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  1. Thank you Foxy, yes I'm relying on that as he's just about to turn 32 so I feel we need three or four good seasons to give us a shot at this.
  2. Fabulous career and some fantastic numbers. Sargent has been a revelation and still did well in the final couple of seasons with such horrible physical attributes. Well done, I've enjoyed following it all and good luck with your triple threat.
  3. Thanks Kane, we just need a few more decent seasons and hope he doesn’t rapidly decline.
  4. Your boys did well this season but I can understand why you’ve made your decision as it does look unlikely that they’ll be able to reach the target. You’ve had a great go at it though and should be proud. I now look forward to your next adventure and what Brentfordness awaits us this time.😀
  5. Cheers, yes it’s fine with me but I’ll be hoping for a touch more if possible next year.
  6. Thank you, hopefully he can keep going at a high level for a few seasons yet.
  7. Well done on the inevitable 1.5k. Its always easier looking from the outside but I think you have a great chance of hitting 2k and I’d personally love it if you could.
  8. Great season and good luck in the final one.
  9. It’s going brilliant and looks like you are going to get a great total. I also use a poacher for my 1kc set up and my triple threat tactic was three poachers believe it or not.
  10. Season Sixteen - End of Season Update Our trio completed the triple threat challenge towards the end of November and I decided to end the challenge there and switch up my system to one up top and try and get Tekin to 1000 club career goals. It’s something I never actually thought about trying until the beginning of this season as it just never seemed on but I felt as though I had to give it a go to reinvigorate the save. I personally feel as though he is about 50-80 goals shy at this stage but a lot will depend on how many goals he can get in the first few seasons. Let’s see how he got on up top on his own in his first part season. Emincan Tekin He had 18 goals at the end of November when I called time on the triple threat and he scored a further 53 goals during the rest of the season to give him a season return of 71 goals in 57 games. I extended his contract at the end of the season and was expecting him to announce his retirement but he didn’t which was great news as he should have at least one more extension in him. Notable Matches Transfers With going one up top I had to bring in a few new faces to get my formation to hopefully work. Full list below. Team Performances Emincan scored a hat trick in the Supertaça against Braga as we ran out 4-0 winners. The match was rather one sided and the score line could’ve been a lot more as we never really got out of second gear. I took liberties with my team selection in the European Super Cup and paid for it as we eventually lost 4-3 against Spurs. I had a few new faces in the team and forgot to put some of the big boys on the bench so couldn’t change it up too much. Tekin did however score a brace so not a bad result in the grand scheme of things. Tekin would get himself another brace against Chivas in the Club World Championship final. It was a rather routine game as they didn’t have a shot on target. We played Vit. Guimarães in the League Cup final and again Tekin helped himself to a nice brace in a 3-0 win. We had a horrible day in front of goal in the Taça de Portugal as Vit. Setúbal took us to penalties. Tekin had scored our only goal in a 1-1 draw but we managed to win the shootout in the end. We hammered Bayern Munich in the Champions League final but the ball just wouldn’t go in the net. Chance after chance was missed and the game eventually went to extra time where we finally overpowered them to win 2-0. The league was comfortable as we went unbeaten whilst only drawing three games. Fixtures We were nowhere near close to completing the Gündogan Victory Challenge this year. I’ll try and make sure to always have a German midfielder in my team and if I get lucky I get lucky but my main focus now is on Tekin and his 1kc. Manager Score Emincan Tekin 1kc This season: 71 goals Total: 643/1000 goals Triple Threat - Jan Thielmann, Fabio Lorenzini and Emincan Tekin: 1500 goals (Completed) Conclusion A decent start for Tekin in his first part season up top on his own. Next year should give us a better idea as to whether he can pull this off or not. I feel we need a bare minimum of 70 goals from him otherwise all of my confidence will evaporate. Thank for reading and comments are greatly appreciated.
  11. Nothing wrong with those results at all.
  12. Brilliant season! It’ll be interesting to see what total he ends up with here!
  13. Mate, you’ve won every game except one where you drew and are hardly conceding so don’t understand what improvements you are expecting.
  14. The inside forwards should still supply as I find they seem to go central like the wide ap’s but a touch further forward and will be more keen to get up into the box at times. If I went with wing backs and inside forwards out wide I’d personally prefer a three in midfield but that’s just my preference. I’ve used a BBM, DLP, AP set up in centre midfield to good effect but it depends on your players really. The BBM in particular I like to have great physical attributes including pace if possible. A lot depends on your forward as if he has pace at 15+ and good shooting and movement I’d have him as an advanced forwards or poacher myself. In terms of the passing focus I tend to use mixed most of the time but if during a game I notice the wing backs losing possession of the ball out wide then I switch it to centre and it helps. It usually happens with weaker teams as good quality players can play themselves out of poor positions more easily. Another thing I’ve noticed is you mentioned your team has an average age of 22 so I’d be looking at their leadership numbers as that attribute tends to increase with age and it can make a big difference. If you have a lot of players with low leadership then you might start to see things like late comebacks against you and generally conceding poor goals.