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  1. I think it’s usually a new store for the new season. I’m not active enough at the moment so I won’t be doing it so guess it’s up to @Woody as to whether he wants to do it?
  2. Ian

    English football

    It’s 4k for tier 1 areas, 2k for tier 2 and 0 for tier 3 and as plenty cities will be desperate to be placed in tier 3 we’ll end up with a bit of a farce when it comes to fairness. Shit will hit the fan over this very shortly.
  3. Ian

    English football

    Klopp doesn’t believe in individual programmes in general. I’ve heard him mention players coming back to fitness and him mentioning, seeing how they do in training as to whether they’ll be in contention to start. I think he expects all players to be able to train the same way at the same intensity. As an example, Craig Bellamy had knee issues so would train in a different way to many in the squad at city under Hughes but Mancini came in and that suddenly wasn’t acceptable, or at least it wasn’t if Bellamy wanted to actually play a lot. It’s one of those arguments that I see both sides but I won’t be going all out on klopp and his beliefs at this stage for obvious reasons.
  4. My VPL win was my highlight without any doubt. I’ve had other successes too but I’d go with our warriors battle with @Rob, @FuddledFox and @Woody as my next best as I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout. Hopefully we can do something similar next year.
  5. Congratulations Mr @FuddledFox on your victory. I slightly fell away at the end but I’ve really enjoyed this and thank you @Titjes for coming up with the idea. I now know how frustrating the goal a minute challenge actually is. I certainly think it’ll be a success if you go again next year.
  6. Tough month that one 😂 I’ll go for Salah and 6 goals this month please.
  7. A very nice career and final total. I also like really like Jazzy Jeff. Well done.
  8. I think I’ll try Bergwijn and 5 goals please.
  9. Nice start from Jeff, I honestly think he’s a bit underrated. Good luck with the future seasons.
  10. I think I’ll stick with Salah and go with 4 goals please.
  11. Ian

    English football

    Bruce will keep you up and without any trouble.