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  1. Ian

    English football

    New deal agreed with Klopp. Here’s to another four and a half years of bottling!
  2. Nice season from Aubameyang. I actually got a shock when I found out he’s currently 30 in real life as I honestly thought he was around 27.
  3. Yes we’ve got some good back up options and a lot better than what most seem to think. Still slightly worried about the centre back position especially with Fabinho being out who could usually slot in there if needed. Shame we could pick up another cheap gem for there but can’t have it all. Here he is in FMM20 along with that Hwang lad who also looked decent I thought. Anyway look at the different positions Minamino can play! I know it’s just on the game but he looks the sort that’ll be brilliant to have. We’ve got Big Divock who seems to do the business when required.
  4. I had both Filippo De Col and Strinic on my Sunderland save and I highly recommend both. De Col was my first choice right wing back in the prem on third season and did a great job. Strinic left just before the third season but that was only due to me overlooking the fact that his contract was due to expire so I was fairly annoyed when he went.
  5. Really like the sound of this, thought he was fantastic against us and can see him doing a great job when needed. I think the fans will really take to him and he won’t have the pressure of a big fee on his shoulders.
  6. Yesterday we saw @Foxy hit a nice Par which does slightly open the door for me if I could manage to continue my early run of Birdies. Upon looking at the challenge I really fancied I could hit a Par purely based on my goal differences from the previous seasons but the Birdie seemed a touch too far so we’ll see how I fared. Transfers With Salah, Mané and Firmino all leaving I really felt we needed a couple of new attacking players so went big on Ricardo Orsolini and Bruno Fernandes. If I’m honest I’m starting to think there’s a bug with the graduates because I’m almost certain I declined them all but yet they are showing here. I’ll keep a look out for that over the next couple of seasons. Checkpoint 1 The first four games certainly went to plan as we scored 11 goals without conceding to put us into Birdie territory. Apart from the tricky Chelsea game you’d feel the others were favourable games so I wasn’t getting ahead of myself at this stage. Checkpoint 2 We suffered our first hiccup at Newcastle as we conceded two late goals which at the time felt like a kick in the teeth. We responded well though and after 10 games we had a goal difference of +29 but I still didn’t think the Birdie was on as I couldn’t see us keeping this defensive record up and we had a couple of tricky away games back to back against Man City and Spurs in December which you’d think would be tight games. Checkpoint 3 The next three league games were won but none by a great margin so the Birdie was starting to look out of range. Checkpoint 4 I was losing hope of the Birdie at this stage but then the boys put on a bit of a show and claimed the massive victory that you’d feel is important on a challenge like this. The goals just kept flying in during the first half and we went in at the break 7-0 to the good. The second half was never going to be as good but we did add a couple to claim a 9-0 win which put us in a truly great position to take the Birdie. The two tricky away games against Man City and Spurs could hardly have gone much better as we won both 2-1 and then a 3-0 victory at Anfield over Boro left us in a position whereby winning the final two games would give us the Birdie. Checkpoint 5 I played a half and half kind of team against Arsenal in the League Cup quarter final as I did for all of the cup games and we paid the price as they dumped us out but I can’t say I was overly bothered. The two all important league games happened to be at home which certainly filled me with confidence and it turned out to be a formality as we beat Everton 4-2 and Leicester 5-1 to claim the Birdie. Rest of Season I switched my focus after the challenge was done in preparation for next season. The system I used for this hole featured Inverted Wing Backs which won’t be no good for the next hole you’d think so I tried a few new things out and put more focus on the cups and finished up winning the League and all of the cups except the League Cup as mentioned above. Score Hole 4 (Flowering Crab Apple): Birdie -1 Running Total: -4 So that Birdie puts me into the lead but there is a long way to go here so I won’t be getting overconfident. Hole 5 Preview Thanks for reading and most comments are greatly appreciated.
  7. Nice Par there @Foxy! Some fantastic signings and Mbappe in particularly is worrying for me. I already have Zaniolo who I picked up at the start after having so much joy with him on last years game.
  8. What players are we looking at here in this set up? We can talk tactics all day but player quality makes a massive if not the most difference imo.
  9. Nice start even though it was clearly frustrating with the missed chances. I’m sure you’ll get a few of these amateurs that do you proud.
  10. The 1k looks like it’ll be close but if he can’t quite make it, it’ll still be fantastic if he can go the full 30 seasons.
  11. There are often a few gems available for free and you can often build a decent side for league two purely with free’s and a few loans. I haven’t played as low down as that this year mind so things could have changed.
  12. Looks like a great career to play and follow. Seems a much better idea to do the Gündogan Victory as a side challenge too. Good luck
  13. A slight drop in goals for the Englishmen but still a great return.
  14. I think what is best might vary from player to player. I’ve only used normal so far this year but have noticed a lot of players who want a more intense schedule so putting them onto intensive might be good for them. My personal opinion is that your clubs training facilities are the biggest factor in player development and I’ve noticed once those get maxed out, players seem to improve much more quickly regardless of the training schedule they happen to be on.