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  1. I personally think the more games you test things over the better as you can get good luck or bad luck in any given game so the more games you play the more you are getting a better overall picture. Why do you want to shore up the defence if you are wanting loads of goals from the main man? This isn’t a criticism, I’m genuinely wondering your answer as I often think similar and see it as a weakness of mine. If you look at a lot of goalscoring careers on here you’ll see a difference in the defensive numbers of different members. I usually keep a decent defence and I think that might be just the way I natural looking at things player wise. I usually go for all round types in midfield so if I had a choice between one midfielder with 14 or 15 right across the board or one with say 20 for passing, creativity and movement but really poor positioning and tackling I’d more than likely gravitate towards the all round guy. My way would more than likely result in a better defence but the other way, we might concede more but score more. I only mention this as often player types are just or even more important in what you are trying to do than tactics imo.
  2. I usually test by playing 12-20 games with as close to the same line up in every game as possible. I’ll look at the amount of goals the main man has got and then make the odd change and go again. I only look at what I’m wanting to achieve which in this case is his goals so not bothered about anything else as long as the results are decent. It can be a very boring process and I have to be in the mood for it. I tend to get times when I’m really keen and enjoy it and put a lot of time in testing and other times like now when I just can’t be arsed and forcing it doesn’t seem to work for me. You say you’re winning 3-0 against Liverpool and only 1-0 v Sheffield United but that doesn’t say much as the main guy could’ve scored all the goals which would be great.
  3. I’m the same as Woody. It says I’m on an update from 18th December and I have no update available.
  4. I might have my many faults but I’m at least honest so trust me. Good luck yourself though, I am rooting for you and hopefully you’ll beat my score and get yourself some well deserved points.
  5. The game is incredibly fast on my new iPad so you can just power through. Okay, I did shite and that’s no joke.
  6. I finished last night. I’m not giving anything away, you’ll just have to wait until the results to find out how I did.
  7. Still going well here I see. Mpembele Boula is my guess for the player?
  8. Always seems like it’ll be a pain waiting for the right job to come up with this challenge but you seem like a patient chap which will be of great help. I’m sure it’s not as disastrous as you say but even if it is, it’s the journey that counts as Paul above says.
  9. I’ve been thinking about this and I think it would make a good addition to a 1kc with another player going for the 1k. Usually most would put their 1k guy on free kicks so having another guy on those would make the 1k more challenging whilst also having to make sure this guy gets his goals.
  10. Ian

    English football

    What a fantastic side Man City are when they are on it.
  11. I went with: Godfried Frimpong (Dutch LB, Loan) - Looks a good prospect and did well but was injured a lot. Jordan Willis (English CB, £1.6m) - Good player who did a good job for me at Sunderland and I was confident he’d do ok at this level even on first season. Koo Ja-Ryong (South Korean CB, 995k) - I was pretty sure I’d have work permit problems and they’d go to appeal so I bid for four players and was just going to go for the first that I could get. This guy wasn’t first choice but was good enough. Joe Partington (Welsh RB, Free) - Wasn’t great but didn’t really let us down. We conceded 19 league goals which was ok considering six of them came in one game against Rangers. Had trouble scoring though as we only managed 32 but I can never seem to score a lot on first seasons for some reason.
  12. Thank you both. It was totally untested and I would’ve changed it if needed but he was doing alright. The vast majority of his goals and assists were from corners, free kicks and pens but I didn’t want to have another player alongside him at cm level incase they took some of his glory. It didn’t work out too well in the cups though but it may have potential with a tweak or two or even just a better BBM.
  13. Lewis Ferguson at BBM was my bonus guy. After qualifying for the UEFA cup we were hammered in every group game except one where we drew. Wish I’d put my total focus on the league now but I thought we could pick up the odd home win in UEFA and still be good in the SPL. Suppose we weren’t too bad but was never going to be able to get a massive goal difference with my system. I reckon I’d of been better off going with a top heavy system similar to one I’d used for the goal difference Augusta hole but I just didn’t think the players at a Aberdeen were good enough to pull it off. Maybe they would’ve been though. Anyway, good luck @Kanegan for the next challenge.