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  1. Ian

    English football

    Umm I still have this feeling paddy power are totally responsible for this for publicity as I believe they’ve done a few strange things in the name of advertising before but I can’t remember them at the moment. Its win win for them.
  2. Hello Vibe and welcome to my next little adventure where I’m going for The Triple Threat Challenge originally created by @J-savage so credit to him for that. The challenge is simple to understand but not necessarily easy to execute. You need to use three strikers all played in forward positions at all times and try and get them to score a combined 1500 career goals under your management. When I attempted the double trouble challenge I went for a couple of players I hadn’t heard of or seen anybody else use and I’ll be doing the same here but obviously picking three lads this time. What club have I chosen to manage to undertake this challenge? Benfica Why? As I’m using unknown players I felt I needed a fairly weak league to give me a chance of success even if the boys turn out a bit poor. I’ve managed Porto before on other challenges and I felt the league was right for this but went with Benfica this time due to their top facilities which should help my boys reach their full potential whatever that may be. Now I better introduce the players. The Terrifying Trio Jan Thielmann Jan the man was actually released by FC Köln so their loss is our gain as we sign him up on a free transfer. Fabio Lorenzini Fabio was bought for 550k from Olympique de Marseille Reserves and hopefully he can prove his worth. Emincan Tekin Tekin was brought in from the Hertha Berlin second team for 210k and hopefully he’ll do the business for us. These players look a bit ropey in places but hopefully they can develop into decent players and give me a fighting chance of hitting the target. Anyway that’s the introduction out of the way and I’ll back back in a day or so with an update so we can see how they get on in their first season. Thanks for reading.
  3. Brilliant going here. The Champions League is also proving tough to win for me to with my Portuguese team. I’m sure we’ll both win it one day though.
  4. Thank you, yes a good few 100 plus goal seasons is needed and I’m sure the boys are more than capable of it. Thanks, yes the fact that they managed 98 goals last season shows they have it in them so I just need to get them to produce it every season. Thank you, yes they’ve came a long way since the first season and there’s still a lot of time yet to get the bigger numbers.
  5. Season Five As I mentioned during the last update this season is the year where the World Cup is held during the season which causes a lot of club teams to have a heavy fixture pile up both before and after so it’s safe to say I wasn’t really looking forward to this season. Let’s see how it went starting with the club transfers. Transfers I continued to try and build the squad up in a bid to set us up nicely for when our boys get to their peak years. Incomings Vasilije Janijicic (Central Midfielder) - This guy is a steady midfielder who will hopefully produce when needed. Evan N’Dicka (Central Defender) - I’ve used this lad before and he’s a decent ball playing defender. Jérôme Donné (Left Wing Back) - A wing back that looks like he might turn into a decent player but I’m not totally sold on him at this stage. Luca Plogmann (Goalkeeper) - We needed a half decent back up keeper and this guy was my choice. We brought through a good few youth graduates at the beginning of season and some look like good prospects. We let a good few players leave who were surplus to requirements including Didier Ndong which might please a certain moderator. Full list below. Team Performances We went unbeaten in the league and scored exactly 100 goals so no problems there. The domestic cups were all won but the Champions League still proves elusive as we exited at the semi final stage. A more detailed look below. Fixtures We had a good run but there were a few disappointing draws including a couple of 0-0’s which are not what you want to see on a goalscoring challenge. The Terrifying Trio Now let’s see how the trio got on during this fairly frustrating season. Jan Thielmann He has a nice looking set of physical attributes now and it looks like they are not finished developing and to be honest that’s all I want now as I think he’s got just enough in other areas to get the job done. How many goals did he score? He scored 30 goals in 52 games which is a drop off from last season but can’t be helped. Emincan Tekin Again Em’s physicals are rising and hopefully all three will get to green level over the next few years. How many goals did he score? He managed 30 goals in 46 games so considering the increase in games played we have to be slightly disappointed with that. Fabio Lorenzini Well he has blue level for stamina but I’m not convinced it’ll rise to 15 so the target for that is now 13 which will hopefully improve his game time. How many goals did he score? Just 23 goals scored in 45 games in a frustrating year. I was probably guilty of overplaying all three of my boys this season so something I can learn from. Notable matches for trio Score This Season/Overall (Goals) Jan Thielmann: 30/127 Fabio Lorenzini: 23/103 Emincan Tekin: 30/135 This Season Total: 83 goals Triple Threat Total: 365/1500 goals Closing Thoughts Horrible year this was which I kind of expected due to fixture congestion but I still hoped for 90 plus goals from my trio so not happy. Anyway it’s done now and we’ll go again next season where we’ll look to get our boys an improved return. Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.
  6. Not far to go with Parrott and it’s safe to say you’ll cross the line there so well done. Your young lad looks like he will develop well too and I like the high number for technique as that attribute doesn’t seem to increase.
  7. Ian

    English football

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are releasing this photo purely for publicity and when everyone kicks off they can release the real kit and paddy power will be happy with all the attention.
  8. Right I’m out now until you actually finish a career or at least manage to last about half a dozen seasons in one. You can easily lose or overwrite the odd save but you have somehow managed to do it about 5 or 6 times in the matter of weeks.
  9. You are hitting some big score lines so you could get a German midfielder in and you might have a shot at completing the Gundogan Victory challenge. I was trying to get it on one of my careers and had a few seasons where I just needed one of the results but it proved elusive for me.
  10. Ian

    The Big Brother challenge

    Yeah I’d say Munich or Paris personally as I think they’ll make for a better challenge.
  11. It seems to be an attribute that doesn’t change much throughout a players career. It isn’t always bad to have players with a high number there though as it makes them more likely to get into physical confrontations which could help your team win the physical battle. If you can try to improve the players tackling and maybe decisions then the player will be more likely to be able to pull off a good tackle or make the decision not to even go in if it’s not on. I think there’s also a hidden attribute called dirtiness so your guy might also have a high number there which will mean he’ll probably always get into trouble. The coaching report might give you a clue if that’s the case as I think there’s a negative one called likes to bend the rules or something like that.
  12. Thanks you, I certainly hope you are right 😀 Thanks, yes much better and hopefully we can get a 100+ goal season soon but next year will be difficult with the World Cup being held during the season. Cheers Smoggy, yeah it’s a good way to look at it. I’m sure once they get into their early to mid twenties their fitness will improve which should allow them more minutes on the pitch. The thing about triple threats for me is that it’s harder to get the game time right as usually on a 1k I’d be subbing the guy on 60-70 minutes if he’d scored some goals to keep him fresh but with three guys it’s difficult to do that all the time so you are forced to play them when they are jaded a lot more than I’d like anyway.
  13. Well done on getting Smog Jr his 1k and it looks like there are still plenty of goals left in him. You’ve achieved such a lot in this career and I can fully understand why you’d want to continue it whilst there are targets still to reach as I know I would.
  14. Nice goal returns for your boys again and it’s great that you are getting the assists too.😀
  15. Season Four Here we are at season four of this triple threat challenge. My boys have produced ok numbers so far but we’ll be needing an improvement at some point and hopefully that’ll be this season. Let’s see how they got on. Jan Thielmann His physicals are steadily increasing which is nice. How many goals did he score? He got 37 in 49 games which is his highest tally yet although he did go the whole season without suffering any injuries which kind of helped I feel. Emincan Tekin He hasn’t really improved too much attribute wise since last season and I’m not sure we’ll see much improvement from now on apart from maybe his physicals hopefully increasing. How many goals did he score? Emincan managed 33 goals in 39 games which is ok with me as he did suffer an injury. Fabio Lorenzini Fab also hasn’t improved much but if we can just get his stamina up a bit I’ll be happy. How many goals did he score? He knocked in 28 goals in 42 games which is nice. Like Tekin he also suffered an injury but still managed to play in the same number of games as last year so that shows his fitness is improving slightly. Notable matches for our trio Now let’s go through the transfers. Transfers I continued to work on our squad and tried to improve the support act for our trio. Incomings Presnel Kimpembe (Central Defender) - A top top defender came in to go straight into the first team. Suat Serdar (Central Midfielder) - This is the first time I’ve ever used this guy so hopefully he’ll do a good job for us. Raoul Bellanova (Right Wing Back) - We went big on a wing back to replace Mbabu who became an outcast. Noussair Mazraoui (Right Wing Back) - Another wing back arrives and I’m familiar with this lad as I had him at Ajax on another career. Felix Platte (Centre Forward) - A steady striker was brought in who should do a good job when my trio aren’t available. Davie Selke (Centre Forward) - When I saw this guy come up on my search I knew I wanted to try him as I’d seen him do well for a few people on the forum. Pedro Empis (Wing Back) - A back up wing back who can play either side but probably won’t feature much. One youth graduate for the future. All transfers including outgoings are listed below. Now let’s see how the team got on. Team Performances We won the league winning every game but scored a few less goals than last year. The team won all of the domestic cup competitions but lost out to Arsenal in the Champions League final which annoyingly was the only loss in all competitions this season. A more detailed look below. Fixtures Full fixture list for those interested. Manager Score This Season/Overall (Goals) Jan Thielmann: 37/97 Fabio Lorenzini: 28/80 Emincan Tekin: 33/105 This Season Total: 98 goals Triple Threat Total: 282/1500 goals So we got 98 goals for our trio this season which is a great improvement on the previous seasons and although it would’ve been nice to hit over 100 I can’t complain. Shame we couldn’t win the Champions League but I have a feeling if I’d gone with my back up strikers in the final from the start we’d probably have won. Next season is the year where the World Cup is held during the season so I’m expecting it to be a tough campaign with games coming thick and fast but hopefully our boys will still score a decent amount of goals. Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.
  16. Oh I hadn’t noticed it wasn’t on the board😂 Troy Parrott - PSG - 1389 goals
  17. Ian

    FMM Mythbusters

    I went myth on them all but that’s only based on what I’ve found whilst playing the game. I’d say on all of my lower league to the top saves I’ve managed to use the same system more or less all the way through the leagues. Of course that doesn’t mean the systems I were using were optimal at lower league but I got the results. I never actually look at teamwork when looking at players for goal scoring challenges but I have an idea in my head that the game is wanting a decent average number throughout the team for that and a few of the other attributes and if I do have a striker with poor teamwork I’ll then look to make sure my other players have a high number there to balance it out. I’m pretty sure I’ve worked something out in my head regarding balancing attributes on my current TT. Won’t say too much as I’m ahead on it but I’ve had a few frustrating seasons and I’m almost certain that it was due to all of my trio having a pitiful number for aggression which meant my teams average for that is lowered with them on all on the pitch. I had a few midfielders and even defenders with a low number there and whilst they were great players it wasn’t enough and in the end I had to make sure I got nearly every player on the pitch have a decent number for it to make up for my boys poor numbers. I even got a keeper with high aggression. Might not make much sense to others but I’ve more or less confirmed it for myself with my results. Fabulous article though and I’ll comment again on the rest of the subjects later otherwise this will turn into a rather lengthy post.
  18. Over a goal a game is good going for me at this stage. It’s looking like it’s going to be a closely fought battle. I’ll make a start on my season tomorrow.
  19. Ian

    FMM19 Bug List

    Yes this one is known about but there has been no fix for it as of yet unfortunately.
  20. Ian

    Job Offer?

    I’d stay at Macclesfield if it was me and try to build them up to a dominant force.
  21. Thanks, yeah I’m happy enough with it at this stage as getting them onto the pitch for lots of minutes is proving difficult for fitness reasons. Thanks, just plodding through the youth stage at the moment. Cheers, I’m hopeful of hitting the target and these returns are ok at this stage but I’ll need to get the 100+ goal seasons at some point.
  22. Brilliant first season. Keep up the good work.
  23. I think that is what you call shithousing your way through😆 Good luck in the next round!
  24. Thank you Rob, yeah the goals seem to be shared out fairly evenly with the guy in the centre getting slightly more I’d say but I try to rotate their positions every so often.
  25. I can understand that Sam but I’ve sorted him out and made it clear I won’t stand for any nonsense.