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  1. The store is open with strict guidelines in place. I’ll add your records to the store tomorrow through gritted teeth as I think you’ve just beaten a few of my records 😂
  2. You’d have got a great total with Jude on the strikerless no doubt but I can understand the decision as this may well reinvigorate the save for you. Nice start with Jnr.
  3. Thank you Smoggy, Zeneli has turned out to be very good so I’m glad I went with him. A good option for a lot of teams for not so much money. In fact seeing him do well has opened my eyes as I think there are a lot of good options that can often be missed when searching and he’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you Rob, it’s the World Cup year next season though so we’ll see how we cope with that. Thank you Foxy, yes they look like they’ll all do fairly well and I have no idea at this stage who will do the best but it’ll be another three names added to the ever growing leaderboard which can only be a good thing. Thanks Kane, yes they’ve done well so far.
  4. Season 3 After a relatively poor opening season for the team where we failed in all of the cup competitions we bounced back in the second season winning the whole lot which actually gave me a headache from a squad building perspective. When I’m playing these sort of saves I’ll usually be looking at the squad during the current season and working out what transfers I’m going to make in the summer to try and improve the squad. The thing that got me this season was that I’d planned a lot of stuff, had a good idea of who would be leaving and a few potential signings were line up but then we ended up winning the Champions League so I was sat there wondering if I should just leave a few things as they were. It was the way we won it that was getting to me as it was rather comfortable but yet could easily have just been a bit of a fluke so a conundrum for me to sort out anyway in terms of ins and outs. Our three Z’s have done well in both seasons so far so more of the same from them and I’ll be happy, let’s see how they and the team performed in season three. Transfers After much debate I ended up doing a decent amount of business in the market with some nice players arriving. Rodrigo Bentancur and another Z in Zielinski both came in to improve our midfield options and right winger Forrest was replaced by Spinazzola who will hopefully be an upgrade. We replaced our two back up central defenders Dean and Bednarek with Jovanovic and Anderson and Ochs came in as an option for the left wing or up front as cover for our boys. The two graduates were well rated but it’ll be unlikely we’ll see much from them on this save. Team Results We were straight into action after moving over to the new season with the CWC being all to play for. We played and beat PSG in the semi final who we’d also beat in last seasons Champions League final so they probably don’t like us much. Liverpool who we’d also had great joy against last season would be our opponents in the final and they got their revenge in a high scoring match. The domestic cups were all won but with much less dominance in the finals as you can see and our Champions League run ended in the semi final where Bayern put us out after our boys fired blanks in the return home leg. So even though we failed in the Champions League we still got right to the latter stages so plenty of games for our boys to feature in so we’ll see how they fared now. ZZZ’s It was only Zaha who’d spend a couple of short periods in the treatment room with an injury towards the start of the season and one towards the end. The three boys had a stand out game not long into the season as they all got on the scoresheet in this 6-0 victory. Another nice game a month or so later where all of our trio managed at least a goal and an assist each in this 7-1 victory. Wilfried Zaha Wilfried ended up having his worst season to date but still produced 28 goals and 24 assists so we can’t be too critical as he did suffer those two little injuries which I think hindered him in terms of consistency. You can see his attributes have dropped a bit which was more than likely because of his recent injury but at 29 it’ll be interesting to see if they jump back up again next season. Simone Zaza Simone had his best season to date with 49 goals and 20 assists which was probably helped by his robustness as he managed 60 games this year. He’s still looking good but with him about to turn 31 we’ll see whether he stays decent for the next two seasons. Arber Zeneli My wildcard who is slowly turning into the main man as he produced 47 goals and 24 assists in 58 games in a fine season for him. I feel he’s well suited to this league but struggles in the big Champions League games where he often fails to show up. He’s only 27 though and it’ll be intersting to see who will end up as our highest scoring player here with the other two ageing. Anyway, in total the trio managed a combined 192 goals and assists this season which was exactly the same as last year so we’re happy. Player Stats Score Season 3 Wilfried Zaha: 28 goals and 24 assists in 50 games = 52 Simone Zaza: 49 goals and 20 assists in 60 games = 69 Arber Zeneli: 47 goals and 24 assists in 58 games = 71 Combined Total: 124 goals and 68 assists in 168 games = 192 Overall Wilfried Zaha: 88 goals and 94 assists in 153 games = 182 Simone Zaza: 144 goals and 48 assists in 167 games = 192 Arber Zeneli: 103 goals and 68 assists in 160 games = 171 Combined Total: 335 goals and 210 assists in 480 games = 545 Thanks for reading and following, I’ll be back with the next update at a later date.
  5. Brilliant score and another three players on the leaderboard, well done. I do like this challenge as I’m just playing through my attempt without really thinking about the leaderboards and just enjoying it.
  6. Smashing season again, well on your way to a massive total. I’m well ahead of where we’re at with posting and my injuries get worse but I think I may have finally figured out what was causing the sheer volume of them. It’s unconfirmed at this stage but I know we’ve just had our best spell for years in terms of injuries in the last season I played. It’s miles away though and it was just one tactical tweak that I think might’ve made the difference. I guess I’ll see over the next couple of seasons.
  7. Brilliant returns from all perspectives but especially from Harry. The injury for Moura was a kick in the teeth and you’d almost certainly have hit the 200 without it but that’s the game I guess. He played his part though throughout. Well done.
  8. Thank you Rob, I’m hopefully that he’ll be the man but I have no idea how to pronounce his surname.😂 I guess we’ll have to wait until we see a game with him playing in real life to hear how the commentators pronounce it although they often get it wrong at times too. Thank you Smoggy, I like him and I’ve seen a few transfer links involving him recently as you do at this time of year which kind of prompted me to try him. I do hope he can beat Jeff, so we’ll see.
  9. Season 6 - Player Choice Here I am to reveal my chosen player for season six of this seven season challenge. We have had some nice returns so far but it’s our opener Jazzy Jeff who still leads the way so hopefully our second French option will be the man to finally dethrone him. While searching for my French option for season two I found this guy, was tempted to go with him for that season but then I thought it might be best to let him mature a bit with the hope that he’d be available for the sixth season and luckily he was so without further ado, my chosen player was Houssem Aouar. Houssem Aouar (France) I’m well aware of this player in the real world but not at all when it comes to in game so an intriguing one. He’s a bit of an upgrade on most of the players we’ve used so far judging by his value and he cost us a hefty £37.5m so we have high expectations for this season. He’s got reasonable numbers in most of the attributes I look for in movement, creativity, passing, shooting, decision and his stamina is high too which really helps when it comes to time on the pitch. Can he be the one to finally beat Jazzy Jeff? If this early season game is anything to go by then he has every chance. I’ll be back later to let you know how he got on. Thanks for reading and following.
  10. Another great season and Kane is definitely going to be hard to beat. I think it’ll take someone going with a lone player that’ll have the best chance of beating him.
  11. Brilliant season with the Europa League win and a nice third place finish, hopefully next year will be the year you win the prem.
  12. Another great season especially considering the injuries to your squad members. I haven’t had anything higher than 9 months for any player on this years game as of yet anyway. Kane is going strong for the overall leaderboard too and it will be good to see him on top of a board as I haven’t seen him on many or even any really.
  13. Ian

    English football

    I much preferred last Thursday but I’d be lying if I said I was overly bothered about tonight. I thought we looked well up for it at the beginning so I won’t make any excuses as they deserved their win. I just hope we can get some fans back into stadiums before the beginning of next season otherwise things are going to be a bit damp as far as I can see. What do you think of the idea of Willian for us @Ashez? Obviously his age and higher wages not so good but if we can’t manage anything else he could be a good stop gap for me as I can see him being a good option for a couple of years.