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  1. Good start I’d say. I also had that with the sugar daddy when managing PSG. Maybe you just get it straight away with PSG.
  2. Fabulous returns there mate 👍
  3. Does anybody know what effects domestic player bias in the managers profile page? I know it’s buying players from the nation you are managing in but is it players of any age or is it just buying youth players from that nation?
  4. Good luck! Enjoy
  5. Yes that’s what I thought too
  6. Shame about the first game but nice double after. Looks like you’ll get to 66 before end of season. I’ve got an idea about the player but I’ll wait a bit before guessing.
  7. I’ll just have to dust myself down and go again after yesterday’s performance. 😂
  8. 1759

    1759 goes for a 1k

    Yeah I was just thinking it would be nice to be able to select different takers for indirect and direct. I think I’ll just keep him on them cos he’s scored a few and missed a good few so that could improve with time if his shooting maxes out.
  9. I’ve decided that now is the time for me to attempt the 1k goal challenge. I’m not sure how this will go as I’ve not actually tested anything fully in terms of getting most goals from the striker. I’ll be sort of testing as I go in the first few seasons. Team: PSG I went with PSG because it’s my first attempt at a 1k so thought I’d go with a massive club in an easy league to give me the best chance of success. Player: Troy Parrott Here he is! The Irish wonderkid signed from Tottenham. I wanted somebody with potential and the fact that he’s just 16 will hopefully give me a few years to tinker with things whilst his stats develop. I like the green for aggression and hopefully his aerial will increase rapidly. His physicals aren’t great but at only 16 is to be expected although the stamina of just 7 is a concern and I expect I’ll have difficulty getting him on the field in the first few years. Season 1 update will follow probably tomorrow
  10. 1759

    1759 goes for a 1k

    Yeah I might try for the Ireland job if it comes up. I’ve started the new season and he’s got 10 goals in first 7 games so hopefully he’ll keep that up. Just debating now whether to take him off free kicks. He has scored a few but I’ve noticed he often assists with the ones far out and with his aerial I’m wondering if he’d be better in the box. I might experiment with it but part of me thinks it’ll just be six and two three’s.
  11. I think Newcastle’s got everything there to be a powerhouse, got the stadium, got the fans. Don’t even need a Man City or Chelsea style takeover, just need someone to come in and put the club first with a bit of money. Anyway I like the idea of this challenge cos it’s just proper cashley bleed the club dry in every department style.
  12. Well done on getting the international goals! I’d be happy with 83 goals but I can understand you wanting more after getting 88 the season before.
  13. Another fantastic season and a step closer to your goal 👍🏻
  14. 1759

    1759 goes for a 1k

    Season 3 Here we are in Season 3. We won everything last season and Parrott showed a bit more promise. We’ll see how he performed in season 3. Any I’ll get started with the transfers. Transfers Ins Onana came in to compete with Becker for the number 1 GK spot. Ajer was bought as a rotation player for either central defence or midfield. I wasn’t sure how often he’d play but didn’t want to risk not having enough cover for those positions. Pellegrini came in to battle it out for a place in midfield whilst Pied came in through the youth set up and is golden! This is his attributes after first season. He is going to be class. I also brought Trent in during the January transfer window to replace outgoing Klostermann who was somehow sold, I say somehow as I’m sure I clicked to not accept the transfer but maybe I hit wrong button. Anyway Trent is better but also cost a lot. Outs Ajer left after the season finished to go to Monaco as he wasn’t happy not playing very often. Klostermann went to Arsenal and not sure why Marquinhos transfer is on last seasons outs and this seasons, guess it must have been the timing of the transfer. Rest were just players I had no plans for. League League was won comfortably again with just 4 draws and 118 goals scored. We we pretty tight defensively only conceding 15. Cups Trophiee des Champions comfortable win with Parrott getting on the scoresheet. Euro. Super Cup A bit of a hammering for Porto. Parrott got a brace but Mbappe stole the show with a hat trick. Club World Championship Victory in a one sided final but we didn’t bring our shooting boots and had to settle for just the 2 goals. Coupe de la Ligue BKT Victory was had in the final in an easy match with Parrott getting in on the action. French Cup A closer game in the final but we started to play in the second half and managed to get the winner to avoid extra time (Well that’s if it goes to extra time as it may just be straight to pens). Champions Cup We were the better team in the final but it was hard work getting past Man City to win the trophy for the second year running. Fixtures Manager Parrott’s Season His stats have increased but his stamina and strength are still lacking but I have no doubt they’ll improve once he gets into his 20’s. Same goal total as last year but with a few games less played. Challenge Total Season goals: 62 + previous total of 103 Total: 165/2000 Conclusion Parrott started the season well but hit a brick wall in the middle of the season when he got a little injury and had a horrible spell until about February. I’m still tweaking a lot and I changed a few things in February and he had a great run after that. I think judging by his assists my system may not be optimal with too many goals going to their players. He didn’t get as many assists from February onwards though and scored over a goal a game in that period so I’ll stick with it for this next season at least.
  15. Poor performance here from me! Am I Gerard Deulofeu?
  16. Ok maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree! Am I Adalberto Peñaranda?
  17. Oops I remember now haha Am I Andre Gray?
  18. Great return with those players! Don’t let Mike Cashley bring you down!
  19. You should manage to get up 66 I’d think. Am I Harry Kane?