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  1. Here I am with the next update where we’ll see what kind of start we made. January We couldn’t get anything in our first game against Spurs, although we did give a good account of ourselves and the stats were very close. Next up came Leicester where we got our first three points after coming out on top in another close game in terms of stats and it was the ever reliable Shane Long who scored the all important winning goal. We then played out a poor draw against Crystal Palace as we were really struggling in terms of fitness at this stage. Still heavily depleted going into the FA Cup Fourth Round tie away to Derby, we struggled our way through and managed to book our place in the Fifth Round. February We beat Watford, although the game was a bit poor really and then came a tough game against Liverpool where I didn’t expect we’d get anything. Van Dijk managed to get himself sent off in the fourth minute, Shane Long put us in front towards the end of the first half but it wasn’t enough as Liverpool came out and dominated the second half to hand us our second defeat so far. West Ham were poor in the next game as we ran out clear winners and we followed that up with another victory against Newcastle in the final game of the month. We are starting to get most of our players back to fitness now but the ones still missing our key players in Bertrand, Ward-Prowse and Redmond and I’m not overly happy with the squad in some areas so I feel we’re doing well considering. League We currently sit in 12th place with 10 games to play so still plenty of work to do to at least maintain this position as the board expect a mid table finish. These are our remaining fixtures and there’s some tricky games still to play. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back with the next update tomorrow as although I’m going to play a few more games, I doubt I’ll have time to write them up.
  2. Ian

    English football

    I know and it’ll probably end in disaster but from what I’m seeing at the moment, I just feel like I need to take a different approach.
  3. Ian

    English football

    Yes, he’s never really recovered from that moment. Only one thing that can cheer him up and that’s if he buys another few defenders. I’ve got the wolves keeper in my FPL team so that’s the final straw for me and I’ll be playing my wildcard this week.
  4. You’ve done very well here and I do like your graphics. This challenge is one I’ve always wanted to do but just haven’t got round to it yet. Congratulations anyway and look forward to your next one.
  5. Hello and welcome to my latest little career where I’ll be playing one of the in-game challenges. If you’re aware of the different in-game challenges available then you’ll probably know by my title which one and which club I’ve chosen to manage. For confirmation, I’m going for the injury crisis challenge and I’ve chosen Southampton as my club. As I take over, we are positioned in 16th in the league after 21 games and the board expect us to finish in mid table so work still to do. There are plenty of injuries as you’d expect given the nature of the challenge and although there is money available, I’ve chosen not to spend any of it to give us an extra challenge. Here are the first few fixtures and we first face off against Spurs which will be a tricky game and should give us an idea of the task facing us. I’m just about to start and should be back with the next update in about an hour after I’ve played a few games. Thank you for reading.
  6. I’m playing my wildcard after this week I think as I’m just not happy with my team in a number of ways.
  7. I’ll go for Joelinton and 5 goals please.
  8. I think the only way that the game will run on iOS 14 is if the developers work to make it compatible but unfortunately I’m not sure it’ll be something they’ll be keen to do with it being an older game. I don’t think that’s the answer you’re looking for but I feel it’s the most realistic. We aren’t an official SI games forum though so it may be worth asking the question over on their forum which can be found easily via a search on any decent search engine.
  9. Ian

    English football

    I’m not a fan of Frank either and believe he’s going to find himself in trouble this season. Apologies to all who support teams in the lower leagues but who do you all think is the worst manager in the premier league?
  10. Ian

    English football

    Never a good idea to celebrate a draw against West Brom.
  11. Season 15 This was supposed to be the season where our two Brazilians reached their club target of 1,200 goals and let’s face it, it would be a total disaster if they failed to with just 18 goals required from the off. Anyway, let’s see how the season went. Club Business Some younger players came in to replace a few older guys and I feel we’re in a reasonable position now in terms of the age of our squad. Liverpool ended our Champions League hopes at the quarter final stage but we won everything else. We had one poor run in April which coincided with us suffering a few injuries but apart from that we were very dominant. And, I’ve spent a colossal £4b on transfers throughout this journey. Inside Forwards The all important 1,200th club was scored by Rod, fairly early on in the season. It was also Rod who suffered with a few little injuries this year. The two boys managed a combined 71 goals this season which given Rod’s injury problems must surely be considered as a better return than last year. The two are declining now and in a strange way as you could say Vini is going south a bit quicker but Rod seems to be losing his pace more rapidly which I feel is a really important attribute for this system. Score Season 15 (Goals/Games) Vinícius Júnior: Club: 45/52 Rodrygo: Club: 26/39 Double Trouble: Club: 71/91 Overall (Goals/Games) Vinícius Júnior: Club: 644/787, International: 100/116, Total: 744/903 Rodrygo: Club: 609/758, International: 106/113, Total: 715/871 Double Trouble: Club: 1,253/1,545, International: 206/229, Total: 1,459/1,774 Final Thoughts We’ve reached my club goal double trouble target which I’m thrilled with. The two have another two years left on their contracts so my plan is to play those out and then the two can sail off into the sunset and enjoy their retirement. Thank you all for following along on this journey.
  12. Another two great seasons and things are looking good. Of course, a couple of them are getting nearer 30 so can’t take anything for granted just yet. You’re doing a great job though but I am jealous of their shooting increases purely because I couldn’t get Vini’s to go up past 14 which did annoy me.
  13. I knew that if I stopped playing but kept the save with the idea of coming back to it, that I would more than likely end up not coming back as I’ve tried that before. So, I knew I needed to make a decision and just decided to motor on and get it done. Whether I do another long career before FMM21 remains to be seen as I have a few vague ideas but just not sure I’ve got another one in me, we’ll see I guess. I think this one has probably been the hardest purely because of going for inside forwards. It’s ended up being quite comfortable in the end but at one point it looked like it might be touch and go. I enjoyed this one the most too and probably due to inside forwards again as I’ve never really tried to create a system like that before so it was quite satisfying to eventually get the system working fairly well. I think I find the TT the easiest mainly because I find I can get the three positioned, scoring most of the team goals and have the team scoring a good amount of goals. I find with the DT that there’s often one problem player that’ll score too many if I go the bulk team goal route. Then again, on the TT it can be harder to manage the three players in terms of game time with often needing to use all three subs on them which you often can’t manage. So, probably the DT as the hardest for me I think.
  14. Thank you Rob, it has been a nice little journey. I should be back with season 15 later on today.