bigger returns. Thanks Woody, they are improving all the time. I really like the Korean guy especially but he is the oldest of the two.
  16. Thanks, he’s improving all the time. Thanks Ashley, yeah that’s it. The South Korean guy especially is showing signs that he will score a good few goals in my system. Thanks, I hope you are right haha.
  17. Hello, welcome back. I’ve been getting on ok and I’ve still been playing the game although I’m finding it frustrating at times. I think there are a lot of people like you who are waiting for the next update which seems like it’ll arriving soon. Good luck in this.😀
  18. I got to the voting late and saw the results and it was clear Alaba was going to win so I just went with him. Still a downgrade so hopefully it’ll derail you slightly.
  19. Another good effort. Just need to try again.😁 Loving the stadium zoom ins mind as I said earlier.
  20. Season Two Ahoy there! I’m back with another update of my double trouble effort. I’ll start with the transfers. Transfers I brought a few new faces in this season to hopefully improve us going forward. I went big on Ajer to play at either centre back or in midfield. Merino and Benassi were bought to improve our options in midfield and Nardi was brought in as another option in goal. Handwerker has a name I’m constantly sniggering to myself at but he is a decent left winger. I got Jovanovic in as a rotation option for the defence. Lots of outgoings and some were on last years list as they were sold at end of that season. Anyway I won’t go through them but they are all there to see below. Team Performances League Won the league comfortably again. Would like more goals but our boys are still raw and I’m sure we can get the goals scored up into the nineties in a season or two. Super Cup Won the Super Cup with Bangoura netting a second half brace. Dutch Cup No problems here as we win the final 5-1 with Jun Se-Jin getting two of the goals. Champions League We fought through the competition to set up a final against Milan. The main man Jun Se-Jin netted a hat trick to win us the cup. If I’m honest I’m not overly confident we’d have won this if it wasn’t for Gomez getting himself sent off for them in the first half. Fixtures A few horrible 0-0 draws but decent enough season. I think I’m guilty of overplaying my boys when they aren’t quite fully fit. Manager Usual manager shots. Youth policy is down to me getting rid of a good few of the reserve team boys. Double Trouble Duo Jun Si-Jin He’s improving all the time and now that he’s 20 I’m hoping to get him more game time. How did he perform? He got 32 goals in 40 games. He had a couple of little injuries this season and when he was fit I think I tried to force it too much and played him in too many games when he just wasn’t fully fit. Mohamed Bangoura Well his aerial is maxed out and his stamina seems like it’s going to end up rather high which will be good in years to come. How did he perform? He got 25 goals in 38 games. It’s a struggle with him as he never seems to be fully fit and jaded but that will change in a few seasons so I’ll just have to wait it out. Score Goals Jun Se-Jin: 32 plus previous goals = 57 Mohamed Bangoura: 25 plus previous goals = 44 Total: 101/1200 Second season and a slight improvement from our duo. Although it’s not a great return I’m fine with it as since the update I’ve always struggled with younger players and I’ve had times when a player gets to say 22 and it’s like he’s a different player. Hopefully next season we can add at least another ten goals to our season return and get this thing started properly. In fact I know what the return is as I’ve finished the season so you may get another update later today or tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading.
  21. Brilliant introduction👍 I’m going to give it my all for the Scots so as long as the English don’t win then I’ll be happy.😀
  22. Nearly missed this update. I’ve noticed since the last hot fix the inside forward role seems different to me. I can’t put my finger on how it’s changed but I’m thinking at this stage that they need to have great pace now but of course that could be a load of nonsense. Anyway well done on this as it is a great score.👍
  23. Cheers Smoggy, yeah uphill for the boys from here I hope.😀 Thanks, yeah I’ve heard about the conditioning tweak and I know which way I hope it’s been tweaked.😀 Thank you Woody, I may very well give him a go in that role in the next season. He seems like he is going to turn out to be the better player but it’s early days yet.😀 Cheers, I still have a fair bit of confidence that these boys will be able to get a good few goals in this league when they get into their 20’s. Of course I may be wrong but I’ll give it my best anyway.😀 Thank you, hopefully you are right my friend.😀 Thank you for Sam, I’m okay with it and if we can increase our return next season I’ll be happy again.😀 Thank you for all the comments guys it’s appreciated.😀 The next update will be later today.
  24. Great return I’d say and it should hopefully be uphill from here.😀