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  1. Those red physical attributes bring back memories of my Moise Kean career last year when he was in his veteran years. Even when they get totally run down it’s surprising how well they can still score with the right squad behind them. I see Mac Allister is doing rather well too, I’ll have to give him a better chance on a save I think.
  2. I couldn’t unlock them all and wasn’t really close in truth.
  3. I had a moment where I thought I might as well try him. He has since scored but I’ve only got a few games left and it doesn’t look like he’ll save one.
  4. You can see the evil thought process of the challenge creators! You go with a winger and then the yellow card becomes tricky yet go with a central player and the assists are incredibly hard.
  5. My goalkeeper has just had his first attempt at scoring a penalty and yes it went straight out of the stadium.
  6. I take it the penalty save can just be the opponent missing any way such as putting it wide or does it need to be a save with replay screenshot to show?
  7. Quite the challenge this one, great work both of you in coming up with it. I’ve had about five read throughs and I think I’m finally getting a good grasp of it and I reckon by the tenth I’ll be all set 😂
  8. They’ve started well enough I think and look like they are going to turn into great players. Just need to get through these early development years.
  9. When an individual player wants a new challenge the only way I’ve ever been able to resolve it is to either sell them or get them to sign a new contract. I’ve never been able to get rid of it in any other way although maybe things might be different this year because I haven’t played as much as last year. Last year on one of my saves I had my 1k guy want to leave for a new challenge and I had to force him to stay for around two or three years until he just turned 31 and then he finally signed. I have to be honest and say I haven’t encountered it yet this year with any player but my only long term save so far has been a challenge where the squad has just never been settled for any real length of time.
  10. These were the only two games where things got out of hand for me. The game against Celtic was our first in the Europa and I feared the worst but we then did well and ended the group top with only seven conceded. I’m thinking things may have got nasty had we qualified for the Champions League. My instructions were almost exactly the same as yours. Only differences were I went all over closing down and we were either balanced or attacking for mentality, everything else the same.
  11. I’m surprised I didn’t pick it up whilst reading through the reveal to be honest as I nearly did the same. I was all set to use him as my Cnut and then just happened to remember to check his nationality.
  12. This was my system. This was probably my preferred line up and I just tried to get my in game subs right to keep everyone reasonably fresh.
  13. Hard luck @MikeF, this challenge seemed to suit me for some reason. In fairness I do usually keep a good defence but never expected to with just one defender. Even the Europa games we were fairly steady. I think it’s great that everyone is in with a chance of making the playoffs on the final league week. I was in with a very slim chance last year and somehow managed to make it so anything can happen. Good luck @Woody!
  14. So take a look at me now Well there's just an empty space. Some rough targets, best of luck.