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  1. Thank you Richard, I feel like the tactic works very well for goals and assists out of the three players. I worked on it last year and finally got it right for this years game right before the winter update so hopefully it’ll still be decent on the new version. I’ve just finished season four now so no doubt I’ll be back tomorrow with another update 😂
  2. I think your English is better than mine so no problems there. Good luck, should be an interesting one to follow this.
  3. Season 3 If you’ve been following all of my posts since the season two update then you’ll have a good idea as to how this season has gone but here I am anyway with the full season three update. Let’s just get straight to it. Transfers I always wanted to try Barella so here was my chance as he came in for big money. Romagnoli is a nice peak aged centre back who I bought to replace the outgoing Militão. I like Militão but he was very much fourth choice and not yet developed so I didn’t feel like I’d be able to give him the game time he needed without it perhaps hindering us in the short term. Jack Grealish was brought in as cover for Bruno and for loads of other positions as he’s so versatile and also incredibly good in loads of positions. Team Performances It was a successful season with only a few draws and a decent amount of league goals. Fixtures I think we went unbeaten in all competitions and there were a few big victories but unfortunately we couldn’t complete the Gündogan challenge. I remember looking at one stage late on in the season and thinking we only needed a 9-0 so we were dreaming it’d happen in one of the last few matches but I’m so glad it didn’t as having looked again, we had no 1-0. The Challengers It wasn’t bad for injuries to the challengers but we suffered a couple of longer ones to squad members including a devastating broken leg that Grealish suffered. I was glad that one didn’t go to one of the challengers but it was still crap to lose Jack for the rest of the season at that point. Casemiro also suffered a bad one but he wasn’t really featuring at that stage and has now left the club at the end of the season. Unfortunately the main man Bruno was injured in a match in early May so he missed the last six games which was disappointing with how he was performing but can’t be helped. Lukaku’s injury in the Champions League final doesn’t mean much as it was the last game of the season. Bruno’s injury cut his season short but he still ended up with a nice total. He’s getting all of the plaudits here and rightly so but Lukaku is also doing very well and I’d say Bruno has him to thank for a good chunk of his assists. Obviously there’s the corner goals but Lukaku being such a good finisher also helps as any chance in and around the box falling to him is more or less a goal so there’s plenty of Bruno passing to Lukaku who then scores stuff going on which really helps Bruno rack up the assists. Belotti didn’t do so well this year and it didn’t help that I missed his comeback from injury just before the break for the World Cup. He also seemed to be tired more often than the other two so missed more games from that but still a decent contribution and he does seem to step it up when required. Anyway, 153 points for the trio this season which is similar to the opening season and we’re happy enough as last year we had the CWC. Bruno lost a point on his dribbling while he was out injured and he’s got a dreaded red downward arrow on his crossing so hopefully that won’t drop. Lukaku isn’t showing any sign of decline yet and neither is Belotti so long may that continue. We have 783 points toward our target of 1000 so it’s looking like it’d be a disaster if we fail there but we can’t count our chickens just yet and need to play on. Manager Score Season 1 Bruno Fernandes: 62 goals and 50 assists in 53 games Romelu Lukaku: 65 goals and 20 assists in 56 games Andrea Belotti: 33 goals and 19 assists in 48 games Season Total: 160 goals and 89 assists in 157 games = 249 points Season 2 Bruno Fernandes: 71 goals and 68 assists in 61 games Romelu Lukaku: 67 goals and 22 assists in 57 games Andrea Belotti: 34 goals and 19 assists in 58 games Season Total: 172 goals and 109 assists in 176 games = 281 points Season 3 Bruno Fernandes: 61 goals and 55 assists in 51 games Romelu Lukaku: 75 goals and 16 assists in 56 games Andrea Belotti: 24 goals and 22 assists in 48 games Season Total: 160 goals and 93 assists in 155 games = 253 points Overall Bruno Fernandes: 194 goals and 173 assists in 165 games Romelu Lukaku: 207 goals and 58 assists in 169 games Andrea Belotti: 91 goals and 60 assists in 154 games Grand Total: 492 goals and 291 assists in 488 games = 783 points Thank you for reading.
  4. A nice season for the youngster. Hopefully he can get himself settled down and you can keep those interested clubs off him.
  5. Thanks Kane, he is brilliant I have to say. Thank you Dai, I could sense it when I did the Bruno challenge so just had to try him on a other challenge. I may be doing the tactic a bit of a disservice in saying it’s all about Bruno though.
  6. Thank you Lord Danish, he’s a bit ridiculous from what I’m continuing to see. He is really good in real life and you can perhaps expect a bit of an increase in the game but not sure it should be this much. I felt it when I did the Bruno challenge so needed to test it again and it’s confirmed, he’s truly magnificent on this years game. I’m just waiting for the drop off but it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen and it’s looking like it’s going to have to be a bad injury. Here we are now live after 18 league games. Belotti got injured for a few weeks and I think I missed his comeback so he may have missed out on a couple of games. I’ve never had a plus 9 avr over a full season even with a striker so to still be in contention here with an AMC in Bruno is very pleasing. Can’t see it remaining until the end of the season as it was 9.3 earlier but we’re in with a chance.
  7. Sounds like a nice strategy to me and I think I’ll try that one myself in the future.
  8. A very nice start and good idea to keep him going for full games for the GPG. I’d certainly put that down as a very good ratio for the first season. Good luck for next season.
  9. A great season and congratulations on the 100 plus season. He certainly looks the real deal nice and it’s showing. All going really well so good luck for the next few years.
  10. They probably didn’t bother keeping him because he’s been largely shite practically every time he’s played as far as I can see.
  11. Thank you Richard, I’ve no doubt there’ll have been higher than this but I’ve personally never had a player both scoring and assisting like this. I think the tactic is good for getting a lot out of the T role but I really feel like the main thing is Bruno as he just never seems to let you down. If he has an off day you can bet he’s still at least either scored or assisted a goal. Thank you both, he is pretty good it would seem. Started the next season and it’s going ok so far before we hit the congestion period. I can see that Bruno is always going to be pretty good here and he seems very robust when it comes to injuries but can’t see him going the full five seasons without some reasonable injury troubles so we’ll see how we cope without him when that happens. I was tempted to put him on penalties too but held off as Lukaku is doing fine and don’t think he’s even missed one yet. I only made three incoming transfers with Barella coming in who I’ve been meaning to try this year, Romagnoli who I know from my Milan career and Grealish who arrived as cover for loads of positions.
  12. Season 2 Good evening all and welcome to season two of this striker peak years challenge attempt with three challengers. We started well with a nice first season as we built the squad to hopefully serve us well for the forthcoming years and the trio scored and assisted a good few goals. We were hoping for more of the same this season so let’s see how it went. Transfers I mentioned last time out that I’d be looking to sell Hazard this year but what I also forgot to mention was that he unfortunately suffered a two month injury in the off season that would curtail those plans so not sure if he’ll ever be sold now, well certainly not for the massive fee that we were hoping for anyway. He’s still great and has performed well in the AP role and can fill in in other positions so it’s certainly not the end of the world. Ramos did leave to enjoy the end of his career on the south coast of England at Bournemouth. Replacing him was something I was a bit concerned about because I found that difficult on my recent Ronaldo badge attempt, well not difficult replacing him but noticed a drop off in terms of our defence in the second season without him. I looked at Langlet who I’ve always found to be decent, made the approach only to be snubbed straight away by our rivals Barca. I was still confident we’d be able to get him later but there was a temptation there to just switch Fabinho to that role and bring in a quality midfielder to replace him which is what I decided to do in the end. For the midfielder, I narrowed things down to either Barella or Kimmich as being the two preferred options. I went in for Barella and again suffered the dreaded brush off but was again confident we’d be able to get him eventually. Rather than wait I just put a bid in for Kimmich which was accepted and the rest is history as he joined the ranks. DCL came in to offer good cover to the two strikers for hopefully the duration of this attempt and we also needed a decent backup goalie so we brought in Meslier from Leeds who should be fine when called upon you’d think. Team Performances I was worried about how our defence would cope without Ramos given that Fabinho started out the season not fully natural at centre back and we did seem a bit more leaky early on but in the end we ended being pretty solid with a better defensive record than last year. We won all of the trophies available except the CWC where Barca beat us in the final which was slightly annoying especially as we’d beaten them in the Champions League final with Belotti proving to be the hero with the only goal of the game. We scored slightly more league goals this year so all in all it was a successful season. Fixtures Here are the fixtures and you can see we had a few bigger victories but on most of the bigger Gündogan ones we conceded in which was a shame. We also didn’t get any really big ones in the CWC so no Gündogan this year I’m afraid. The Challengers Not bad again for injuries really with just a couple of short ones for Belotti and Lukaku. I’m still unsure as to how I’ll approach things if Bruno were to suffer injury so I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit longer to find out. These two were probably the highlight games for the trio with some good goal and assist action. Another similar season to the last really considering the extra CWC games and it was Bruno again who was the star player with 71 goals and 68 assists. Belotti tried his best to match his previous return but managed to score one extra goal and Lukaku was again very clinical with 67 goals in 57 games. Add it all up and they hit a combined total of 281 goals and assists so we’re happy with that. Lukaku and Belotti are the oldest of the three and may well start to decline before we end things so we’ll just have to hope they don’t dip too much if that is ti be the case. Now we go onto the next season and I’m not even sure what signings I’m looking to make at this stage as the squad is really good with most players in their peak years but no doubt I’ll do something. Next year is also the year where the World Cup is held in the middle of the season so we’ll have to negotiate our way through that but I’m not even sure if the congestion is that bad here in Spain as most seasons there’s not many fixtures in December anyway. We’ll just see how it goes. Score Season 1 Bruno Fernandes: 62 goals and 50 assists in 53 games Romelu Lukaku: 65 goals and 20 assists in 56 games Andrea Belotti: 33 goals and 19 assists in 48 games Season Total: 160 goals and 89 assists in 157 games = 249 points Season 2 Bruno Fernandes: 71 goals and 68 assists in 61 games Romelu Lukaku: 67 goals and 22 assists in 57 games Andrea Belotti: 34 goals and 19 assists in 58 games Season Total: 172 goals and 109 assists in 176 games = 281 points Overall Bruno Fernandes: 133 goals and 118 assists in 114 games Romelu Lukaku: 132 goals and 42 assists in 113 games Andrea Belotti: 67 goals and 38 assists in 106 games Season Total: 332 goals and 198 assists in 333 games = 530 points Thank you for reading.
  13. I’ve been caught out a number of times with international but haven’t quite managed the not having a keeper one yet. Usually it’s me just submitting the squad without hardly checking and then finding out there’s a shit load of injuries. A smashing season though in all and they both look like they’re going to be very good.
  14. A fantastic season and he looks incredible now.
  15. Thank you Woody. He was trying too hard earlier so now that his legs are starting to go I’ve told him just to stand around the box and let others find him. You’ll see an improvement I’m sure.