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    English football

    I actually agree as although they can pummel anyone they’ve also lost nine league games this season so can be got at so any team that doesn’t give it a good shot will be disappointed as we were last week.
  2. Lovely season for your Italians. It is a bit of a conundrum having four guys when it comes to subs and I’m guessing most of us have probably focused on our strikers. I know I have so credit to you for going for the assists as it’s another battle to be won!
  3. Thank you Rob, yes it’s gone very well and anything on the last season should just be treated as a bonus but we do have to try to beat Jeff. Thanks Kane, it’s a nice system this with the right players.
  4. Makes a bit of sense to me that based on how the OME is a modified version of the original Champman games from mid 90’s - early 00’s and the EME from the FM engine of the mid-late 00’s. Si confirmed this on here and I think it was last year during the whole conditioning fiasco. I do remember I played the full game around the days of the OME engine and there seemed to be much more emphasis on stats and I’m not sure if when they started with the 2d highlights around 2003 whether that was the start of the EME engine or just a visual representation of the OME engine but regardless the EME would’ve no doubt been created with the visuals in mind so it’s easy to see how the stats could’ve got overlooked. It does get to me how they call it an enhanced engine when in reality it’s just a different engine and whilst their original intention was to create a better engine it’s questionable whether they did as it certainly wasn’t without major flaws right from the off. Near post corners plagued every game from those years and they could never get on top of it. We’re seeing it now with the whole aerial striker near post goals. In defence of Si they are working on engines that were created years ago and I guess they’ll be limited in how they can majorly modify anything without just messing everything up but then why call it an enhanced engine? We see fashionable tactical trends in the real world and I’m guessing Si will be trying to base the current game on those things so it does make it tricky, you just know if they were or maybe are creating a match engine now it’d more than likely be based on the styles of Pep and Klopp yet things could change in 10-15 years so you can see where I’m going with this. I actually struggle to answer some of the questions that come up on the forum as I can never work out whether to answer them based on trying to play the match engine or answer them in a ‘how it should work in real life’ way if you get what I mean. There's plenty of stuff you know works in-game yet really shouldn’t but some people only want realistic approaches so you get caught in two minds. Apologies for the long post, hopefully it makes some sense.
  5. Season 6 - Houssem Aouar (France) This is the year when Jazzy Jeff will finally be beaten, well that’s what I told myself before the season began so let’s see if that turned out to be the case as I present you the update for season six of this seven season challenge. Transfers A few older players left and as we are nearing the end we went for peak aged players as replacements with a couple of younger players brought in on loan as reserve options. Yacine Adli is a nice midfielder who can play in the deeper midfield role, out wide right if needed and as an option at number ten if my main man is unavailable. I was actually very tempted to go with him as this years main man with him also being French but I’d already had my eye on Aouar so went that way instead. Gedson Fernandes shouldn’t need much introduction as he’s rather well known and at the stage we are at he’s right in his peak years so should hopefully be an important player for us in the last couple of seasons. Mirko Antonucci was brought in primarily to play on the right of midfield but offers a lot for the squad as he can also play left wing, up top or even as our number ten if required. Paulista is an ageing centre back but out of the options available taking finances into consideration I felt he was the best option and Angeliño is a nice looking left back/ winger who in the real world currently plays for Man City. The rest are all regens I believe and brought in as squad players. Team Results We had another dominant campaign which isn’t overly surprising I’m sure but we didn’t clean up as Milan beat us in the Italian Suoer Cup via a dreaded penalty shootout after they’d forced extra time with a stinging last minute equaliser. Houssem Aouar Unfortunately his highlight game was probably the one I used as a preview where he netted a hat trick so I’m shamelessly going to put it up again. He was very robust as the only injury he suffered was this ten day lay off in early March. The question is, could he beat Jazzy Jeff? Well he managed our highest return so far for assists with a hefty 44 but a slightly disappointing goal return of 38 leaves us a bit short on 82. I’m kidding really about being disappointed as I’m more than happy with the return as I’ve now beaten my previous score for this and still have another player left to hopefully contribute a good few more goals and assists so it’s going to be a sort of celebration season next year. Player Stats Yet again our number ten was the main man with our deep strikers also heavily contributing and Trent also doing well on the assists which isn’t so surprising given his ability in supply. Score Season 1 - Ireland: Jeff Hendrick: 46 goals and 39 assists = 85 Season 2 - France: Florent Mollet: 55 goals and 28 assists = 83 Season 3 - Italy: Riccardo Orsolini: 43 goals and 40 assists = 83 Season 4 - Italy: Alessandro Cortinovis: 25 goals and 42 assists = 67 Season 5 - Argentina: Matías Vargas: 43 goals and 39 assists = 82 Season 6 - France: Houssem Aouar: 38 goals and 44 assists = 82 Grand Total: 482 We only have one more season to play now and we’ll be needing an Argentinian player who will be our last number ten. Could he be the one to finally knock Jeff off his perch? I’ll be back later to reveal my chosen player so thanks for reading and following.
  6. I’ve got a few things I’d personally try looking at what you’ve got there but this is meant for a top side so may well be a disaster at Brighton. Anyway, I’d be tempted to go with an AP instead on the BWM and one with great movement, not looking for just 15 but more like 17-20 and I’d focus train that attribute on him if it’s less as it more than likely will be with the options you’ll have for Brighton. I’d go wingers instead of DW’s and I’m not so keen on two AP’s so I’d be changing the AMC to a different role, probably an AM yet that’s just something I have in my head which might be wrong so maybe the two AP’s might work ok and be worth trying. I’d probably lose the expressive and add work ball into box and try the rest as is but we all have ideas and it’s just trying stuff with tests and such. I say all of this yet your original system may well be much better. In terms of players and attributes there’s loads of stuff I think of but with this I find the BBM’s really important and you really want everything yet can never quite get what you want lol. I’d focus on stamina and pace in particular first off and then be looking at other attributes. Plenty of ways to go about it though and testing is the only solution but it can obviously take quite a long time.
  7. I personally find that if I don’t have anyone at AMC then my deeper central midfielders usually end up scoring more so six and two threes in most of my systems anyway. I haven’t really got anything great going yet with just one up top but I have been avoiding the aerial thing in all of my tests and that will make a big difference. Like I don’t think my Kean system from last year works as well this year based on my tests yet it actually might if I used a 18-20 aerial striker. So I can’t really add much to this discussion at the moment but ultimately it’s about trial and error testing with different settings and player types.
  8. I have noticed on long saves even with top teams that you’ll often get a random team that’ll be a bit of a bogey team throughout the whole save and it’ll be interesting to know if there’s a cause for it early on in the save or whether it’s just randomly decided at the beginning. The other stuff you’ve highlighted is interesting as I’ve gotten to the stage where I just ignore such things and it’s almost like I need to keep on ignoring them to get any enjoyment out of the game if that makes any sense.
  9. Another nice season, James is a good player but he doesn’t seem like he’s top class on the game. He’s doing great for the challenge though. 121 assists and 150 goals.
  10. Yeah I definitely think I should’ve kept ahold of him on this save Woody but at least I’ll still get a couple of good years at his peak.
  11. I just think the game is too light or basic for these features to be added in a way that would make them enjoyable for those who’d like them. The pandemic would probably just be a news thing coming up saying there’s a pandemic so we can’t play at the moment and I’m guessing there might be a couple of random outcomes about how the season would end. The others wouldn’t be much different when you think about it and once the game has been out for about a month we’d all more than likely know all of the outcomes and what chances there were of them happening in a save. The novelty would soon wear off even for those wanting such features is my guess.
  12. Thank you Rob Thank you Woody Thank you Foxy He’s in the BBM role and he doesn’t seem too bad there, it’s Havertz in the AP position that steals a lot of goals but I think Zaniolo would probably be similar if I put him there. I have tried a few different roles other than AP in testing and found anything else just lowered the amount of team goals we got so it’s a bit of a conundrum as we could get less goals but more of them going to the front three but if it’s less overall team goals it mightn’t make much difference. So I’m just going the bulk goal route atm but I definitely think a few adjustments might be required for this system to fully perfect it. Yes I play him primarily in the BBM role and he’s usually great but on a couple of saves this year he went backwards when he reached his mid twenties. It was on my Augusta save the first time and then this when he just seems to end up stuck at 14 for nearly everything but then I sold him here and he jumped straight back up to the Zaniolo we all know and love. I’ve had him on other saves and he’s been find like my fabled number ten at Juve so strange why sometimes he stalls.
  13. Ian - Season 9 We keep powering on now and this season was very similar to the last as you’ll soon find out. Transfers A little bit of wheeling and dealing and notably Zaniolo was brought back after a couple of seasons away from the club. His attributes had dropped towards the end of his first spell which I’ve had on previous saves so I let him go. I’d been keeping an eye on him to see whether they’d increase again and they did so I brought him back which is one of the main benefits of managing PSG as you can more or less buy whoever you want. Team Results We won everything just like the previous season and scored a good number of goals but conceded a few more than I’d like so something to try and work on for season ten. Warriors This was the highlight game where Boadu put in a superstar performance in scoring four goals in a 9-3 victory but it was the fact that all four of my warriors managed to get themselves on the scoresheet that I found most pleasing. It was Boadu who scored the most this year with 43 goals, then came Josh with 41 and the Postman chipped in with a further 27 to give us a combined return of 111 so a touch down on last season but we’re happy enough. There were only a couple of little injuries to Boadu and the Postman so a pretty solid season in that respect and our assist guy added another 21 assists to his tally so he’s just quietly plodding on. The target for me remains the same, to get to 1.5k goals and beat our season five return of 118 so we’re heading in the right direction with both targets looking attainable. Player Stats Score Season 9 Joshua Zirkzee: Club: 41 goals in 59 games Romano Postema: Club: 27 goals in 55 games Myron Boadu: Club: 43 goals in 54 games Triple Threat: Club: 111 goals in 168 games Mohamed Ihattaren: 21 assists in 50 games Overall Joshua Zirkzee: Club: 391 goals in 461 games, International: 40 goals, Total: 431 goals Romano Postema: Club: 241 goals in 478 games, International: 30 goals, Total: 271 goals Myron Boadu: Club: 258 goals in 463 games, International: 32 goals, Total: 290 goals Triple Threat: Club: 890 goals in 1,402 games, International: 102 goals, Total: 992 goals Mohamed Ihattaren: 173 assists in 352 games Thank you for reading and following.
  14. Never good when the goals start flying in and you can’t do anything about it. Sounds like your league campaign is still going well though so you’ll need to pick them up after this and crack on. Your duo aren’t exactly Shearer and Ferdinand but they are trying their best and I still have faith in them!
  15. Another change in shape and another successful season. He’s doing great, well done and keep it up.
  16. Nice season again. Hopefully you can grab that league title in the final season.
  17. If that would mean you could end up winning the league one year and getting yourself a nice big fat * next to it I’d be all for it. Nah, seriously I’m rather opposed to this idea for the more or less the same reasons as Omen and Rob.
  18. Another nice ton plus season Woody, well done.
  19. The store is open with strict guidelines in place. I’ll add your records to the store tomorrow through gritted teeth as I think you’ve just beaten a few of my records 😂
  20. You’d have got a great total with Jude on the strikerless no doubt but I can understand the decision as this may well reinvigorate the save for you. Nice start with Jnr.
  21. Thank you Smoggy, Zeneli has turned out to be very good so I’m glad I went with him. A good option for a lot of teams for not so much money. In fact seeing him do well has opened my eyes as I think there are a lot of good options that can often be missed when searching and he’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you Rob, it’s the World Cup year next season though so we’ll see how we cope with that. Thank you Foxy, yes they look like they’ll all do fairly well and I have no idea at this stage who will do the best but it’ll be another three names added to the ever growing leaderboard which can only be a good thing. Thanks Kane, yes they’ve done well so far.
  22. Season 3 After a relatively poor opening season for the team where we failed in all of the cup competitions we bounced back in the second season winning the whole lot which actually gave me a headache from a squad building perspective. When I’m playing these sort of saves I’ll usually be looking at the squad during the current season and working out what transfers I’m going to make in the summer to try and improve the squad. The thing that got me this season was that I’d planned a lot of stuff, had a good idea of who would be leaving and a few potential signings were line up but then we ended up winning the Champions League so I was sat there wondering if I should just leave a few things as they were. It was the way we won it that was getting to me as it was rather comfortable but yet could easily have just been a bit of a fluke so a conundrum for me to sort out anyway in terms of ins and outs. Our three Z’s have done well in both seasons so far so more of the same from them and I’ll be happy, let’s see how they and the team performed in season three. Transfers After much debate I ended up doing a decent amount of business in the market with some nice players arriving. Rodrigo Bentancur and another Z in Zielinski both came in to improve our midfield options and right winger Forrest was replaced by Spinazzola who will hopefully be an upgrade. We replaced our two back up central defenders Dean and Bednarek with Jovanovic and Anderson and Ochs came in as an option for the left wing or up front as cover for our boys. The two graduates were well rated but it’ll be unlikely we’ll see much from them on this save. Team Results We were straight into action after moving over to the new season with the CWC being all to play for. We played and beat PSG in the semi final who we’d also beat in last seasons Champions League final so they probably don’t like us much. Liverpool who we’d also had great joy against last season would be our opponents in the final and they got their revenge in a high scoring match. The domestic cups were all won but with much less dominance in the finals as you can see and our Champions League run ended in the semi final where Bayern put us out after our boys fired blanks in the return home leg. So even though we failed in the Champions League we still got right to the latter stages so plenty of games for our boys to feature in so we’ll see how they fared now. ZZZ’s It was only Zaha who’d spend a couple of short periods in the treatment room with an injury towards the start of the season and one towards the end. The three boys had a stand out game not long into the season as they all got on the scoresheet in this 6-0 victory. Another nice game a month or so later where all of our trio managed at least a goal and an assist each in this 7-1 victory. Wilfried Zaha Wilfried ended up having his worst season to date but still produced 28 goals and 24 assists so we can’t be too critical as he did suffer those two little injuries which I think hindered him in terms of consistency. You can see his attributes have dropped a bit which was more than likely because of his recent injury but at 29 it’ll be interesting to see if they jump back up again next season. Simone Zaza Simone had his best season to date with 49 goals and 20 assists which was probably helped by his robustness as he managed 60 games this year. He’s still looking good but with him about to turn 31 we’ll see whether he stays decent for the next two seasons. Arber Zeneli My wildcard who is slowly turning into the main man as he produced 47 goals and 24 assists in 58 games in a fine season for him. I feel he’s well suited to this league but struggles in the big Champions League games where he often fails to show up. He’s only 27 though and it’ll be intersting to see who will end up as our highest scoring player here with the other two ageing. Anyway, in total the trio managed a combined 192 goals and assists this season which was exactly the same as last year so we’re happy. Player Stats Score Season 3 Wilfried Zaha: 28 goals and 24 assists in 50 games = 52 Simone Zaza: 49 goals and 20 assists in 60 games = 69 Arber Zeneli: 47 goals and 24 assists in 58 games = 71 Combined Total: 124 goals and 68 assists in 168 games = 192 Overall Wilfried Zaha: 88 goals and 94 assists in 153 games = 182 Simone Zaza: 144 goals and 48 assists in 167 games = 192 Arber Zeneli: 103 goals and 68 assists in 160 games = 171 Combined Total: 335 goals and 210 assists in 480 games = 545 Thanks for reading and following, I’ll be back with the next update at a later date.
  23. Brilliant score and another three players on the leaderboard, well done. I do like this challenge as I’m just playing through my attempt without really thinking about the leaderboards and just enjoying it.
  24. Smashing season again, well on your way to a massive total. I’m well ahead of where we’re at with posting and my injuries get worse but I think I may have finally figured out what was causing the sheer volume of them. It’s unconfirmed at this stage but I know we’ve just had our best spell for years in terms of injuries in the last season I played. It’s miles away though and it was just one tactical tweak that I think might’ve made the difference. I guess I’ll see over the next couple of seasons.
  25. Brilliant returns from all perspectives but especially from Harry. The injury for Moura was a kick in the teeth and you’d almost certainly have hit the 200 without it but that’s the game I guess. He played his part though throughout. Well done.