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  1. Happy
    1759 got a reaction from Nucleus in 1759 - The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge   
    Hello everybody,
    After struggling to get to grips with the latest update I kind of fell out of love with the game so I wanted to attempt a nice easy going challenge to get me back into the game.
    Anyway the challenge I’ve chosen is....
    The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge
    The challenge was originally created by @danovic78 and was added to the FMM19 forum by @Foxy so credit to the both of you.
    Not going to say too much on Maradona as whatever you think of him as a person it’s hard to deny that he was a pure magician on the football pitch.
    Team: Napoli

    Player: Rodrigo De Paul
    Here is my chosen player. It took £26m to prize him away from Udinese and I’m hoping he’ll do well for me.

    Whilst he’s not in the same league as Maradona he has got good numbers in dribbling, technique and aggression and although his shooting and movement is fairly poor I’m hopeful that we can get those up to green levels in a season or two.
    Tactically there is a strong possibility that I’ll be going with this in the first season as the wide players seem more playmaker types and are too good to replace at this stage so we’ll just see how they get on.

    Anyway that’s the introduction and I’ll crack on and get the first season done. I have no idea how it’ll go as I’ve found the new update a bit of a struggle at times.
    Should have next update out tomorrow or Wednesday.
    Thanks for reading
  2. Shocked
    1759 reacted to Nucleus in FMM19 Bug List   
    You’ve updated? 😳
  3. Funny
    1759 got a reaction from leedsunited87 in 30 seasons   
    I think this was the start of the lost player stats for me at 2032.

    You can see the stats for the 2018-19 season have gone and the next season the 2019-20 would go. Luckily I was tracking it as I’d seen it on other people’s careers. Also look at my poor numbers for a 1k😂 but in my defence I saw it through.
  4. Favourite
    1759 got a reaction from Schwantz34 in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    Season 2 - Second Half
    We start the second half of the season with Shane Long just needing two more goals to get to our target of 50 league goals under my command.
    His first chance came against Aston Villa. Can he get them?
    Nope nothing doing here.

    Next up is Tottenham!
    Yes!, he leaves it late but gets one. Just one to go now.

    We played Crystal Palace next and was this to be his day?
    It certainly was as he bags himself a brace to get his 50th and 51st league goal since I took over.

    Here are his stats after that game. It took him 57 league games to get to his total.

    Now I said I’d continue on until the end of the season with Long as the main man in the league games. 
    First we had a tricky League Cup Semi Final against Manchester United. Lets see how we got on.
    League Cup
    Semi Final First Leg
    We had a poor day in front of goal and suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat. Still all the play for though.

    Semi Final Second Leg
    We looked like we were going out as we were locked at 0-0 going into the last ten minutes but Thomasson stepped up to score that all inportant equaliser. 
    No more goal would follow so penalties it was and with our home support behind us we got the job done.

    We played Chelsea in the Final and we played brilliantly with Fabian Johnson getting the winning goal.

    FA Cup
    We battled through to the Final where Manchester United awaited us. We were outclassed and didn’t deserve anything at all from the game but as you all know that’s not how football works.
    At 0-1 down with ten minutes to go we threw caution to the wind and got our reward with a quick brace from Florin Andone. Wild scenes ensued as we celebrate another cup win.

    Champions League
    We played really well in the Champions League all season and beat Inter, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in the knockout stages to find ourselves in an unexpected Final against Barcelona.
    Unfortunately it was a step too far and we were soundly beaten 5-3 but we can hold our heads up high after a fantastic campaign.

    We were well in contention to win the league but a poor last month ruined our chances. Long scored a brace in the first game of April and then failed to find the net again. In hindsight I should’ve took him out of the team but I wanted to keep him in out of respect of the challenge.
    Still can be proud of our efforts in finishing second again with more points than last year.

    Even after suffering an end of season goal drought Long still finished the leagues top goal scorer with 30 goals.

    A poor result against Chelsea at the end of March was highly detrimental to our titles hopes. A few other poor league results followed in April and May and that was that.


    Shane Long
    Just like last season he ended up scoring 30 league goals. Shame he couldn’t score a couple more to help us win the league but can’t complain as he’s been fantastic.

    It’s just really his pace that has declined significantly but isn’t bad at 14 if I’m honest. He’s a tough cookie too as he hasn’t had a single injury in two seasons, in terms of this challenge it wouldn’t have mattered as it’s based on number of games played but still impressive none the less.

    Challenge Total
    51 goals
    League Games First Season: 36
    League Games Second Season: 21
    Total Games: 57
    I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and for me it’s a decent score. Shame we couldn’t get the league title but getting to every final and winning two of them is fantastic so no complaints.
    Thanks to all those who followed, it’s appreciated.
    Now onto something else.
  5. Favourite
    1759 reacted to Rob in Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza 2019 - Season 7   
    Season Seven



    102 goals this time. A drop, but I’m not too concerned... as I’m in to next season and doing much better. Assists are still topping up nicely.
    We won this at the start of the season:

    And got a new stadium:

    Other than that, the boys are now 23/24 so plenty more years ahead to bore everyone with!
    For my target of 1,000 by the end of season ten we have 354 to get in three seasons.
    Thanks for reading.
  6. Favourite
    1759 got a reaction from smoggy90 in England's New Generation - TT Challenge (amongst others)   
    Cracking entertainment there. Proper going for it.👍😀
  7. Favourite
    1759 reacted to Marc Vaughan in Winter Update   
    Just to indicate - there will be another update to FMM19 yet, I'll indicate details when its coming up to its release. I don't see continuing to tune 19 as being detrimental to 20 as obviously one will build on the other and I want as many people as possible satisfied with our games

    I apologise for not having posted much recently but (1) I'm working on the (hopefully) final update for FMM19 and FMM20 features, (2) My girlfriend has been having health issues so I've have been spending more time in hospitals than we'd like which unfortunately gets in the way of important things like posting on forums
  8. Happy
    1759 reacted to Foxy in Vibe Community Events 2018/19   
    The graphic has been updated to show @samhardy won the VPL and also to show @1759 will be my co-host for the Vibe World Cup which will be starting in around a months time.
  9. Favourite
    1759 reacted to Foxy in Vibe Community Events 2018/19   
    Vibe Community Events 2018/19
    It’s time to reveal what events we have coming up this year for you all to get involved in. This schedule was worked out following extensive discussions by myself and @samhardy and hopefully will get the balance right between having some fun events throughout the year but also not burning us all out in the process.
    We have a mix of events each one having a different format to keep things interesting. The full details are in the graphic below but the basic formats will be like this.
    The OME Cup: An OME only event that will be run in an FA Cup straight KO format. The Vibe Premier League: Run in a league format involving H2H’s each week. The Vibe World Cup: Teams of 2 looking to bring glory to there nation. The CC: The biggest and toughest of all Vibe competitions. You will notice that all except The OME Cup are invitation only events. Don’t worry this isn’t a closed shop and if you have contributed to Vibe through the year with careers and other posts you are likely to get an invitation to take part. In the past we have had people appear from nowhere to take part in events and then disappear just as quick and the invitation system is to hopefully prevent that happening.

    The next event will be The Vibe World Cup and more details will be released in May.

  10. Happy
    1759 got a reaction from Ashez in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    Enjoyed that @Ashez and I like how you kept them waiting for a couple of days before the reveal.
    Well done @samhardy, a great campaign you’ve had and if I recall correctly you were quite unlucky in the league faze and it was touch and go whether you’d go through. My first save on this years game was a save in NI and I can remember all those cups so was good thinking that.
    Unlucky @Foxy, feel like the team choice looks to have made the difference but still a cracking season with West Ham that is.
    I already thanked everyone when I went out so won’t do again but a great tournament it’s been. Really enjoyed taking part and following.😀
  11. Favourite
    1759 reacted to Ashez in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    The Vibe Premier League Final
    Today will be the final update in this historic thread as it's my duty......no my privilege to announce who won this year's event. We've seen some tremendous saves over the last few weeks and some heart breaking failures but all those roads led to this final encounter as @Foxy takes on @samhardy. 

    In this final challenge our competitors were tasked with picking a side of their choosing as long as they didn't have continental football, after that they were forced to remove their highest and worst rated player from the squad each month while only receiving one player in return. On paper I think we all thought this looked a brutal sounding challenge but it's now time to see how it turned out in practice. 
    The Final
    Samhardy Vs Foxy
    Averaging Out + Selling Them Fastly
    The Clubs Chosen 
    Samhardy - Linfield - Northern Ireland
    Foxy - West Ham United  - England 
    Our finalists had the pick of Europe but Foxy stayed with what he knows by heading to London while Samhardy took a massive risk heading to Linfield. We have two very different approaches here with Sam going to a weaker league where he might struggle for signings while Foxy has decided on one of the toughest leagues available knowing he'll have the pull of the Premier League. Simply fascinating stuff this! 
    Point System Reminder
    The points for this final are the competitors league points combined with one point per cup round passed. 
    The League
    Samhardy - 1
    Foxy - 0
    Foxy makes the perfect start as we see our first shock of the night with Foxy pulling off an undefeated league season! Sam's side only losing once is also impressive but first blood goes to the Fox! 
    Samhardy - 2
    Foxy - 9 
    Just like that however Sam lands a counter as while undefeated seasons are good they only really make a difference if you win and unfortunately Foxy dropped 18 points due to draws. It's still two extremely impressive campaigns though! 
    Samhardy - 35
    Foxy - 29 
    Current Scores
    Samhardy - 107
    Foxy - 96
    Despite the different approaches the final is still reasonably tight as Samhardy holds an 11 point lead as we head into the final stage of this challenge. 
    The Cup Stage 
    League Cup - Winner - 6 Points
    FA Cup - Runner Up - 5 Points 
    Wow...Wow...Wow! Foxy levels things up at 107 a piece! All he needs is Sam to flop in his cups and we'll have a second leg!! 

    Unfortunately for Foxy this is where his journey ends as Samhardy pulled off an absolute blinder here by picking Linfield! Not only did he have a weaker league but he also found himself competing in not 1, not 2 but 5 domestic cups! Foxy might of had a chance of Sam flopping in one or two cups but in 5 the odds were in the Black Cats favour as he collected 23 more points. 
    Final Scores 
    Samhardy - 130
    Foxy - 107 
    Two bravely fought challengers but @samhardy is your Champion!! Congratulations!!

    Foxy put up one hell of a fight but I think Sam's club choice was the defining moment in this challenge, if Foxy also considered the idea or if Sam ended up in a bigger league I think this would have been a real nail bitter! I heard the different approaches early on and in truth I was worried for Foxy but he absolutely smashed it, this time however Sam out thought him winning the challenge in the planning but also on the field, I'm so impressed with them both. 
    Finally I'd like to thank @samhardy for running most of this event, @Nucleus for being my right hand man, @Foxy for his fabulous graphics and finally every member that took part or viewed these adventures. You are why these events take place! 
  12. Favourite
    1759 got a reaction from Gerechtigaids in Most challenging team?   
    Bringing a team from the lowest league in Northern Ireland all the way up to the top and winning the Champions League will be a decent challenge I’d think.
  13. Favourite
    1759 got a reaction from itzChris92 in Requesting advice from the experts!   
    Yeah the new update has definitely hit younger players hard and far too hard imo. It makes it difficult to work out how good a younger player is going to be when he gets older. I haven’t tried a 1k since but in the saves I’ve done I’ve noticed my striker suffering more inconsistency. Anyway I wouldn’t give up on that yet as his numbers will only improve from now on. He’s 20 now and from my experience of the new update he might need to be 22 before he’s clsssed by si as a peak aged player.
  14. Favourite
    1759 reacted to Mr Tree in Tree Presents... The "Goal A Mile" Challenge!   
    We took our reputation as the great entertainers seriously, and I was immensely proud to end the season averaging four goals per match.
    The fact that I scored just over two per match and conceded just under that is neither here nor there...

    I was never really in the playoff mix, to be fair, but finished well and glad to get so close.
    Unfortunately that confirms that I didn't get a new job. Not for the lack of trying! Redditch (70 miles) and Kidderminster (71 miles) came available while Sammy was on 68! 

    Our next game was against our local rivals, and while it was a legendary match for the Gasheads, I was just screaming "pass the ****ing ball, Listy!"

    A missed penalty for salt in the wounds.
    I did get one job offer, but hadn't quite earned enough miles to take it (and it was a bit the wrong direction):
    So we were stuck, but we had fun. Dalbs only had one hat-trick during the season...

    ...against poor Shrewsbury, who were having a mare:

    They finally picked up their first win of the season shortly afterwards, but look closely and see if you can pick out the real reason for this screenshot:

    I'd say that was ridiculous but Forest have been involved in a 5-5 IRL this season
    It was slightly disappointing after being 4-0 up in 20 minutes though

    That capped a fun run:

    ...which was then further capped by a whooping at PL opposition in the cup:

    Anyway, Dalbs was recognised for leading the line:

    And he ended up top of the pile:

    Although my loanee striker bizarrely stole player of the year for his efforts in the run-in. I got the sympathy vote manager of the year:
    My manager profile with a third of the career completed:
    And the main man added one goal in the cup to leave us at 88 overall

    Programming notice: I'm off for a two-week holiday tomorrow, so the updates will have a similar break. I probably would have the downtime for it, but I want to avoid just doing the same thing in a different place, so will have a break from FMM while I'm away.
    I've got season 11 in the can (it's a beauty), and I should be able to write it up on the (ten hour!) journey home. And hopefully I'll get season 12 sorted to get back into rhythm thereafter.
    Thanks for reading
  15. Happy
    1759 reacted to smoggy90 in England's New Generation - TT Challenge (amongst others)   
    Season 2
    Team Performance
    Player Profiles
    Season 2 Summary
    A good improvement all round. Slight tweak in my tactic saw a drop in goals for Rashford but an increase in assists, but Sancho benefited with a fantastic return of 40 goals. Might have to re-think that if i want Rashford to hit 1k as he is the eldest of the four players. Foden's return not great but again fitness issues really affect him the worse. 

    Thanks for reading.
  16. Favourite
    1759 got a reaction from smoggy90 in England's New Generation - TT Challenge (amongst others)   
    Great idea with those young English boys!
    Fantastic first season! I would be very happy with that.😀
  17. Happy
    1759 reacted to Rob in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    Well done. Anyone who gets results with Long is a genius in my mind. What’s next on your slate?
  18. Happy
    1759 reacted to Foxy in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    Shame you couldn’t get that elusive league title but you did great guns with Long so well done mate.
    First name on the leaderboard 😀
  19. Favourite
    1759 got a reaction from LenTheWelsh in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    Thank you, yeah I’m happy with it as I had no idea how he’d get on tbh. I think my system with two IF’s and him as an AF kind of suits him.😀
  20. Happy
    1759 got a reaction from Foxy in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    Cheers Ash, good challenge for me this with it being in England with a not so well rounded striker.
    Just finished the second half of the season now so will put that up tomorrow.
  21. Happy
    1759 reacted to LenTheWelsh in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    I tried an unofficial go at this a week or so back just to check out Southampton and see what their strengths and weaknesses were. I took the save to December and Long had managed 3 league goals 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️
    So yeah thats impressive stuff mate 👍
  22. Favourite
    1759 got a reaction from ManlikeReus in Moon And Back - Armstrong 1K Career (Season 3) HIATUS   
    Just read through this now, I think it’s going great. He’s only 18 and has a good few goals already and it looks like his attributes are going to increase well.😀
  23. Happy
    1759 reacted to Woody in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    So close now dude...
    Hope he knocks those last 2 off in his next game 😆 fingers crossed.
  24. Happy
    1759 reacted to Ashez in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    Cracking going that Ian mate, I'd be pretty pleased with that progress :). 
  25. Happy
    1759 reacted to smoggy90 in 1759 - Shane Long (Completed)   
    Done great with Long here mate, congrats!