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  1. Ian

    The Gambling Man

    I think I’ll hang back and assess the situation if you make it through the currents bets.
  2. Thanks Scratch, it’ll be interesting what state he is in if he makes the end but I had thought he’d be a touch worse even at this stage if I’m honest. I know he’s poor but his aerial, shooting and movement aren’t totally gone yet especially his aerial. I’m hoping his great leadership will spur him and his team mates on until the end!
  3. Ian

    The Vibe Awards 2019

    Excellent ceremony @Foxy! Well done to all of the winners and everybody who was nominated. I’m proud to be the joint winner of the newcomer award with @Mr Tree! Thank you to everyone who voted.
  4. Ian

    The Gambling Man

    £10 on row 5 please Bati
  5. Thank you Bati, hopefully he will make it.
  6. Ian

    The Gambling Man

    £10 on Row 3 please Bati
  7. Great going with him just being 18. Shame about the injuries though and hopefully he doesn’t end up being too injury prone later on.
  8. Congratulations, very well done after suffering a few little hiccups along the way.
  9. Ian

    The Gambling Man

    Yes plus his stake I think. Say you bet £10 at 2/1 and it comes up you’d win £20 plus you’d get your stake back making it £30. I think anyway.
  10. Ian

    The Gambling Man

    Nice start for the gambling man. You’ve got a few pending bets so I’ll hang back for now and let those play out 👍
  11. Thank you both, yes just need to play it out now. Cheers Smoggy, he does miss the odd one or two but always did so I’d say he scores about 75% of them. Since his pace has dropped to below about 10 which has been for a few years now, he doesn’t score any near post corner goals but still scores a few open play goals from crosses and the odd free kick. I basically just try to play him in the easier games and most home games if possible so he’ll have a better chance of scoring. He can hardly play two games in a row at this stage so I often just give him the full 90 in a lot of games knowing he won’t be playing in the next match.
  12. Ian

    The Gambling Man

    Great idea! I’ll bet £20 on Odd.
  13. It does seem like your original tactic was slightly better but that’s still a great return and he’s well on course.
  14. Good afternoon all, I’m here with another multi season update to hurry this thing along. It’s just a question of how long Moise or myself can keep on going now as if he drops out then so will I as there’ll not be a good enough reason to go the full 30 seasons in that case. Let’s see how the next three seasons went. Season Twenty-Four Moise found the net 18 times this season for club to keep himself ticking along. He’s still got the odd goal in him and as I’ve mentioned previously, he is decent from the spot so hopefully that will continue in these later years which should at least give him the chance of scoring a few goals each season you’d think. He performed well for Italy in scoring 10 goals to bring his season total up to 28 which is more than acceptable at this stage and makes this whole thing a lot easier to play out as if he was just not able to score at all I’d be really sick by now. The team managed to beat Germany in the Confederations Cup final but it took a penalty shootout to yield victory after the boys had struggled to put the ball in the net during normal play. At Juve team won everything this season but didn’t have the best league campaign as we dropped points in a good few games. I’m trying to bring a few younger players through as that will be required if we are to go the distance and doing so kind of hindered us at times I felt. Season Twenty-Five We lost in the World Cup final against France which was frustrating as we actually got caught out with not having a keeper as I’d misjudged the impending retirements of my two keepers. Basically we haven’t had any Italian regen goalkeepers coming through for years and the two I was using were still decent albeit fairly old, anyway they must’ve been due to retire but seemed to still be available into the new season until the final when all of a sudden I’m looking at having to use a greyed out goalie. In fairness he wasn’t too bad and I think playing Kean for the first half was the main problem and by the time I’d taken him off it was too little too late! Once we moved over to New Year and 2043 I offered Kean his last five year deal which he signed which will take him to the end if he doesn’t get sick anyway. At club level we had no real hiccups this year and the team performed better in the league as we went unbeaten with only four draws. The cup finals were all fairly comfortable as you can see below. So with that all we need to reveal now is what kind of return the main man managed. 22 is the answer and with his seven international goals we get a total of 29 which is one more than last season so good going really. Season Twenty-Six Moise produced another fairly decent season in scoring 19 goals this time out, he’s looking poor now with his physical attributes non existent but he can still find the net at times. He managed to score a hat trick this season, okay two of them were penalties but they all count! He added another five goals to his international tally and whilst I was thinking of dropping the Italy job I’ll just continue on for now as it’s easy to manage at the moment and he seems capable of scoring the odd goal especially against the poorer nations. At a Juve we had another good season but failed to win everything as we were beaten by Chelsea in the Champions League final via the dreaded penalty shootout. We had a few poor results in the league campaign but managed to score a few more goals than in recent seasons as we hit 123. Manager Final Thoughts He keeps ticking along and it’s just a matter of playing it out now and as mentioned earlier I’ll keep going as long as he does. Score Moise Kean Season 24: Club: 18 goals in 40 games - Int: 10 goals - Total: 28 Season 25: Club: 22 goals in 39 games - Int: 7 goals - Total: 29 Season 26: Club: 19 goals in 38 games - Int: 5 goals - Total: 24 Club Total: 1766 goals International Total: 428 goals Grand Total: 2194 goals Thanks for reading.
  15. Ian

    FM Touch or FM Mobile

    I wasn’t aware that FMTouch was available on any phones at this stage but maybe that is going to change for 20? Sounds like FMTouch would be a better choice for you but I know my phone wouldn’t cope too well with it and I imagine it would heat up making the device too hot to handle and my battery would be even more like a count down. I do prefer the mobile version anyway but those reasons above would always put me off and I can’t say I want to start playing on my laptop again if I’m honest.