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  1. Thought for a moment I was getting into the four pens in a game record club. Arsehole.
  2. In terms of the traits I think it is as follows. Can deliver a good corner - Good at corners. He is an effective penalty taker - Good at penalties. Is an effective free-kick taker - Good at free kicks. Effective set-piece taker - Good at corners and free kicks. An expert in dead ball situations - Good at corners, free kicks and penalties. A few examples below. Bruno has the positive dead ball trait so is good at pens, corners and free kicks. Trent here with the corner one. Ziyech has the positive set piece trait so is good at free kicks and corners but not necessarily pens. Pogba here. Based on this report, he’s good at pens and free kicks. If he had also been really good at corners he’d have had the dead ball positive trait instead of the two individual ones. You get negative ones for pens and free kicks which is worth checking. Take Mane here who is unconvincing at both pens and free kicks.
  3. England not good enough in truth. Don’t get he wrong, they could’ve won so it’s not like they’re miles away but ultimately there can be no complaints as Italy were by far the better team especially considering they were the away team. Lots of talk now about how this team will be there or thereabouts for the next decade but I’m not seeing that personally. Not beating on Gareth though as the decisions regarding the late subs and penalty takers could easily have gone the other way so it’s just how it goes. Ultimately the team just isn’t quite good enough as i said at the start so you’re relying on that little bit of luck.
  4. Well sorted out @FuddledFox and a nice write up. I went with the idea of proper trying to stop the two players doing what I didn’t want them to do. It was somewhat mixed as I feel I succeeded in doing that but our team results weren’t so great. Looking forward to next week now.
  5. The left side of this English team is very good I’d say. Shaw will get the plaudits and rightly so as he’s been great but I feel it runs deeper than that. The whole dynamic down the left seems natural which is just what you want with international football. I’d consider that area done now and would be looking to the right with the idea of improving things there.
  6. This was the first game I’ve watched so far and that was purely for the whole England Scotland thing. I’m kind of half and half in these situations based on where I grew up so I was kind of rooting for Scotland tonight in truth as they needed the result more. I did predict a 3-0 England win though as I felt England’s quality would shine through. Scotland were always going to be up for it and as underdogs you can look at their good moments and make more of it so to speak but even taking that into account I felt they were every bit as good as England.
  7. Ian

    European Football

    The European Cup is as hard to win as ever I see. I don’t like UEFA and the league is the bread and butter but the European Cup is still the biggest prize of the club season for me. Well done Chelsea, unlucky City but you’ll be back I’m sure.
  8. Thank you all. The last injury to Haaland was a bit annoying due to the timing as it looked like we were going to do really well at that stage but that’s how it goes. The red position thing didn’t seem to cause much issues really. They are top top players though so can probably just overcome the negative effects.
  9. Let’s see how we got on. You can see the main transfers above via the shape screenshot so I won’t go overboard here as most of the signings will be familiar to many. Gosens joined Di Maria as our left of midfield options and Spinazzola and Hateboer were brought in to play on the right side. Praet is someone I’ve never used before seemed a good option due to his versatility. I’ve used Marega plenty of times in one season stuff and he always seems to do well so seemed a safe bet here. Langlet and Mangala were signed up to be our third and fourth choice centre backs and I believe that’s all. It was only the Champions League that eluded us in terms of trophies with Man City ending our hopes at the semi final stage. Statistically we were much the better side throughout both games and only needed one more goal in the home leg to get it done but couldn’t quite manage it. I find opening seasons to be a bit of a lottery this year in truth with the schedule being how it is. I just go with the same squad size I normally would, rotate away and just hope for the best as I’ve found it can go either way. Sometimes everything runs smoothly, sometimes it’s in between and occasionally it’s a bit rough. This season it started pretty well but went more to the rough stage around late February time as we had issues with fitness throughout the squad. It doesn’t really show much in the results as we were still predominantly winning but it was a struggle. I remember we had both right midfielders injured at the same time which meant Praet and Draxler had to fill in there which then meant we were short in other areas with no rest bite in terms of fixtures. Just how it is though and in some ways I enjoy it as I honestly have no idea how opening seasons are going to go from save to save. It wasn’t too bad for injuries really as we only had a small one to both players and a month long one to Haaland. The Haaland one was annoying with it coming during the run in but can’t be helped. Mbappé scored 46 and assisted 35 goals and Haaland scored 36 and assisted 11 to give us a total of 128 for the challenge. Mbappé was out of position but still produced reasonably well and Haaland ended up only playing 40 games so I think it went ok really. Marega did well too as I thought he would so I probably need to get something going for this focusing on the two only but all in all it was an enjoyable season. Manager Profile Score: 128 points Thank you for reading.
  10. Fantastic achievement here and must be a first for the forum as others have said. It’s always surprising how much you can get out of them even after the physicals drop to one. Just a shame he hasn’t got a display picture so you could’ve put it into one of those age app things to get a better idea of what he’d look like at 45 😂
  11. Thank you Rich. Thank you Scratch, I now know how they’ve done as I’ve finished the season so we’ll see soon enough.
  12. Thanks Lord Danish, yes it will be interesting to see how he gets on. Thank you fanatic. Thanks Scratch, it will be. I was first thinking of trying to use Neymar in the Haaland deal but decided against it. Was then thinking of straight swapping him for a more natural midfielder like KDB but I’d already decided then I’d be using Mbappe out of position in the T role so just thought I’d do similar with Neymar. I looked into retraining Neymar and it didn’t look like he’d accept it and would no doubt kick off so just left it for both of them. They’re both great players on paper so they’re good candidates for this treatment and hopefully they’ll do ok. Thank you Rob, it’s a start and hopefully the two will do ok.
  13. Yeah, I’ll probably go over there and mention it. I’m kind of thinking that there was something in the programming that meant when they changed the number of teams to 21 for the first season they then couldn’t get it back to 18 after and had to make do with 20. Unless of course Turkey have decided to keep it at 20 anyway going forward. The subs thing must definitely be a bug I’d think but it did make the save quite enjoyable😂
  14. I recently completed five seasons managing Galatasaray in Turkey and there were a couple of things that happened that may or may not be bugs. The first thing was that the five substitute rule remained in place in the league throughout. The top flight in Turkey usually consists of 18 teams. This season there are 21 teams which is obviously due to covid but I’m thinking that the plan will be to gradually get the number back down to 18. Doesn’t happen in this game as after the first season there are 20 teams every year. I’ve tried very briefly to look into this as perhaps it’s normal and how things will be in Turkey going forward but thought I’d mention it as others may have noticed similar in other leagues. If it is a bug then no point posting it to SI now as there won’t be another update.
  15. At times I feel like this but don’t feel like the game is coded in any way towards this. So many factors like injury proneness, game time, luck etc but not seeing anything sinister personally. I’ve been testing a lot recently just playing the same half a dozen games of a season over and over and the variation in injuries from each test is astounding really so again I’m not seeing anything but perhaps others have different ideas.